Ithaca Adult Hockey Association: Welcome

The Ithaca Adult Hockey Association was formed during the summer of 1999 by a group of players from both the Cass Park and the Rink leagues. The primary goal of IAHA is to promote a healthy and fun recreational adult hockey league in Ithaca by providing oversight of the league administration, improving parity among teams, promoting sportsmanship, and encouraging players at all skill levels to participate.

Friday, January 4
AB Division Pick Up Games

We'll be continuing the A/B pickup games on Monday nights, Cass Park, 9:30 PM. Nine games are scheduled beginning Monday, January 7th through March 4th. 

You may prepay all nine games for $90 (a $45 discount), or you may pay by the week, at $15/week. Payments are due at the rink at your first game, and may be made by cash, credit card or check (payable to City of Ithaca). There is no game charge for goalies (just the USA Hockey registration fee).

Everyone who registered in the Fall has been automatically registered as a pay-by-the-week skater. If that's what you want, no further action is needed, just show up to play.  If you want to take advantage of the pre-payment discount, you'll need to re-register with IAHA at

All new Skaters and Goalies must pre-register with IAHA at by Sunday of the first week you want to play. You must also register with USA Hockey and provide your confirmation number when signing up. If we do not receive and process your USAH registration, you will be turned away. Sorry, but our contract with the city requires that we provide and confirm insurance coverage. 

A weekly sign up page is available at for skaters to see who plans to skate each week.  This signup is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.

Friday, January 4
BC Positions Available

There is still one (1) B/C spot available.  If you have not signed up and want to play, please e-mail us at

Friday, January 4
Weekly skill sessions for league and non-league BC players

The Ithaca Over 30 Hockey Club will sponsor Adult Skill Sessions on Saturday nights at Cass Park from 10:15PM-11:30PM. Ten sessions have been reserved (Every Saturday night January 5th to March 9th, 2019). The cost will be $15/session. The sessions will be conducted by James Orcutt with probable guest appearances of local hockey legends. The focus will be on the three S's of hockey (Skating, Shooting and Systems).

If you are interested in attending please sign-up here: 


Sunday, January 20
2018-19 Game Schedule and Results

Posted 1/20
Sunday 1/20 games are postponed and rescheduled as follows:

Instant Replay vs James Orcutt Real Estate - Tues 2/12 - 9:30 @ Cass Park
Boston Angler vs Frankly Flyers - Wed 2/13 - 9:15 @ The Rink
Ithaca Kickball vs Lightspeed - Wed 2/13 - 9:45 @ Cass Park
PSP vs Uncle Joe's - Thu 2/14 - 9:15 @ Cass Park


Schedules and results for the B/C division and individual teams may be found by using the Schedules link on the left.  You may download a complete copy of the schedule in PDF format by clicking here.

Any changes to the PDF schedule will be clearly noted on this website.
We try to keep the schedules displayed using the links to the left up-to-date, but in the event of a discrepancy with the PDF schedule that is not announced on this home page, the PDF schedule is the official schedule.  Please notify us if you do spot any errors so we can fix them.  Thanks.

Wednesday, October 17
2018-19 Team Rosters

Friday, January 4
January BC Goalie Schedule

Inclement Weather Guidelines

During inclement weather, the guideline is that games will be played as long as the rinks are open. The rinks generally remain open unless the roads have been closed. If in doubt, please call the rinks.

When possible (if we have access to a computer when the decision is made), we will post closings on the Website and email players on teams affected. 

IAHA SportsEngine Registration Website

Regular registration is closed.  Do Not register unless instructed to do so by Dan or Eric.
Click here
to continue to registration site


Wednesday, November 21
Brian Hough Memorial

Players spend a moment remembering Brian Hough prior to their game on November 18th. Brian had been a member of IAHA for 10 years.  Brian's wife and son, Jackie and Ben, were in attendance.



Thursday, October 25
Vance Breakwell Memorial

Players remember Vance Breakwell prior to the first game of the season on October 21.  Vance had been a member
of IAHA since its founding in 1999.




If you are interested in playing as a sub in our league,  we ask that you contact someone you know who is playing and check whether his/her team is interested in having you sub for them.  The Board does not assign substitute players to teams.  If the team wants to have you play for them, the captain of the team will make a request to the Board to add you to the roster.  Once approved, you will be required to submit a registration form, a USA Hockey confirmation, and payment of the $90 sub fee prior to being allowed to play. Subs are allowed to play up to eight games.

If you do not know anyone in the league, e-mail detailing your hockey experience.  We will e-mail the captains of the appropriate division to check whether anyone is looking to add a sub to their roster.  Each team is limited to three subs on their roster.

Email List

If you did not receive the Rosters and Schedules info by email, then you will not receive mailings from IAHA this year. Check your SPAM and also make sure the domain is allowed. If you want to be on the mailing list, send us your correct address.
We send only official league emails, and an occasional message of interest from the local hockey community. We do not share our email list.


Please contact us if you are interested in playing or being placed on our goalie sub list.

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