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Saturday, January 28
An Ambitious Schedule for 2012.... Let's Roll


Almost a Mountain - Has been selected as one of the TOP-10 Films being considered for the Grand Prize in the PGA Weekend Shorts Contest...

Screening / Awards Ceremony and after party...   Friday Nov 16th... in LA.



Current Project:

2012 National Film Challenge - Oct 19-22

"Letting Go"  

Use the Password  "NFC-2012"

Letting Go from Hunter Productions on Vimeo.

"Letting Go"  

Check out the cast and crew here:

Previous Project

2012 Producers Guild of America,

Weekend Shorts Contest Sep 28-30

"Almost a Mountain"  

Almost a Mountain from Hunter Productions on Vimeo.

2012 48 Hour Film Project - