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12 Week 3 Cycle 3 Day Training Program

This Program is a 3 day modification of the programs used by the USAW Resident Team


12 Week 3 Cycle 4 Day Training Program

Another modification of the USAW Resident Training Program but with 4 sessions per week.


Program Design



An article on the concepts of this Training Program


Advanced Training

"Undersetting" is a program designed by former National Men's Coach (1990-2004) Dragomir Cioroslan and should be used to replace the basic "Cycle Three" program. The Formula program as a "macro" attached to it so that the athlete can enter their 1RMs and the program will 'script' out the actual weights to be used


Undersetting FormulaUndersetting Formula

Partial Movement

Modified from Soviet Union Programs it uses partial movements (hangs, powers, 3 stage movements and pulls to a lift) as well as classical movements to bring about very solid results. It still follows the "Supercompensation" model and is a 13 week cycle.
It is in the 'macro' format so that an athlete can enter their 1 rep "PR" and get the total readout.

Partial Movement TrainingPartial Movement Training

Conceptual Training

   This is a modification of a training program developed by top USAW Coaches Mike Burgener and Steve Gough and is based upon their application of "Bulgarian" Training.
   After speaking with both Mike and Steve, we coined the term 'conceptual' because none of the training is etched in stone. (This type of training really presents the coach with a challenge. The coach needs to watch and evaluate 'each and every rep' and use that evaluation to determine what the next attempt will be. The only thing the athlete knows for sure is that a particular training session is either a Snatch or a C&J session. "WHAT" happens is going to be based upon what they can accomplish during that particular workout.)
The "Formula" Program should be used only as a template.
   Here is the philosophy of this program. Week one is "Power Movements". Week Two is "Hang Movements". Week Three are "3 Stage Movements' ( or pulls to a lift) and Week Four are the "Classical Movements" (There is a Week 5, but that is a prep week prior to a competition.)
   Each week the athlete tries to do as heavy a 'single' as possible in the partial movement. After attaining that mark the athlete goes back down to 80% of that highest lift and does 3 sets of 2 reps, in the power phase of the movement just performed.
   Squats and pulls are done for 3 sets of three reps as heavy as possible.
   The 4th day of each week the athlete 'totals.' The athlete should try and get the highest total as possible, trying to treat day four as they would a competition day. This is an 8 week program. Weeks 5-8 should have this modification. In weeks 5 and 6 the athlete should try to 'beat' all the marks they set in weeks 1 and 2. Then they drop the 3 stage week and replace that with the classical week. Finally they use the "Week 5 Prep week to prepare for their competition.
   This program is very challenging, for both the athlete and the coach, but the rewards are incredible if both can handle the workload.
   Idaho Athletes have made great gains on this program and it is one that we use on a continuing basis.

Conceptual TrainingConceptual Training

Conceptual Training FormulaConceptual Training Formula

Calpian Training

   Stop Squats, Segment Training, and Outstanding Performances are the Hallmarks of the Calpian Weightlifting Team. Here is an opportunity to train as the members of this National Championship Team do.
   The two programs listed here were developed by John Thrush, founder of the Calpian WLC.
   When those in our sport speak of the nations best coaches John is always at the top of everyones list and rightfully so.
    These programs are advanced "Performance" Cycles and you'll need to be in shape to complete them, but the results will be worth the effort.
   When you see an 'xs' next to a rep number that represents a 'segment' rep. In Segment training the athlete will repeat a sequence of weights and reps. An Example would be: (90/1,95/1,100/1)2 This means the athlete will do a single at 90, a single at 95 and a single at 100. THEN repeat the entire segment a second time.
   The programs are in "macro" format.
   "Calpian Training" does not include segment training.





The Jerk

Suggestions for coaching The Jerk


Competition Strategies


Real Pulls


Factors That Influence a Weightlifters Pull



A look at this concern in weightlifting