Hampton-Varnville United: Fall 2018 News

Age Qualification Table For Spring 2019


Find the year you were born to find the division you will play in. If the table below doesn't show your childs birth year you or too old or too young. Everyone will be put into a division based on their year of birth, must be 3 by December 31 to be eligible to play this Spring.

We will try have divisions for all ages listed below to play in up to U14, older ages may be travel only.





















U10 2009
U9 2010



 U7 2012
 U6 2013
U5 2014
U4 2015

The Hampton-Varnville United Spring season will run from Feb. 9th thru Mar. 30th for in-house teams. These are the in-house season & tournament games and does not include out of town tournaments or travel teams.

No birth certificate, NO PLAY!!! 

Possible Spring 2019 in-house divisions:   ???   U6, U8, U10, U12,  ( U8 - U12  Travel )


Online coaching class required, no cost. Abuse Training required, no cost.

Travel & tournament teams will be refered to as HaVAC ( Hampton-Varnville Academy Classic )

 RECENT CHANGES...........................

No punting in any age group.

No intentional heading in any age group.

Build out line for U8 and U10. 

Play 4 quarters in all age groups. 

EXISTING RULES..................................................

Boys and girls will be on seperate teams if we have enough in scrimmages and tournaments.

Players will wear their black soccer shorts and socks. 

The U8 will play 5v5 including a goalkeeper.

Coaches will draft teams for their age group.

Referee's will assist with U6.

Games end when mercy rule is reached.

Players must wear their club jersey in all games.

U10 and up who get a red card must sit out the remainder of that game and the next. 2 yellow cards in one game equals a red card. 

Offside is used in the U9+ divisions.        Games will not end in ties for U9+ divisions.

A mercy rule will be used for U7+ divisions.    All players will play in their age group.

All teams will wear club soccer jerseys.      We have a cleat exchange in the concession.

Club t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies will be on sale in the concession at registration & during the season.

Check the "Teams" page for info about your team, only info sent in by the coach will be posted.

Players must wear shinguards correctly or they will not be allowed to play, coaches should go over this at practice. Referees will allow players on the field once they correct their shinguards.

No jewelry of any kind can be worn during the games.

Players will be given a 2nd attempt on throw-ins for the first 2 weeks of the season.

If you know someone who would be interested in sponsoring a team let your coach or a board member know.

U9 & up will have a tournament at the end of the season, this will conclude the season.


When will I hear what team my child is on?

Teams will be formed after we all coaches neeeded for an age group. Coaches will draft at the coaches meeting. Your child’s coach should call you within the following week to introduce themselves and discuss practice times.

What does “U” or under mean?

If a child is four (4) years old, they will play on a U5 or “under” 5 team. Age six (6), a U7 or “under” 7 team etc. etc.

When will I find out when and where our first game is scheduled?

In-house game schedules are done by the Club President and the first weekend is generally available a week before. Schedules will be posted on the downloads page when ready.

Where will my child’s games be held?

All in-house games are all held at Boyles Soccer Field. The teams play in-house against other HVU teams in their age bracket.

What equipment do I need to buy?

All players should have a soccer ball:

Size 3 (U5-U8)
Size 4 (U9-U12)
Size 5 (U13-U18)

Cleated soccer shoes (recommended) – no metal cleats allowed

Shin guards - Mandatory (available in the concession)

HVU team uniform – please check with your child’s coach, each team must find their own sponsor, the coach or parents can get a sponsor, if no sponsor is found parents are responsible for their childs uniform costs.

Why do you want my email address on the registration form?

Emails are used by the club president to send out information to the parents about various events for the club. If you would like to be added, email the president and ask to be added to the list.

I still have questions, whom should I ask?

Please feel free to contact any Board member at any time. You may access a list of Board members on this web site.