Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance: ICBA Guidelines

Tuesday, May 4
Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance Guidelines


I. Motto“If anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor’s crown unless he competes according to the rules...” Timothy 2:5 NN

II. GoalsIn today's world, the fast pace and extreme pressures have caused young people to lose sight of God's plan for them. This has caused many young people to depart from their core beliefs and wander through their lives without purpose.It is the goal of this organization to encourage the use of their God given talents and gifts, offer moral fellowship and endeavor to prepare them for the world, which they will be entering. It is our prayer that this organization will provide a means of support and assist young people to stay in touch with God's plan for their lives.

III. FocusAs leaders of the ICBA it is our focus to bring together the Christian schools, home schools, and church organized teams and sport clubs, no matter how large or small, for the above goals.It is the focus to bring forward the Christian athlete and give each one his or her due rewards, striving to make our part of the world better through our efforts and make Christian basketball a solid part of Indiana now and forever.

.IV. GuidelinesAll teams participating in the ICBA Tournament are to be organized and administered by a home school support group.All teams must carry liability insurance. A copy of the certificate of insurance will be required to participate in ICBA events. Teams securing insurance through the ICBA program will have meet the insurance requirements.No team should be registered in a tournament, which could conflict with ICBA State Finals such that they would not support the state tournament if they become the regional winner. A team, which ignores this guideline, will not be able to compete in the ICBA State Tournament the following year.It is the responsibility of the Regional Tournament Director to seek information about conflicting tournament registration. It may be necessary for the Regional Director in conjunction with the State Director to select a second place region team to participate in the state tournament.
V. Game Rules
1.        The games will be played according to National High School Federation Rules, IHSAA rules in Indiana.
2.        Keep the game clean; no swearing, no pushing, no trash talking. If this occurs, the team will forfeit the game with no chance at a tournament placement.
VI. Coaches Code
1.        No unnecessary yelling or verbal displays.
2.        No jesting or taunting the officials, other coaches, or players
.3.        No arguing with the referees or score table.
4.        Coaches will use the coach's box or designated area during the game.
5.        No display of negative action will be accepted.
VII. Players and Cheerleaders Code
1.        All students will dress as ladies and gentlemen going to and from games.
2.        No gang apparel or inappropriate attire
.3.        Smoking, alcohol, or drugs will be cause for immediate ejection from the competition site.
4.        Mascots are acceptable, but must not interfere during the game.
VIII. Uniform Code
1.        Neat and properly sized.
2.        Shorts: Knee length or pants.
3.        Match in style and color.
4.        Jersey numbers must be official. Referees must be able to call player number on one hand.


Boys Junior High
One State Tournament held annually open to all home school junior high basketball teams and those Christian School teams who have been involved in programs with home school          teams. The tournament is organized as a modified consolation bracket tournament with each participating team playing a minimum of two games. If a team looses prior to the championship game the highest place they can attain is third, the two undefeated teams play in the championship game.
Boys Junior VarsityOne State Tournament held annually and is organized as the Junior High Boys State described above.
Boys VarsityThe state of Indiana is divided into 4 geographical regions with an effort made to balance the total teams in each region. The winners of each region advance to a State Final Four Tournament. The Final Four is played in a consolation bracket format with the two winners of the first two games playing in the championship and the losers of the first tow games playing for third and fourth.
Girls Varsity

The Girls State Championship is conducted annually and is open to all home school girls’ teams and Christian school teams who have participated with home school programs during the season. The tournament is organized in a modified consolation format and is played over a two day period of time.

Junior High Boys and Girls are to be 14 years of age or under on September 1, 2010. 
Junior Varsity Boys State Tournament age is 16 years of age and under on September 1, 2010. 
Varsity Girls and Boys age is 18 years of age and under on September 1, 2010. Athletes who are 19 years of age on or before September 1, 2010 are not eligible for ICBA programs and tournaments.

Northeast RegionWACHE WarriorsHuntington EaglesFort Wayne GuardFort Wayne HawksNoble-Whitley Warriors
Central TeamsEastside Golden EaglesNorthwest WarriorsNoblesville LionsNoblesville KnightsWildcats Sports ClubHome School SonsBullets BasketballLiving Water Marlins
Northwest RegionKCHE EaglesWATCH MarksmenKASH EaglesElkhart County HawksTippecanoe Tornados
Southern TeamsSoutheast PanthersLaurel RamsEvansville HornetsWabash Valley Golden EaglesWestern Indiana Athletic Association WarriorsPaoli Basketball


The Varsity Boys Region Tournaments are organized and administered by volunteer directors from each region. The region events are coordinated with the participating teams from each region. Tournament brackets are established through seeding by the coaches and director or through a blind draw method. Each region establishes the method that will produce the most competitive tournament format. The Super Region is a combination of the Central and Southern Regions. The tournament is seeded in such a manner to keep the top four teams from the two regions in different brackets and positions within the brackets so they will not play each other for the first two rounds of the tournament with the exception of loses. Teams five through the last seed will be placed in the bracket according to the team record and seeding profile. Each region tournament is organized with the goal of having each participating team play a minimum of two games. 


 The first place team from each region advances to the State Final 4. The bracketing for the State final 4 is predetermined to be as follows regardless of the strength of the teams representing their region. Game 1   Northeast Champion vs. Central Champion    Game 2   Northwest Champion vs. Southern ChampionGame 3   Looser of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 2              3rd and 4th PlaceGame 4   Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2         1st and 2nd Place 
 $150.00 per team. $100 of each fee is utilized at the Region level for tournament administration. $50 from each fee helps cover the Final 4 expense and awards for tournaments at the region and state level. The fee is paid one time by all teams. Teams qualifying for the Final 4 Tournament do not have to pay any additional fees. 
 Entry forms may be downloaded from the ICBA web site, “Handouts Section.”  ***********NEED TO BE ADDED - SAMPLE BRACKETS*************