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The Ithaca Adult Hockey Association was formed during the summer of 1999 by a group of players from both the Cass Park and the Rink leagues. The primary goal of IAHA is to promote a healthy and fun recreational adult hockey league in Ithaca by providing oversight of the league administration, improving parity among teams, promoting sportsmanship, and encouraging players at all skill levels to participate.

Monday, March 20
Spring Hockey, Summer Hockey and Next Season

There are no spring or summer leagues in Ithaca.  There are private groups playing at The Rink (Lynah is closed this summer).  If any group contacts us looking for players, we will send an e-mail to our members and will also post it here.  There is also early morning open hockey at The Rink. Contact them directly at 277-7465 for details.

Next Season - 2017-18. As we have in the past, we will plan to post and send registration materials roughly the first weekend in September.  If you are new to the league and want to play, send us your e-mail address and we'll add you to the mailing list.  Also check back on the website.  You can find out a lot about the league by reading last year's welcome message, registration material and schedule.  If you still have questions, send us an e-mail.

Friday, March 10
Boston Angler Sportfishing wins BC Division Ambis Trophy

Boston Angler Sportfishing completed a sweep of the league championship series with a 6-0 victory over Kirbylab Microfluidics to win the 2016-17 B/C Division Ambis Cup.  The Anglers capitalized on several quick strike goal opportunities to gain the victory.  Boston Angler won the first game of the final series 4-2 in similar fashion, scoring their goals on quick rushes into the offensive zone.

Both Boston Angler Sportfishing and Kirbylab Microfluidics earned their spots in the championship series with come-from-behind series wins against their semi-final opponents.  Each team lost the first game of their respective series then won their next two games for the 2-1 series victory.

Boston Angler Sportfishing was the regular season league champion, compiling a record of 18-5-3.  Kirbylab Microfluidics finshed in third place during the regular season.


Friday, March 10
2016-17 Playoff Results

B/C Division

Quarter-Final 1
Boston Angler Sportfishing: 5 - Collegetown Bagels: 3 - Boston Angler Sportfishing leads series 1-0
Boston Angler Sportfishing: 6 - Collegetown Bagels: 5 (Empty Net) - Boston Angler Sportfishing wins series 2-0 and advances to the semi-finals.

Quarter-Final 2
CRC Bandits: 5 - Hillside Inn: 2 - CRC Bandits lead series 1-0
CRC Bandits: 6 - Hillside Inn: 1 - CRC Bandits win series 2-0 and advance to the semi-finals.

Quarter-Final 3
Kirbylab Microfluidics: 2 - PSP Unlimited: 2 - series tied 0-0-1
Kirbylab Microfluidics: 3 - PSP Unlimited: 0 - Kirbylab Microfluidics wins series 1-0-1 and advances to the semi-final.

Quarter-Final 4
Whitmore Fence: 7 - James Orcut Real Estate: 5 - Whitmore Fence leads Series 1-0
James Orcutt Real Estate: 5 - Whitmore Fence: 1 - series tied 1-1
James Orcutt Real Estate: 1 - Whitmore Fence: 0 (mini-game) - James Orcutt Real Estate wins series 2-1 and advances to the semi-finals.

Semi-Final 1
James Orcutt Real Estate: 3 - Boston Angler Sportfishing: 1 - James Orcutt Real Estate leads series 1-0
Boston Angler Sportfishing: 5 - James Orcutt Real Estate: 4 - OT - series tied 1-1
Boston Angler Sportfishing: 5 - James Orcutt Real Estate: 3 (Empty Net) - Boston AnglerSportfishing wins series 2-1 and advances to the finals.

Semi-Final 2
CRC Bandits: 3 - Kirbylab Microfluidics: 0 - CRC Bandits lead series 1-0
Kirbylab Microfluidics: 3 - CRC Bandits: 2 - series tied 1-1
Kirbylab Microfluidics: 2 - CRC Bandits: 1 - Kirbylab Microfluidics wins series 2-1 and advances to the finals.

Boston Angler Sportfishing: 4 - Kirbylab Microfluidics: 2 - Boston Angler Sportfishing leads series 1-0
Boston Angler Sportfishing: 6 - Kirbylab Microfluidics: 0 - Boston Angler Sportfishing wins the series 2-1 and is B/C Division champion.


Wednesday, February 8
Final Regular Season Standings

B/C Division
1. Boston Angler Sportfishing
2. CRC Bandits
3. Kirbylab Microfluidics
4. James Orcutt Real Estate
5. Whitmore Fence
6. PSP Unlimited
7. Hillside Inn
8. Collegetown Bagels


2016-17 Game Schedule and Results

Schedules and results B/C division and individual teams may be found by using the Schedules link on the left.  You may download a complete copy of the schedule in PDF format by clicking here.

Any changes to the PDF schedule will be clearly noted on this website.
We try to keep the schedules displayed using the links to the left up-to-date, but in the event of a discrepancy with the PDF schedule that is not announced on this home page, the PDF schedule is the official schedule.  Please notify us if you do spot any errors so we can fix them.  Thanks.

Wednesday, October 19
2016-17 Team Rosters - click here


Please contact us if you are interested in playing or being placed on our goalie sub list.

Email List

If you did not receive the 2016-17 rosters and schedule, then you will not receive mailings from IAHA this year. Check your SPAM and also make sure is allowed. If you want to be on the mailing list, send us your correct address.
We send only official league emails, and an occasional message of interest from the local hockey community. We do not share our email list.

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