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Sunday, July 24
2017-18 HHS Band Fees

 1st Year Band Student

Returning Band Student


Color Guard  


Concert Only 

 Instrument Rental Fee

$500 $450

$600 (1st Year Student)

$550 (Returning Student)

(Includes 1st Semester Instrument Rental)    

$350 $200 $225 



As many of you know, our BPA budget draws about 70% of its income through band fees. While we wish that this wasn’t the case, it is simply the reality of our society. This year’s budget calls for the need of over $50k in band fees.  A majority of our expenses occur during July and August.  We request all members pay a portion of their band fees by September 1, 2017, to help with beginning of the year expenses.

The payment schedule for 2017-18 is as follows:

August 18, 2017 - Early Payment Discount (Fees paid in full by this date receive a 5% discount.)

September 1, 2017 - First payment of a minumum of $200 due

February 1, 2018 - Fees paid in full

Instrument Rental Fees:  1st Semester-Due September 1, 2017 & 2nd Semester-Due February 1, 2018 

In order to raise awareness and participation of our activities with Milton Frank Stadium and the VBC, we will incorporate one night of volunteering per family to apply toward band fees. The first night of Milton Frank ticketing/concessions or VBC wristbanding/concessions worked per family will provide a $50 credit to the students in the family regardless of number of hours worked. With this built in credit, the published fees will be raised $50 from the previous year. For example, if you are a returning woodwind/brass student, your published fees will be $450 and after volunteering one night at Milton Frank or the VBC, a $50 credit will be provided to lower the effective fee owed to $400.

Any additional volunteering at Milton Frank or the VBC will earn $5/hour in Charms credits to be applied to the account. Any family who chooses not to send a parent or student to volunteer over the course of the year will pay the $450 band fee with no obligation to volunteer. For families to choose to pay the full band fee up front to receive the 5% discount, the $50 volunteer credit can be applied to a trip or a future year band fee. Any graduating senior should plan their payments/credits accordingly unless they want to donate credit earned to a younger student upon graduation.

Note: If you have two or more children in the band, one child will pay the full fee and the additional children will pay $200  The full fee will be charged for the First Year Student to cover the expenses of the shoes and t-shirt.  If both children are First Year, the sibling fee will be $250.

DISCOUNT OFFER: Save 5% by paying your band fees and instrument rental in full by August 18, 2016. We cannot accept credit card payments.

First Year Band Fees:  The additional $50 fee covers the student's first pair of black uniform marching shoes as well as the band t-shirt.  Replacement shirts and shoes can be ordered at additional expense if outgrown or misplaced.

Important Reminder: All fees must should be paid according to the payment schedule above, unless you work out a different payment plan with the BPA Treasurer.  Seniors will not receive their cap, gown, or graduation diploma until all band fees are paid.

Pay Fees by dropping an envelope containing a check with your student(s) name in the memo line made out to HHS BPA into the band box in the band room or simply mail a check to:

HHS BPA, Treasurer
PO Box 16054
Huntsville, AL 35802

Contact HHS BPA Treasurer: Susan Boothe at

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