Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament: Checklist

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Monday, December 21
Needed Items for the Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament 2009 (Updated 1/21/09)

2009 Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament Manager/Coach Checklist

1-Completed and signed Ice Breaker Team Registration

2-Reviewed and Signed Tournament Rules and Regulations
(Please go over with players and parents, Team Representative Signature Required)

3-2009 Ice Breaker Amateur Athletic Waiver and Medical Release
(Parent Signature Required, must turn in at check-in, please see "forms upload" page)

4-Current roster or travel roster
(Must have copy for the tournament at check-in. Guest players may be written in, rosters may be added or taken away up to the check-in.)

5-Laminated player cards (pass) for all players, guest players and coaches
(If you do not have player passes, passes will be made at check-in with proof of age and signed waiver and medical release. For pre-made passes please e-mail players name, team and picture to  and we will deliver the pass at check-in. Players not currently affililiated  US Youth Soccer, Utah Youth Soccer or US Club Soccer MAY still participate with signed Amateur Athletic Waiver and Medical Realease, with proof of age).

6-Copy of players birth certificate, drivers license or passport

7-Paid Tournament Fees

8-Completed Travel arrangements (transportation/lodging)
(Please see our "housing link" for many great options )

9-Aware of your teams tournament schedule
(To be posted no later than February 8, 2009)

10-Familiar with field locations
(Blue Grass Complex: 393 Blue Grass Street Washington, Utah 84780, Exit 13)

This checklist is to assist you in your preparation of the 2009 Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament and is not a replacement to reading and understaning all tournament information and instructions.

If you have any questions or need help in anyway please see our web site at: E-mail or call 801-232-1111  


Handout: 2009 Ice Breaker Documents