Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament: Tournament Rules

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Tuesday, February 3
Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament 2009 Rules and Regulations

Modified Feb, 3 2009

Thank You for your interest in the 2008 Ice Breaker Tournament. Please read through the following information carefully. When you register you will be required to sign stating that you understand and agree to the terms, conditions and responsibilities listed and that are expected for participation in this tournament.

The Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament is an outdoor Class 1 tournament and is open to all USYSA, US Club and FIFA affiliated teams; this includes all male and female (U10-U19) S1, S2, S3, S4, and RT teams.

S1- A team which competes in the highest level of play in a state or region.
S2- A team which competes at less than the highest level of play in a state or region.
S3- A team which competes in a local area or state.
S4- A team created just for tournaments

RT- A team that is formed in a random nature

Rules of Play

FIFA Laws of the game shall apply as modified and described herein:

Only players appearing on the teams roster or travel roster  will be eligible to play. Players may only be on one team roster within any given age group.

Teams must provide USYSA or US Club laminated player passes or proof of age (birth certificate). Laminated passes will be made at check-in for those on the roster without a USYSA or US Club pass, with proof of age. These will be required for all participating players and coaches. Players/Coaches whose cards are not properly validated by the tournament will not be permitted to participate. Tournament validated player/coaches cards will be checked prior to each game.

The following items are required for player/coaches tournament validation and must be presented at the team check-in held on Friday February 13 from 5:00-10:00 PM:

A-Roster or travel roster (must provide copy to the tournament)
B-Tournament signed medical release form (Please see upload page)
C-Signed medical/waiver/release of liability provided by the Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament.
(Pease download these forms that are located on the "Form Upload page.)
E-Proof of age (birth certificate, passports and valid state drivers license will be accepted as proof of a players age).

Travel papers and permission to travel are NOT required for this tournament. Participating players, teams and coaches are covered by insurance during the tournament to the extent that they would normally be covered during any other tournament or league play. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please contact us at or call 801-232-1111.  

Team Roster Size
U10-U11 Maximum of 14 with a minimum of 8 players on roster.
U12-15 Maximum of 18 with a minimum of 11 players on roster.
U16-U19 Maximum of  22 with a minimum of 11 players on roster. 

U10-U18 Teams will be allowed unlimited guest players and guest player forms are not required.
Teams formed for Tournament/Traveling play only, must provide a tournament roster.

Unlimited substitutions will be permitted at the consent of the referees and all substitutions will be required to enter play at the midfield.
1-Prior to the throw-in by the team in possession.
2-Prior to goal kick by either team.
3-After a goal is scored by either team.
4-At half time.
5-For an injured player (only if the play has been stopped)
6-After a caution the player receiving the yellow card may be substituted at that time.

Except for extreme extenuating circumstances referees will be instructed not to add injury time. If injury time is added it will be at the discretion of the referee(s). Referees decisions cannot be protested.

Any player or team official ejected from a match, or suspended from a proper authority is prohibited from being within sight or hearing distance of the field of play during his or her suspension. The following policies will apply for the Ice Breaker 2009 tournament:

1-Any player or team official given two yellow cards in a single game will be considered to have received a red card. One (1) point will be deducted for each player or team official ejected. Ejected spectators who refuse to leave will cause their team to lose in a forfeit.
2-A player or coach who is ejected (sent off) will not be replaced and will be suspended from the teams next scheduled match.
3- Any player or team official ejected for any type of violent conduct will be suspended from participation in the teams next two scheduled matches.
4-Any player or team official who assaults an official will be expelled from the tournament.
5-Referees will be instructed not to tolerate any type of fighting whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to spitting, striking or attempting to strike another person. Players or team officials ejected for fighting will not be permitted to participate in any further tournament matches.
6-In the event of a fight any player, team official or spectator entering the field of play will be ejected from the tournament. If individuals are unable to be identified the entire team may be removed from the tournament without refund or compensation of any type.
7-Ejections and expulsions will/may be reviewed by the tournament director and will make the final decision based on the policies as listed.

If a referee has deemed it necessary to suspend a game for any reason, the game may be resumed but is subject to end no less than five minutes prior to the next scheduled game. Points will be awarded based on the time played and may not be protested if the game was not played to the full allotted time.

All coaches accept full responsibility for the conduct of their players and spectators at all times.
1-Coaches must remain 10 yards of either side from the half way mark.
2-Coaches, players and spectators must not use profanity, derogatory remarks or gestures toward any other referee, player, coach or spectator.
3-Coaches/teams shall be to the right of the center line and spectators for their team must be to the left of the center line. Both spectators and teams must remain 10 yards from the half-way mark. Opposing team and spectators shall be on the opposite side of the field.
4-Home teams choose which side of the field they prefer.
5-Home team provides the game ball and will be subject to the referee's approval.
6-Teams must come equipped with both a "home" and "away" jersey. The home team must change if there is a conflict in colors.Visiting teams are permitted to request home teams to change if they feel colors are similar (example: orange/red, dark blue/black) Home teams are obligated to switch to their alternate jersey. Referees will be instructed that any home team unable or willfully refusing to change will lose in a forfeit.
7-Coaches are responsible for any litter or garbage on or off the fields. They must ensure that players and spectators have cleared their trash and have put it in the appropriate garbage container. Please help us keep the fields clean!

