Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance: ICBA All-Star Program

Tuesday, April 27
Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance All-Star Program



The Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance organizes All-Star Games each year for Boys and Girls who have played at the varsity level. The following information will be of benefit to those home school sports clubs who wish to have a player nominated and selected for the program.

ICBA All-Star Director Timeline & Guidelines

Keep Craig (of the Indiana Pacers) posted with updates. Everyone pays regular ticket prices and the discount amount is totaled by the Pacers and returned later. One representative from each team must place ticket orders. Be SURE to state that you’re with ICBA All-stars.

Guidelines/Selection Process

One all-star from each boys’ team and two from each girls’ team (dependent upon number of teams in ICBA that year) will be chosen. Nominations will be submitted around January, when a nomination packet will be sent out to the coaches. Nomination deadline is to be set by the ICBA All-Star Director. After regional (guys) and state (girls) tournament play is completed, coaches will be chosen and teams rounded out to the full roster of 14 players, maximum.  

July - Schedule date with Craig Holloway (317) 917-2988 or another facility

Set up schedule for the day (see flyer)


Fall – Schedule national anthem if they want to perform before Pacers game as well as ICBA game – Home School Band or Choir? Post in IAHE Informer.


Early January - Arrange for coaches & team divisions

            Set nomination deadline

            Mail coach’s nomination packets


February – Schedule referees: $100 each / 1 complimentary Pacers ticket each

                  Schedule announcer: 1 complimentary Pacers ticket

                Contact schools for scouting personnel – Cedarville College and Grace College have been interested in the past.


Early March – Finalize teams & coaching staff

            Email roster to Lew Owens so he can post it on the website

            Double check team uniform colors…be sure north and south don’t match

            Determine home/away on the scoreboard – either by a rotating schedule or by jersey color – 2005 North were visitors and wore dark jerseys

            Mail player waivers to the coaches


March – Order awards (2005 ordered from )

               Lettering read: ICBA All-Star 2005


               Prepare & print programs for the day

Include: Coaches’ names, players names, numbers, grades, & team names,   schedule for the day, thank yous’, etc.

               Check with Craig on the following:

Microphones – announcer and anthem

Warm-up facility – beforehand for the anthem performers

Sound guy

            Scoreboard guy

Check-in table – beforehand – a place to check pronunciations, tickets, etc.

Officials – changing room

Basketballs – men’s and women’s sizes



If you have to make a decision, don’t hesitate. Do what you think is best and they’ll live with it. Keep the kids first!


Former Directors

            John Erickson

            (574) 267-6794



            Kristen Benz

            (260) 460-0404 Cell



  All-Star Budget 2005:

$900.00+         total received last year

$318.00           left from last year to fund 2005 games

$240.00           to referees ($100 each, plus one $20 ticket each)

$  20.00           for announcer (one complimentary ticket)

$192.70           for 47 Trophies

$  53.00           for 400 programs – paper & copying



Coaches’ gifts?

Final # for programs - 2005   430 tickets purchased  $1,069

$100.00           non-refundable deposit to reserve Conseco for another year – due in July