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Thursday, January 21
Registration Information for 2016

Registration for 2016 is now open for players 4-14. It's never too soon to get this done but at some point it will be too late. Please visit the following site to register your player:


all in-person sign-ups will be held at Holyoke High School cafeteria, they will be held on Feb 6th, 13th, 20th and March 5th.  They will take place from 10AM- 1PM .  We will have a second sign up running on Feb 20th and March 5th at Morgan Elementary School the hours will be from 10 AM- 12:30 PM.

A short description of the program for each age group follows. You will learn almost everything else at your first practice or game. If you would like to contact us please send an email to hybl2016@comcast.net. If you are interested in coaching please indicate that. You won't be sorry. Be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Players 4-6 years old play in the Small Fry Division. In 2015 this program was a smash hit with over 220 players. We teach kids everything about the fundamentals of baseball. It starts in late April and runs about 12 weeks. Each player participates in two 60-minute sessions per week. Sessions are scheduled on weeknights. Parents are heavily involved. About half the season is tee-ball training. The other half is loosely-organized coach-pitched games. The main purpose of Small Fry is to have fun. The registration fee for Small Fry is $30.

Players 7-8 years old play in the Mighty Mite Division. Games are played Wednesday evening and Saturday morning from the beginning of May through the end of June. The entire season is coach-pitched and (like Small Fry) a lot of parents are involved on the field. In 2016 the second half of the season will be organized in more of a traditional baseball format with balls, strikes and outs counted. However, runs still won't matter because we don't keep score. Besides having fun, the purpose of Mighty Might is to lay a solid baseball foundation for Pee Wee. The registration fee for Mighty Mite is $65.

Players 9-10 years old play in the Pee Wee Division. This is real baseball. The players pitch to each other and paid umpires are on the field. Games are played Monday and Thursday evenings and on an occasional Saturday afternoon. The season runs from the end of April until the end of June. Opportunities are available for post-season tournament play. The registration fee for Pee Wee is $75.

For 2016, we will also form a Pee Wee travel team. Based on a skills evaluation we'll put the top players on one team and enter them into a regional travel league. Other players will play the normal, in-town Pee Wee format. More details later.

Players 11-12 years old play in the Midget Division. We are restructuring Midget Division for 2016. Teams will be entered into a regional travel league and placed in a division that is appropriate for the skill level of that team. Opportunities exist for "A", "B" and "C" teams although we are not planning an "A" team this year. More details later. Opportunities also exist for post-season tournament play. The registration fee for Midget is $100.

Players 13-14 years old play in the Sandy Koufax Division. Teams will be entered into a regional travel league and placed in a division that is appropriate for the skill level of that team. Opportunities exist for "A", "B" and "C" teams. Opportunities also exist for post-season tournament play. The registration fee for Midget is $120.

Due to the success of Small Fry and the existence of modern realities such as "school choice" the HYBL will modify it's "Holyoke resident only" policy. We will accept registration from non-Holyoke residents.

Sunday, July 5
Home Improvement Wins Pee Wee Championship

Home Improvement won the third game of the three-game championship series by beating Slainte at Mayer Field on July 1. Congratulations on becoming the new Pee Wee Champions.

We believe that both teams raised the level of play for all teams that participated in Pee Wee this season. We look forward to 2016. See you there.

Thursday, June 18
Pee Wee Tournament

All Pee Wee teams will participate in a single-elimination tournament followed by a best-of-three championship series. Teams have been seeding according to their standings as follows:

1. Home Improvement
2. Slainte
3. Elks 902
4, Ross Insurance
5. Mass Surgical Supply
6. K of C 90
7. Holyoke Medical Center

First Round
Monday 6/22 at Kennedy: HMC 6 vs. Slainte 25
Monday 6/22 at Mayer: K of C 3 vs Elks 18
Monday 6/22 at Bonin: MSS  5 vs Ross 6

Second Round:
Thursday 6/25 at Kennedy: Ross 3 vs. Home Improvement 6
Thursday 6/25 at Mayer: Elks 2 vs. Slainte 4

Championship (Best of Three)
Monday 6/29 at Mayer: Slainte 4 vs. Home Improvement 12
Tuesday 6/30 at Mayer: Home Improvement 7 vs. Slainte 8
Wednesday 7/1 at Mayer: Slainte 4 vs. Home Improvement 12

Game time for all weekday games is 5:45 PM. All regular pitching rules are in effect.

Good luck

Sunday, June 14
Dam Cafe Wins Midget Championship

Dam Cafe closed out their undefeated season by beating Chirgwin Insurance Saturday morning at Springdale Park. The final score was 12-4. Congratulations to both teams on a great season. Also thanks to everybody for another successful Midget season.

Next up is out-of-town tournaments. Good luck to Holyoke.

Sunday, April 26
Our Loyal Patrons 2015
Please view our updated patrons list for 2015 by clicking on the "Patrons" option on the left of the page. These people, organizations and businesses have made a generous donation to the HYBL to fund operations. We could not do this without them. Thanks a million!

Sunday, January 1
Please support the Holyoke Youth Baseball League
The Holyoke Youth Baseball League has operated continuously since 1952 without the benefit of any tax dollars. Our program includes about 40 teams with players ranging in ages from 4 to 14. We rely heavily upon direct support from the public.

Our patrons and sponsors list is published in our annual Program Book and can also be inspected by clicking on "Patrons" at the left side of this page.

If you wish to be included as patron please send a donation of any amount to the following address:

Holyoke Youth Baseball League
P.O. Box 10453
Holyoke, Ma. 01041

For tax deduction purposes, the HYBL is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Do you work for a large company? Many companies have matching gift programs. The HYBL is eligible to receive matching gifts under these programs. Examples of companies which have made matching gift donations to the HYBL are Comcast, Verizon, JP Morgan Chase and Mass Mutual. Send us the paperwork and we'll do it.

Thursday, May 2
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Tuesday, April 29
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