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Attention Class of 2019!  Congratulations, you now have coveted SENIOR status.  You get the best of everything.  The first to sit in chairs, the first crack at opportunities!  Seize the moment, and think about that great month of May, 2019!  You are the stars!  And we are going to highlight the year at the Band Banquet - bigger and better than ever!  Banquet night is YOUR night.  So this year, take plenty of pictures - and enjoy them!  We want to see lots of non-posed actions shots taken with a real camera.  Phones are great for "moments" but not for memories!  We want to produce the highest quality video imaginable.  Also - send us your video!  We can retrieve from any file sharing apparatus, and are happy to consider your clips for the end of year video. 


We Need Your Baby Pictures 

Each year we create a senior video that has pictures of all of the seniors. These pictures come from a couple of places. The Band Parents Association takes pictures througout the year and during senior night, plus the parents provide a few. In order to accomplish the video we need your help.

We need you to provide the following:
1 Baby picture

1 Middle/High school or other picture that is characteristic of your student.

Student Plans - College/future plans and major 

You have two ways to get them to us:
1. Scan them and add them to a CD-ROM or flash drive. Label the CD with your Students name and drop in the band box. This is the absolute best way to do it.
2. If you are technology challenged you can email the pictures to Ben Boles, our media coordinator at  Please send high resolution files, not from cell phones.  The bigger the file size, the better!  Make sure the email is entitled "Band Pictures - "Student Name."  Include the student information on a sticky note, write on the CD, add as a file on the disc or include in the email.


Common Q&A 

When do we Need This? 
April 5, 2019. You can do it now or you can wait til the last minute. The official last minute is April 5, 2019. The banquet is in May so this gives us one month to get the video produced and copies made. This also gives everyone plenty of time to get the pictures in.

What resolution pictures do you need?
Pictures MUST be high resolution.  High resolution is required.  Very low resolution like 200x300 is not good and will display poorly so use your best judgement when scanning. Scan high resolution for small wallet pictures, medium for 4x5s and low/medium for 8x10s. If the resulting file is 20MB it is probably more than we need and if it is 10k it is too small and unusable.

Can I send my baby pictures to you and let you scan them and return them? 

No! DO NOT SEND ACTUAL PRINTED PICTURES!! We cannot be responsible for returning them! You will likely lose them forever so we cannot do this for you.

If you won't scan my pictures how do I do it?
The photo center at Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, etc. all have a scanner and a CD creator. Often the technician will do it for you and the cost is not much.  Believe it or not you can use your iPhone or Android camera to take a picture of your old photo prints. It may take a couple of trys to keep the glare down but it can be done and is a good way to quickly digitize your old prints.

I don't want my student's baby picture included. Is that OK?
You bet! Just don't send one and you are guranteed to not be included. 

What happens if I wait until April 6, 2019 to send my pictures?
Your student will not be included in the video. 

If I get busy and forget to send pictures by April 5, 2018 will you hold it up and make an exception?
Unfortunately not. At some point we have to cut it off and we are providing over 6 months notice. This is a volunteer project and free to everyone so we only ask a little cooperation and advance planning. Every year someone forgets and wants to come in late. We just have to hold the line otherwise it becomes a crisis project. Avoid the dissapointment and don't wait so you don't forget.

My Student is unsure about future plans what do I say?
That is optional and not everyone will have that information available. It is OK to not include that information if it is unknown or is uncertain.

Will I get a copy and how much does it cost?
We will create a video for the banquet and provide each Senior with a DVD at no cost. 


If you have any questions contact Ben Boles via email at

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