Hampton-Varnville United: Team Rosters



Age groups with (birth year)

Coaches with their contact info with permission and players first initial, last name.

Coaches should be in touch soon about practice. If you get a message from your coach please reply so the coach knows you got the message. 



U6 Teams (2013, 2014, 2015)

Harriet Smith   843-729-1137   harrietssmith@yahoo.com

A. Walsh, A. Smith, E. Thomas, E. Smith, W. Smith, J. Smith, M. Millsap, S. Herbert, T. Givens


Bradley Strozier

A. Green, A. Jarrell, B. Moore, J. Lovett, L. Lovett, O. Strozier, S. Hosendove, T. Hiers


Alicia Rosier

A. Rosier, B. Long, C. Beasley, H. Hipp, J. Betties, K. Stokes, K. Summerlin, P. Tuten, C. Wooten


Dustin Pittinger

A. Jones, D. Szmurlo, E. Pittinger, J. Mitchell, J. Bessinger, K. Sanders, L. Szmurlo, U. Heyward


U8 Teams (2011, 2012)

Allen Cook

C. Cook, H. Miley, H. Musser, J. Moore, J. Janaro, M. Peeples, M. Gibson


Jessica Horton 843-441-3297   jessicahorton924@gmail.com

A. Romain, C. Stone, J. Horton, M. Carroll, S. Young, T. Summerlin


Mike Smith   843-729-4788   pmsmith1982@yahoo.com

A. Landaverde, B. Smith, D. Platts, E. Brunson, F. Rivers, L. Smith


Jonathan Terry   803-842-8412   terryjt718@gmail.com

C. Jarrell, C. Terry, E. Govenstien, E. Terry, L. Mayfield, R. Watkins


U10 Teams (2009, 2010)

Mike Mathis   803-942-0304   mathis1mike@gmail.com

B. Altman, D. Bennett, K. Rhodes, M. Mathis, R. Johnstone, R. Tison, T. Fowler 


Ryan Ashley   803-842-9078   ryanusc2105@gmail.com

B. Vaughn, B. Sauls, C. Youmans, E. Ashley, K. Carroll, M. Deloach, M. Carroll


Jonathan Clackum   843-635-3919

G. Smiley, G. Clackum, K. Lepisto, M. Brunson, N. Tuten, N. Romain, P. Terry, S. Clackum


U12 Teams (2007, 2008)

Mike Mathis   803-942-0304   mathis1mike@gmail.com

H. Nettles, J. Runkle, J. Ceja, L. Terry, L. Platts, L. Nix, L. Donahue, M. Mathis, M. Bennett, M. Terry, R. Stone


Leah Stanley   803-942-2455   lgstanley60@gmail.com

B. Donahue, C. Ashley, C. Musser, G. Sauls, J. Bostick, J. Walsh, J. Gittings, K. Lee, K. Stack, M. Lee, S. Derrick, T. Dempsey


Barry Whittington   803-943-6448   barrywhittington@earthlink.net