Huntsville High School Band: Uniforms

Friday, July 11
Uniform Information

Everyone MUST complete and sign the "Uniform Consent Form" each year to recieve their uniform (See Forms page on this site). This form must be completed and turned in by August 22, 2014.



Handout: Uniforms

Friday, July 11
Band T-Shirts

New students will recieve a red band T-shirt and the cost is included in your band dues. Returning students who need a new one must order one for $15. Send your request and size to Lisa McCrary (BPA Uniforms Chair)


Friday, July 11
Marching Band Shoes

New students will recieve marching band shoes with their uniform. Any returning student who needs new shoes can trade their old usable shoes in at no cost for new size or purchase new shoes for $35. Contact Lisa McCrary if you need new shoes at  


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