Holyoke Youth Baseball League: Patrons

Sunday, May 5
Patrons 2013

The following individuals, businesses and organizations have made a generous donation to the Holyoke Youth Baseball League. Together with the businesses and organizations that sponsor a spectific team, the list shows how important baseball is to the City of Holyoke. We could not do this without you. Please thank and support these people whenever you can.

A-1 Landscaping and Lawn Care
Allyn and O'Donnell Realtors
Peter Anderson
Whitney and Kathy Anderson
AOK Pest Control Inc
Jim Armstrong
Chuck and Candy Athas
Jim and Nancy Athas
Michael and Taryn Athas
Ron and Mayde Jo Authier
B & B Real Estate
Dr. Francis M. Baker
Atty. Fred and Barbara Baran
Atty. David K Bartley
Jim and Margaret Bartley
Dave and Patty Beauchemin
Atty. George & Doris Beauregard
Atty. Mark Beauregard
Brian and Kim Beauregard
John and Lorraine Bell
Dave and Linda Bennett
Karen Bernier
Bill and Mary Bevan
Marlyn Bevan (In Memory of “Doc”)
John and Eileen Biela
John Borlen
Bourque & Sons Automotive
Peter and Mary Brady
Lil Breen
Daniel Bresnahan
Pat Brosnan
Brunelle Funeral Home
Ernie Brunault
William Burns
Dave and Michelle Castonguay
Gloria Castonguay
Dan and Eileen Cavanaugh
Maurice and Dolores Cavanagh
Tom and Tara Cavanaugh
Bill and Rose Chagnon
Lee and Sue Chandler
Barry and Joann Charland
Charles J. Davignon Real Estate
Jeff and Priscilla Chesky
David and Ann Cistoldi
City Machine Corporation
Skip and Susan Clayton
Bob Cloutier
CMS Landscaping
John and Margaret Collamore
Tim Collamore
William R. Collamore
Conklin Office Services
Jim and Bonnie Connors
Pat and Jennifer Consedine
Nick and Maureen Cosmos
Mike and Kathy Costello
Nyles and Dora Courchesne
Crabtree's Service Station
Dr. Francis Croke
Bill and Kate Crowley
Ray and Gerri Crowley
Jack and Louise Curtin
Mike and Lisa Curtin
D'angelo Sandwich Shops
In Memory of Robert Dawson
Connie DeCelles
Yocelyn and Will Delgado
John and Ann Destromp
Patti Devine
Donald Diller
Barbara Donah
Bill and Sandy Donah
John and Mary Donah
Matt and Kristina Donah
Bob and Pat Dowling
William and Susan Dowling
Joe and Christine Dragon
Debby and Dorothy Driscoll
Eric and Frances Dugroo
Rene and Johanna Dulude
Tony Dulude
Jamie and Mary Ann Dunn
Jim and Judy Dunn
Mark and Cheryl Dupont
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Duquette
Fran and Eileen Dwyer
Henry and Stasia Dziok
Gary Enright
Matthew and Allison Ernst
Laura Evans
Faille Painting Contractors
Falcetti and Clark Electric
Bill Farrell
Fashion Nails
Atty. Maurice J. Ferriter
Ferriter & Ferriter, Attorneys at Law
Atty. Jack and Atty. Deb Ferriter
Mary Louise Fitzgibbons
Steve and Maria Fitzgibbons
Ernie and Tammy Fitzell
Fuss & O'Neill
Tim and Laurie Gaines
Bob Gaulin
Rev. Robert A. Gentile, Jr.
Atty. Ann Gibbons
Elaine Gilligan
Tom and Anne Ginley
George and Debra Girard
Dan and Faith Glanville
Karen and Mario Godbout
Ms. Catina Grass
Howard and Ellen Greaney
Wally Greaney
Greg and Adam's Package Store
Brian Griffin
Joe and Linda Griffin
John and Denise Griffin
Bill and Louisa Guard
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gubala
Paul and Lynette Gubala
Tom &  Mary Guenette
Hampshire Tailors
