Huntsville Men's Softball League: Welcome

Tuesday, April 23
Spring 2019

* A league wide meeting is scheduled for April 25 (Thurs) @ 7 pm.  Meeting will be held at the potato shack. League finances will be discussed.  Men's, Church and Coed representatives all welcomed. 

* Co-ed league, Spring 2019 - registration closes next week.  League play begins in late April 30.  See below for more info.


 * Every team should brush up on USA equipment as we're a USA/ASA league.  https//                                                     

 *Attention- all players are asked to not park at the Potato Shack during league play.  Please use Josey Street or the lot located down by the basketball courts. Thank you.


*All rules and policies stand from last year. This includes the use of both .44 core/375 compression and .52 core/300 compression softballs.  Hitting team has choice of ball.

Wednesday, March 20
Co-ed and Men's C and D Divisions - Spring 2019

MON and WED NIGHTS = D Division (MENS) -  Most Hated, Rip City, and Albert Pullhos 3.0  Three (3) teams.


MON and WED NIGHTS = C Division (MENS) -  Kingnakes and Texan Tough, two (2) teams. 


TUES NIGHTS = CO-ED -  Coed starts April 30. 

NOTE: What division you're in now is subject to change.  We have the option to move teams up and down in divisions when seeding the C and D divsion playoff bracket. 

Wednesday, March 20
Sign up for the 2019, Men's Spring League

Registration for Spring 2019-  Is now Closed!!  

Make check payable to: Huntsville Adult Softball Association for $385 (three hundred and eighty five).  Fee covers 12 (twelve) regular season games, including umpire fees and city fees. C teams and D teams will join to form one spring league. Top 4 teams in each league will play in a spring league championship game.

* Rosters and Due Date:  Pick-up/Drop off rosters @ the Potato Shack.  Checks should also be dropped off at the Potato Shack by 6 p.m. March 14. NOW EXTENDED TO MARCH 19th!!!   League begin date was March 20th but has now been extended to the following week.   

Roster and Schedule:  Team Roster for up to 16 players.  This League will be played on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS and  MONDAY NIGHTS.  Doubleheader each time.  

Include: Contact info for team manager, assistant manager, cell phone #, mailing address, etc.

Monday, March 11
Co-ed LEAGUE - Spring 2019

*Registration for the Spring 2019 Co-ed League will open on MARCH 28.  Forms are available through email request or by stopping by the Potato Shack.  Contact Ed at for a form.

*Make checks payable to: HASA, Huntsville Adult Softball Association. 

*$325 per team for a 8 game schedule.  Top two teams may or may not play in a Championship Game!  Based on number of teams.Will need 6 teams to have a playoff round.

*Teams must submit registration form and make payment by by 6 p.m., April 25th.  The league is scheduled to begin on TUES. April 30th! 

*The Co-ed League is on Tuesday Nights only. Doubleheader each night.  Game times: 6:30 p.m. thru 9:30 p.m.

*See website for all Co-ed rules.

*All USA/ASA rules apply. 

Monday, March 11
Co-ed Rules

Co-ed Softball Rules for 2019:

1. Both Men and Women will hit 12" in diameter softball.

2. Men will hit "opposite handed". 

3. There is no Male/Female quota for the number of players in the infield or number of players in the outfield.

4. Any combination can be used for the battery (male pitcher with male catcher, male pitcher with female catcher, female pitcher with male catcher or female pitcher with female catcher).

5. An "outfield hallo" will not be used.  Players may play in or back at any time, for any hitter.

6. The starting line-up must have no less than 4 female players and 8 players total.  A normal starting line-up should be 5 female players and 5 male players.  Teams can put 12 total players in line-up (2 extra hitters...a EH and a DH).

7. No limit on home runs.

8. No stealing.

9. No metal cleats.


Wednesday, October 24
Recent Champions

Recent Champions- C DIVISION

Spring 2005 -         Kingsnakes

Summer 2005 -       Walker County L.P. Gas

Fall 2005   -           B.Y.O.B.

Spring 2006 -         B.Y.O.B.    

Summer 2006 -       Busch League

Fall 2006   -           B.Y.O.B.

Spring 2007 -         Rip City

Summer 2007 -       Country Boys

Fall 2007 -              B.Y.O.B.

Spring/Summer 2008 - WP Gators

Fall 2008 -              Tribe of Judah

Spring 2009 -          Tribe of Judah

Summer 2009 -         Trophy Hunters

Fall 2009 - NO CHAMP DECLARED, Inclement Weather

Spring 2010 -           Kingsnakes   

Spring II/Summer 2010 - Real Deal

Fall 2010 -               Trophy Hunters

Spring 2011 -            Pig Benis

Summer 2011 -          Pig Benis

Fall 2011 -                Pig Benis

Spring 2012 -           Pig Benis

Summer 2012 -          Fuzzy's a.k.a. Trophy Hunters

Fall 2012 -                Kingsnakes

Spring 2013 -           Kingsnakes

Summer 2013 -        Trophy Hunters

Fall 2013 -                Kingsnakes

Spring 2014 -             Kingsnakes

Summer 2014 -          Kingsnakes 

Fall 2014 -                 Kingsnakes

Spring 2015 -             Kingsnakes

Summer 2015 -           No league after spring goes into July

Fall 2015 -                  Grim Rippers

Spring 2016 -             Kingsnakes

Summer 2016 -          No league played this summer

Fall 2016 -                  Kingsnakes

Spring 2017 -              Kingsnakes

Summer 2017 -          C/D combined - Most Hated and Kingsnakes were CoChampions, no playoff bracket

