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The Intercounty Youth Soccer League (ICYSL) is a cooperative recreational soccer program of member town clubs based in central New Jersey. Our mission is offer as many children as possible to participate in a semi-competitive soccer program through their local organizations. 

ICYSL organizes a Fall and Spring Season.   ICYSL administers Boys and Girls divisions for U10, U12, U14 and U17 age groups.

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A "winner" will be gracious in victory, never taunting or humiliating the opponent. The defeated competitor should always be humble in defeat, giving credit where it is due, and not making excuses for performance.

Kick for Nick (

While home on leave from Iraq in July 2006, Private Nicholas Madaras rounded up as many soccer balls as possible to bring back to the children near his post. Being a passionate soccer player, he wanted to give the balls to the children as a gesture of good will. Unfortunately, Nick was killed by an IED on September 3, 2006 and was never able to distribute the balls himself.

During this years Finals Fest, Haley Regan held a fund raising event for the Kick For Nick Organization.  Haley was able to collect 125 soccer balls and $50.00 in donations.  On July 24th Bill Madaras, Nick's father, came to SPF to collect the balls from Haley.  Bill was extremely pleased with our donation and said that our contribution put them over the 35,000 balls collected.

Very special thanks to Haley Regan for organizing this drive and we hope to make it a staple of ICYSL every year!


U12 Girls A Champs...CR Pink Panthers

U12 Girls B Champs...WF Gould

U12 Girls C Champs...WF Capone

U12 Boys A Champs...RO Cavaliers

U12 Boys B Champs....SM Screaming Eagles

U12 Boys C Champs...SM Dragon Slayers

U14 Girls A Champs...SF Lightening

U14 Girls B Champs...CL Gunners

U14 Boys A Sec 1 Champs...SF Strikers

U14 Boys A Sec 2 Champs...SP Dietze

U14 Boys B Champs...RO Roaring Thunder

U17 Girls Champs...PL Team 1

U17 Boys Champs...SP Blues Brothers