Michael Harazmus
Tim Harty
Hazen Paper Company
Dave and Martha Healey
Fran and Gloria Healy
Patrick Higgins
Mike and Barbara Hogan
Joe and Judy Hohol
Thomas Hohol
Holyoke Animal Hospital
Holyoke Credit Union
Holyoke Liquor Mart
Keith and Janice Humber
James J. Dowd and Sons Insurance
James and Christine Jennings
Jim's Mobil Auto Center
Phil and Lynn Jubinville
Mike June
Fran and Joyce Kane
Greg and Beth Kane
Jane Kane
Michael and Karin Kane
Rob and Martie Kane
Denise Keane
Steve Keane
Tom Kelliher
Ken's Auto Sales
Todd and Mary Kirton
Jash and Missy Kozuch
James Krisak
Lenny Krisak
Susan Krisak
Bob and Nancy Laferriere
Larry and Jean Lajoie
Mary Carol Lamagdelaine
Clark Lambert
Ed and Phyllis Laplante
Tim and Terri Laramee
Ray and Mary Larrow
Bob and Susan Lastowski
Joe and Ann Lastowski
Bernie and Mary Lavelle
Jim and Liza Lavelle
Dave and Leslie Lawrence
Jo-Anne and John Leahy
Dick and Madelyn Lempke
John Lenihan
Liquors 44
Jim Long
Shaun and Andrea Loughrey
Lucky Strike Restaurant
Artie and Mary Lynch
John T. Mahoney
Brian Manijak
Don and Ann Mann
Emily Mann
R. J. Marchewka
Alice Marquis
Martin J. Clayton Ins. Agency
Anthony and Laura Maspo
David and Diane Mathes
Bill and Annie Matlock
Joe and Pat McAndrew
John and Mary McAndrew
Mike and Kelly McCoy
Jim and Justine McKenna
Mike McKenna
Jim and Kathleen McMahon
Bob and Jean McNulty
Bob and Laura Meara
James and Susan Meenaghan
Messier Funeral Home
Ellen Miano
Mike Miano
Sheila Miano
Milos Business Products
Dean and Theresa Miner
Ray and Sandra Mitchell
Jim Moakler
Tom and Kathy Moriarty
John and Darlene Morton
David C. Morton, CPA
Ed and Patty Moskal
Barbara and Jack Moynihan
Carol Murphy
Terry Murphy
Nelson's Auto Body, Inc.
Atty. Jorge Neves
Nick's Nest
Helen Norris
Brian O'Connor
Brian O'Hare
Jim and Pat O'Leary
Bob O'Neill
Dan O'Neill
Jim and Betsy Parnell
Pawn Depot
Bob and Judy Pelczarski
Bill and Sharlene Philpott
Tom and Catherine Philpott
Mr. Walter Pietras
Constance Pijar
Pioneer Valley Gastroenterology Associates
Pioneer Valley Opthalmic Consultants, PC
Pat Pluta
Point and Click
Positive Results
Richard and Mary Pratt
Joe and Gail Prattico
Jim and Linda Quenneville
John and Samantha Quirk
R and R Variety
Chris and Jill Reardon
Reardon's Garage
Reil's Rentals
Rene Cote Sons
Kevin and Connie Reynolds
William Riley
Tom and Michelle Robert
Steve and Lisa Rogers
Romeo L. Beaulieu & Sons
Ron's Auto Care
Kevin Ross
S&S Computer Imaging
Dave and Tricia Sabourin
Terry Shepard
John and Kelly Shevlin
Fred Smith
Mary Snyder
Springdale Auto Sales
Bob and Barbara St. Lawrence
Al and Marlene Stanek
Jeff and Amy Stanek
Jim and Tracey Stanek
Kyle Stevenson
Raymond and Karen Stevenson
Rick Stone
Edwin and June Sullivan
Dennis and Maureen Sullivan
Peter Tallman
Dave Tenney
Gerald and Mary Tesini
The O'Connell Companies
Patricia Thompson
University Products
Nestalz and Brenda Vega
Ed and Claire Walczak
Steve Walkowicz
Clark and Maureen Wall
Sherwin and Rhoda Wernick
Brian and Elizabeth Williamson
Mariel Williamson
Steve Wojnar
Jim and Karen Woods
John and Mary Woods
Tami and Nick Yee
Vic, Linda, Joe, Jono, and Sam Zwirko
Lester and Debbie Zyla

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