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Welcome to the official site of the Holyoke Youth Baseball League.

The purpose of the HYBL is to provide an opportunity for young people to learn the game of baseball in the proper environment and with the best possible equipment.

The HYBL has existed continuously since 1952 without the benefit of any tax dollars. Please consider making a donation.

Holyoke Youth Baseball League Inc.

P.O. Box 10453

 Holyoke, MA 01041



Sunday, May 20
2018 Season is in Full Swing- May Days Weekend Baseball for Pee Wee's

  Results from Sunday: 

K of  C over Slainte  12-11


 Due to excessive rain we have been forced to reschedule again. 



Continuing on Monday 5/21/2018, come out and Join us for MAY Days Baseball; Due to the rain-outs in recent days We will be doing our best to make up the baseball games that were "Rained-Out"

Monday 5/21/18 - Games start at 5:45 PM  

Genesis Gifting Vs. Slainte @Kennedy

Home Improvement Vs. Mass Surgical Supply @ Bonin

Elks #902 vs. K of C #90 @ Dean Tech 

  Pee Wee Standings have been updated with the scores from Sunday


NOTES: 1. a glove was found at Springdale Park, if you lost your glove please contact HYBL2016@comcast.net.

2. also found was a single Key, Please contact HYBL2016@comcast.net to identify the key.

We invite you to catch all our games in our schedules we will try to publish as many as we can in Advance.


Monday, April 23
Pee Wee- Mighty Mite Schedules

Pee Wee and Mighty Mite Schedules are now posted online  
Please follow the Schedules Tabs 

Friday, January 1
Please support the Holyoke Youth Baseball League

The Holyoke Youth Baseball League has operated continuously since 1952 without the benefit of any tax dollars. Our program includes about 40 teams with players ranging in ages from 4 to 14. We rely heavily upon direct support from the public.

Our patrons and sponsors list is published in our annual Program Book and can also be inspected by clicking on "Patrons" at the left side of this page.

If you wish to be included as patron please send a donation of any amount to the following address:

Holyoke Youth Baseball League
P.O. Box 10453
Holyoke, Ma. 01041

For tax deduction purposes, the HYBL is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Do you work for a large company? Many companies have matching gift programs. The HYBL is eligible to receive matching gifts under these programs. Examples of companies which have made matching gift donations to the HYBL are Comcast, Verizon, JP Morgan Chase and Mass Mutual. Send us the paperwork and we'll do it.

Friday, February 16
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Thursday, May 2
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