Inter-County Basketball League: Welcome

This is the official website of the Inter-County Basketball League (ICBL). 

The premier league for competitive girl’s basketball in South New Jersey. 

Come here often to review league schedules, results and standings.

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Sunday, January 10
New ICBL Website!!!!!

The ICBL is in the process of moving to a new website. The new website will allow the league to provide an overall better experience, as well as, come in-line with some new exciting features.

The address of the new site is

For the time being the ICBL will maintain both sites, which will ease any issues with making the change.

Coaches will be receiving e-mails asking them to submit a new roster and then an invitation from the new site to be able to access the information for your team. This step is critical, so that you can use the mobile features and report your scores. Please make sure you take these e-mails seriously and reply to them in a timely manner.

For anyone else visiting the new site, you can download the SportNgin mobile app for your smart phone and follow your favorite team.

More exciting features to come and we will not take full advantage of all of them this season but this has been a major undertaking for the league and the league hopes you enjoy the new site.

Wednesday, December 30
Coaches List 2015-2016


The current coaches list has now been posted. There are still a few teams not listed but that is due to information not being supplied to the league.

Please review and let the league know is any information is incorrect. 

You can find the list in the handouts section. 

Friday, December 25
Schedule Requests


As happens every year, the amount of schedule requests and coaches taking it upon themselves to try and reschedule games is increasing.

Please review the league by-laws for the proper procedures for game reschedules.

You must clearly supply the reason for the reschedule, any vague reasons will not be considered by the league.

Please remember that the sport of season is basketball and any requests for sport events that are not basketball related will be refused. This includes tryouts or tournaments for other sports.

Any game a team forfeits will incur a fine based upon the by-laws. First offense fine is $90.