Players are required to wear proper soccer and safety equipment. This includes a numbered jersey, shorts, proper cleats, shin guards, socks etc. Players should come with appropriate under clothing to wear in cases of cold or inclement weather. Clothing with zippers, buttons, snaps, loose strings and hoods are not permitted. Metal hair clips,
earrings, bracelets, or any type of jewelry in any part of the body is not safe or acceptable during a match. It will be at the referees discretion to determine the safety and suitability of the players equipment, including the wearing of casts and hard braces.


U10-U11 8v8 50 min. Game (5 min. halftime)
U12-U13: 11v11 50-60 min. Game (5 min. halftime)
U14-U15: 11v11 60-70 min. Game (5 min. halftime)
U16-U18: 11v11 60-90 min. Game (5 min. halftime)
No overtime play in preliminary round
Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games. Teams will have the option to play Friday night those opting out of Friday play can expect two qualifying games on Saturday and one qualifying game on Monday with No Sunday Play. Semi-final (not all brackets will be guaranteed a semi-final game) and or final games will be played on Monday.

Games will be based on a point system
- 6 points for each win
- 3 points for each tie
- 0 points for each loss
- 1 point will be awarded for each goal scored, with a maximum of 3 per game
- 1 point for each shutout
- 4 points for a 0-0 tie (3 for the tie and 1 for the shutout)

Tie breakers to determine which team moves on at the end of bracket play will be based on the following:
1-The winner in head to head competition.
2-Fewest goals against.
3-Most goals for.
4-Most total wins.
5-Most shut-outs.
6-If a tie still exists, FIFA Penalty Kicks From the Mark will be taken 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the Semi-Final game.
7-In the event that there is a three-way tie after steps 1-5 have been taken, the teams will participate in a three-way coin toss, the two teams that tie in the coin toss will participate in Kicks from the Mark first. The winner will then move on to participate in Kicks from the Mark with the 3rd team and the winner will advance into the semi-finals. The coin toss and FIFA Penalty Kicks will be determined at the fields.
8-Criteria 2-7 will be used to determine tie with a wild card team.

Tie Breaking In Semi-final and Championship Games- At the end of regulation play the teams will go into two 10 minute overtime halves and will be determined by Golden Goal, at which time the game will end. If no goal has been scored after the two 10 minute halves the winner will be determined by FIFA Penalty Kicks From the Mark. Only the 11 players on the field at the end of the overtime period will be permitted to participate.

1-Teams who fail to check-in at the Mandatory Registration (check-in) will forfeit.
2-Teams which cause a game to be terminated will forfeit.
3-Teams who fail to report to the field ready to play within five minutes of the scheduled kick off time will forfeit.
4-Home teams unable or unwilling to supply an alternate jersey will forfeit.
5-If a team fails to present player cards by halftime the team will forfeit.

Teams with a forfeit will be scored as a 1-0 loss.
Teams with a bye will be scored as a 1-0 win.

The Ice Breaker Tournament will make every effort to ensure that teams are able to participate and play in all scheduled games. Generally speaking games will not be cancelled and players, coaches and spectators should come prepared with warm clothing and any other items they may need to maintain comfort and safety. If however the safety to the players along with safety or damage to the fields is compromised the Ice Breaker Tournament reserves the right to modify all tournament rules in order to safely and fairly end the tournament.

Contingency Plan:
1-Shorten scheduled games.
2-If fields are unplayable it may be necessary to decide some or all games with FIFA Penalty Kick From the Mark.

The Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament may accept or invite a "Guest Team" in order to fill a bracket or division. Guest teams will not be permitted to advance out of their bracket. Guest teams outcome will be predetermined at a 1-0 loss thereby awarding the opposing team eight points. The Ice Breaker also reserves the right to combine age groups (within one year) to secure tournament play.

Referee's have jurisdiction of the game and conduct therein therefore tournament officials will not overrule a referee's decision.
Any dispute off the field of play will be settled by the Tournament Director or designated representative and all decisions will be final.

Protests will not be permitted in this tournament.


We, the undersigned representative of this participating team certify that we have read the rules and regulations for the Ice Breaker Tournament 2008 and agree to abide by them. We acknowledge and agree to release, indemnify, and to hold harmless Ice, Breaker Soccer Tournament, SLS, officials, sponsors, coaches, referees, and/or representatives from any claim arising from any participants on this team. We also certify that each player registered is covered by an approved medical plan.

We understand that acceptance is based on receipt of this electronic registration and a tournament fee of $500.00 (U10,U11) $550.00 (U12-U15) or $600.00 (U16-U19). A $50.00 late fee will be added to payments made after January 25, 2009. Because of scheduling, registration will not be accepted after January 31, 2009

By signing this electronic registration we understand that this does not guarantee acceptance into the 2009 Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament and that refunds will not be given unless our team is not accepted into the tournament. We further acknowledge that natural disasters and weather beyond the control of the tournament officials and the decisions regarding the ability to play as well as the use of the facilities by the tournament officials are final without objections, appeals and or compensation whatsoever. We further acknowledge that this may affect the final outcome of the competition. Teams failing to check in, or who do not have the appropriate paperwork and documentation will be disqualified from participating in the tournament and will forfeit their payment. Your electronic signature will be considered legal and binding.

Tournament entry fee is payable through our on-line system. (Please note that there is an additional charge for this secure online credit card payment option that is added on by the company providing the online service. This option will be made available Jan. 2009)

Credit card payments may also be paid over the phone at: 801-232-1111.

Cashiers checks and a hard copy of the registration may be mailed to:
Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament
P.O. Box 17735
Holladay, Utah 84117

If you have already filled out the online registration, you do not need to send a hard copy. Verification of receipt will be e-mailed to the address you provided.

Handout: 2009 Ice Breaker Documents