Ithaca Adult Hockey Association: News: 2018-19 Season Registration is now Available

2018-19 Season Registration is now Available

Hello Hockey Players,

Registration for the 2018-19 season is now open! Please read the League and Registration Info, which has also been emailed.

Here are a few words of clarification about the number of playing spots available. We have intentionally set the player limits to force some people to the wait lists. This was done to eliminate anyone signing up with USA Hockey and not having a spot to play in the league. If you receive a 'sold out' message, DO NOT register with USA Hockey, but please DO sign up on the wait list. We will add more teams when there are enough people on the wait list to fill another team. When that happens, we'll contact you to sign up with USA Hockey and register.

IAHA A/B Division

For the past two seasons, we did not have enough A/B players to put together a formal league. Instead, we organized pick-up games for A/B players on Monday nights. We are trying again to form a league this year, but are prepared to offer A/B pickup on either Sundays or Mondays.

Advanced players may not play in the B/C division. As a rule of thumb if you are (or were) good enough to play youth travel hockey, high school varsity, college club, or above, then you are probably an A/B player. Not having played for 10 or 15 years does not mean you’re now a B/C player. If you’re really unsure, let us know and plan on coming to one of the pre-season games.

Exceptions will be considered for players aged 50 or over to join B/C, regardless of their playing skills, provided they meet the character and attitude we expect in B/C. Please DO NOT REGISTER. Instead, use this website to contact us: Over-50 B/C Sign-Up

We would like to make an informed decision on what type of program to offer. If you want to play A/B hockey this year, it is critical that you let us know of your interest by making a selection at the following web site: IAHA A/B Division Interest Survey

Some items of note for this season:

• The league fees are increasing from $445 to $468 this season.  There is no fee for B/C Goalies.  The sub fee remains $90.

• Teams will be allowed one “impact” level sub. Each sub is able to play in a maximum of 8 games.

If you are new to the league and want to play, you can find out a lot about the league by reading the information and downloads on this website, including last year's schedule. If you still have questions, send us an e-mail.