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Fall 2016 Schedules (includes Summer 2016)

2016 Fall Composite Schedule2016 Fall Composite Schedule

Fall 2016 Schedule Brass-WW no PhillyFall 2016 Schedule Brass-WW no Philly

Fall 2016 Schedule Brass-WW PhillyFall 2016 Schedule Brass-WW Philly

Media Guide - Band Ad Sales 2016

Forms and letters with information regarding band ad sales for the 2016 Football Media Guide (program). It is up to each band member to check all lists before approaching a business to sell an ad.

Band ad sales letter 2016.docxBand ad sales letter 2016.docx

media guide ad form 2016.docmedia guide ad form 2016.doc

Band Media Guide Sales 2016.xlsxBand Media Guide Sales 2016.xlsx

Cheer Ads sold 2015Cheer Ads sold 2015

Dance Ads sold 2015Dance Ads sold 2015

Football Ads sold 2015Football Ads sold 2015

Fundraising Forms



HHS BPA Constitution and Bylaws

HHS BPA Bylaws 2016HHS BPA Bylaws 2016

HHS Band Hand Book

HHS Band Handbook 2015-16HHS Band Handbook 2015-16

Miscellaneous Forms



Directions to BuckhornDirections to Buckhorn

Travel Forms

HCS Out of Town FormHCS Out of Town Form





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