Inter-County Basketball League: Welcome

This is the official website of the Inter-County Basketball League (ICBL). 

The premier league for competitive girl’s basketball in South New Jersey. 

Come here often to review league schedules, results and standings.

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Monday, November 30
Preliminary Schedules Posted

The following schedules have been posted for review: 

  • Senior DI
  • Senior DII-Atl (Rev 1)
  • Senior DII-Pac (Rev 1)
  • Senior DIII 
  • Junior DI (Rev 2)
  • Junior DII-Atl (Rev 1)
  • Junior DII-Pac (Rev 2)
  • Junior DIII (Rev 1)
All schedules will be final on Monday, November 30th, after 9PM.
Make sure to double check all schedules for any changes. In some cases the times have been updated due to input errors. 
If you notice an issue please let me know. Any requests were taken into consideration, where possible. Only changes will be made in cases where an error was made or to adjust times for referee scheduling. No requests for changes can honored at this time.
Please review the league rules for game rescheduling.
4th Grade schedule will not be posted until after the start of the regular season. 


Tuesday, November 10
New ICBL Website

The ICBL is in the process of moving to a new updated website and there will be more news to follow.

However, it is taking longer then expected to get everything up and running.

Stay tuned as we try to improve the ICBL.