Hopkinton Youth Sports Association (HYSA), Hopkinton, NH: Welcome

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Get involved!  We need your help!  We are asking every family to have at least one parent participate in at least one of the volunteer activities to make HYSA a success! We would also like to encourage greater participation from all members. 
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The mission of the Hopkinton Youth Sports Association Soccer program is to provide an opportunity for our youth to learn the sport and to have fun while doing so.  We are committed to this endeavor and pledge a safe environment where good sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play is fostered.  It is our belief that lessons, experiences, and life skills learned in sports produce healthy and respected citizens in the community.

The Hopkinton Youth Sports Association would like to express its sincere appreciation for the generosity of all our sponsors.  Without our sponsors we would not be able to continue to provide the quality sports programs we offer to our youth.  We look forward to your continued support in the future.  For more information on our sponsorship program please visit the link at the left.

The Hopkinton Youth Sports Association is a volunteer organization whose mission is to provide sports for the youth of Hopkinton in an atmosphere that is positive, instructional and fun.  All of the work needed for HYSA to fulfill this mission is carried out by a dedicated core of volunteer members.  Without the efforts of these volunteers, HYSA would not be successful.