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Thursday, May 10
Kristi Murphy - Haldimand Youth Soccer Club Technical Director

We are excited to announce that Kristi will be returning as our Challenger Camp Technical Director!!  We will be contacting coaches on Kristi's schedule, and strongly urge you to utilize her!!  She is  able to help with practises, hold clinics, help with session plans.  Welcome Back Kristi!


Wednesday, May 23
Paul Ferguson - DPS SOCCER

Tuesday, May 8

Tuesday, May 8
Injury Reporting Form - 2 pages
Handout: Injury Reporting Form - 2 pages

Ontario Soccer Coaching Info
Ontario Soccer


  Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Program Preview: respectinsport.com (right click, then Open URL)

Taking this program to coach a Haldimand Youth Soccer Club team will require a credit card with a cost of $33.90.  Once complete, please submit your receipt to one of your town representatives for reimbursement. 

  Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Program:  

ontariosoccer.respectgroupinc.com  (right click, then Open URL) 


Coaching Philosophy.

Code of conduct.

Technical clinics.

Coaching News 

Wednesday, February 7
Long Term Player Development - Begins in U5

Tuesday, May 8




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Monday, April 16
2018 Coach Information Sessions

2018 Coach Information Sessions

Guests: Paul Ferguson, DPS Soccer, Concussion Legislation Seminar (U13/U16), HYSC Club Head Referee - Sam Sands

All sessions are in the cafeteria at MPSS in Caledonia. 

* Thank you to those that have attended past seasons!  Once again, it is imperative that at least one coach per team attend a session in the division that you are coaching.  These sessions are not only for us to offer you support, but give you the opportunity to clarify and share scenarios and opinions and suggestions to us.  You can contact Sheri Phibbs to sign up for a session.  Your team binder and other information will be given at these sessions.  Thanks!

Sheri Phibbs - sheri008@optionsdsl.ca 

May 7 - U5 - 6:30pm-7:45pm U7 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm

May 8 - U8/U10 - 6:30pm - 7:45pm U13/U16 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm - CONCUSSION SEMINAR 

May 9 - U5 - 6:30pm-7:45pm U7 - 8:00pm-9:30pm

May 10 - U8/U10 - 6:30pm-8:00pm 

FREE!  On field DPS SESSIONS WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE  FOR THE WEEK OF MAY 15-17  at Caledonia Soccer Complex, beginning at 6:00pm.  Please be prepared for weather conditions as these sessions are outside.   Paul will be initializing drills and skills for you to do.  It's a great opportunity - hope to see you there!! 

May 15 - U7,U8,U10 - Part 1

May 16 - U5

May 17 - U7,U8,U10 - Part 2 

Decatur Sports Page Soccer Drills
Thousands of drills categorized. Drills for all ages. Links to many more soccer sites.

Highly recommended!!!!!

Coaching Basics - Sport Allience of Ontario
Coaching Basics is a free, downloadable resource for new coaches. It provides useful tips and information on the questions new coaches most frequently ask! Inside, you'll find help on the following:

·         Your Role as a Coach

·         Making Sport a Fun Place to Be

·         Growth and Development

·         Creating a Strong Self-image

·         Organizing a Great Practice

·         Good Communication

·         Helping Athletes Get Fit

·         How to Make Sport Safer

·         Your Role With Parents

A very informative site for coaches and referees
This site is about the most interesting site that I have come accross. It has a question and answer section of real submissions to qualified referees.

It's worth checking out - you will learn a thing or two.

Saturday and Sunday Practices
Haldimand Youth Soccer is primarily a Monday to Thursday league. Practices on Friday and Saturday are discouraged. Permission to practice or re-schedule games on Sundays must receive must be obtained from the Haldimand Youth Soccer Executive. Contact your town rep for more information.

5 Goal Differential rule
Haldimand Youth Soccer is a non-competative league and we remind coaches that if you are winning by 5 or more goals that coaches tell their players to back off and refrain from further scoring. It is not fun for the players on a losing team to be beaten by 9-1 for example. Help keep the game enjoyable for all players by abiding by this rule