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This is the official website of the Inter-County Basketball League (ICBL). 

The premier league for competitive girl’s basketball in South New Jersey. 

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Wednesday, February 25
Playoff Meeting Summary


·         Standings are based upon points, missing games or forfeited games will have an impact on the standings.

o   Forfeits will not be awarded for games missed for weather related issues.

o   If you feel your team deserves a forfeit win, please contact the league.

o   All Forfeits wins will be decided by 3/1.

o   The website does not accurately reflect forfeit losses, so those teams that have a forfeit loss will need to be placed in the standings manually. Forfeit losses do not get any points.

·         Teams are responsible for referee fees all through the playoffs.

·         No changes to the playoff brackets will be made once the dares and time have been finalized.

o   If you have 5 players you have to play the game, or forfeit.

o   Schedule requests will not be taken or honored.

·         Please report all scores during the playoffs ASAP, so the brackets can be updated in a timely manner. Winning team is responsible for score reporting.

·        The referees will be closely monitoring players and spectator behavior, please keep the games clean.

·         Any teams that have been fined throughout the year have until 3/1 to get their fine to the league. Any time not paying their fine will not be eligible for the playoffs. Those teams will be placed in a bracket but the team will get a forfeit win, into the next round.

o   Fines must be in the hands of the league by 3/1, the check is in the mail does not count.

·        Final standings will be posted Sunday night and brackets will be finalized then.

o   Most brackets have already had dates and times placed in them.

·         Play-in games, for those leagues with 9 teams a play-in game between 8 & 9 will need to be scheduled, the #8 seed will arrange to have the game played in their home gym. If gym time is not available then the #9 seed can host. Game must be played before the start of the playoffs.

Friday, February 13
Senior DI

Thursday, February 12
Senior DII - Atlantic

Friday, February 13
Senior DII - Pacific

Thursday, February 12
Senior Div. III

Monday, February 16
Junior Div. I

Thursday, February 12
Junior Div. II-Atlantic

Monday, February 16
Junior Div. II - Pacific

Thursday, February 12
Junior Div. III

Thursday, February 12
4th Grade DI

Thursday, February 12
4th Grade DII