Huntsville High School Band: Fees

Friday, July 11
2014-15 HHS Band Fees



Date Due

1st Year Band Student Returning Band Student Flag Corps    Sibling 2nd Semester Only Instrument Rental Fee
8/20/2014 $115 $100 $96.25 $75    
9/19/2014 $115 $100 $96.25     $100
10/24/2014 $110 $100        
11/21/2014 $110 $85   $75 $192.50 $100
Totals: $450 $385 $192.50 $150 $192.50 $200

Notes: If you have two or more children in the band, one child will pay the full fee (either $450 or $385) and the additional children will pay $150 unless you have a freshman sibling in which case you will pay a total of $600; $450 for the freshman child and $150 for the second. If both siblings are freshmen, then add an additional $65 for a total of $665 to cover extra uniform items (see info below). Instrument rental is $100 per semester. Please make payments per schedule above.

DISCOUNT OFFER: Save $20 by paying your band fees and instrument rental in full by 20 August 2014. We can accept credit card payments and normally charge a 3% fee, but if you pay by 20 August we will waive the 3% fee passing along more savings. If you do not want to make scheduled payments, 100% of the annual fee must be paid by 11/21/14 or students will not be allowed to sign up for the Spring Trip.  

First Year Band Fees: These include spring (freshman) band camp, a shirt to wear under your child's marching uniform and black marching shoes that are also used by the boys with their formal concert uniform. Students keep the shirt and shoes for use in future years. Replacement shirts and shoes can be ordered at additional expense if outgrown.

Important Reminder: If Band fees are not paid, students will not be allowed to travel on the band field trip. Also, Seniors will not receive their cap, gown, or graduation diploma until all band fees are paid.

Pay Fees by dropping an envelope with your student(s) name containng a check made out to HHS Band into the band box in the band room or simply mail a check to:

HHS BPA, Treasurer
PO Box 16054
Huntsville, AL 35802

Contact: Susan Pendergrass at

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