Fall 2017 -                 C/D combined - Kingsnakes

Spring 2018 -             Kingsnakes (no playoff bracket)

Summer 2018 -           C/D combined - Rip City (no playoff bracket)

Fall 2018 -                   C league did not make.  Short teams  

Recent Champions- D DIVISION

Spring 2007 -         Tribe of Judah

Summer 2007 -       Backdraft                                                  

Fall 2007 -             Fat Boys

Spring 2012 -         Slump Busters

Summer 2012 -        Slump Busters

Spring 2013 -         Huntsville Pet Clinic                                                                                                                              

Summer 2013 -       Grim Rippers

Fall 2013 -              Bad News Bearkats

Spring 2014 -           PTO

Summer 2014 -         PTO 

Fall 2014 -                PTO

Spring 2015 -            Bat Sumpitches

Summer 2015 -         No league as spring goes into July

Fall 2015 -                Spud Squad

Spring 2016 -            Dodge Boys

Summer 2016 -          No league this summer

Fall 2016 -                 Lost Boys

Spring 2017 -             TSR

Spring 2018 -             Best Available 

Fall 2018 -                  Fall league was postponed due to wet conditions (12 rainouts in a row!)  

Saturday, September 27
Rainouts/ Make-up Game Time Schedule

* For rainout information, call (936) 294-4889 or check this website. Rainouts will be determined by 4:30 P.M. CST.   So, if you call before then, we might not have any information for you.

* Any inclement weather after 4:30 P.M. CST,  game and/or field status will be determined by umpires down at the field.  In some cases, rain cancellations will occur because of rain coming down after 4:30 p.m. We will do our best to put the playing status on the site but the phone number listed above will be taken out of play.

* In some cases, team managers will be contacted before rain games are officially rescheduled. A good effort will be made to play all rain make-up games.

Sunday, May 6

1. ASA/USA Softball Rules will apply. Check the links page for ASA/USA link.  Some modifications to ASA/USA rules may apply for Huntsville Men's League.

2. Mercy Rule. 15 runs after 3 innings and 10 runs after 5 innings.

3. 3 Home Run Limit, THEN IT'S ONE UP.  All HR's after 3 will be considered an out, until the opposing team hits their 3rd HR.  Then either team can hit a 4th, but cannot hit a 5th until the opposing team matches and so on and so on.                                                                                                                                   


3a.  Runners need to touch first base only on HR's.  UPDATE!! MARCH 2018, no need to touch 1st base after a home run as per vote at league meeting 3/18.

3b. These are over the fence HR's, not in-the-park HR's.

4. Official League Softballs (see separate link)

5. No metal cleats.

6. No Base Stealing.

7. Eligibility (see below; updated 3/22/07)

3/19/09  - Recap from the Spring 2009 All League Meeting, held MARCH 18, 2009.     *Six  teams were represented at the meeting.  The agenda included: league fees, insurance, equipment updates, league rules, rosters, eligibility, josey field feedback etc.

8. Rule Change (effective Spring 09, trial period of Spring 09) - Hitter's count was discussed, change proposed, voted and passed.  Hitter's will begin with a 1 and 1 count with no courtesy foul.  So, 3 balls to walk, 2 strikes to K, 2 foul balls to K.  4/6/17 UPDATE: For the last 8 years or longer, it has been a 0-0 count that the hitter begins with.

9. Rule Discussion - for the protection of pitchers, a chalk line was discussed to be placed in front of the pitchers mound.  Batted balls that enter the "box", before hitting the ground first, would result into a dead ball and hitter is out.  Base runners go back.  Those at the meeting were concerned that umpires would have difficulty making too many judgement calls.  This item can be up for disscussion at a later time.  However, umpires can issue a warning for intentionally hitting back up the box if the situation calls for it.

10. Rule Change - (effective Spring 09) teams disscussed and voted on the following as it relates to roster eligibility:  10a. Teams that show with 6,7 or 8 players may "pick-up" 2 guys without asking the opposition for approval.  The two (2) pick-ups must bat at the END or BOTTOM of the batting order.  10.b Teams that show with 5,6 or 7 players may "pick-up" 3 guys with the approval of the opposition.  The three (3) pick-ups must bat at the END or BOTTOM of the batting order. 10c. Any "pick-up" player from a non-playoff team or a player not part of a team's regular season roster, must be approved by the opposition to play in a playoff game.  10d. Players CANNOT play on multiple teams on the night of playoffs.

*A handout was given to everyone regarding Illegal Bats/Balls.  See the bat and ball links for official info.

* Teams asked if umpires would or can carry a scorecard, marking runs by inning.  Score can then by verified with the official book.  We'll look into this suggestion.

* Insurance - this year's policy was renewed.  One change...all league participants must be 19 years of age or older.  The previous age limit was 18.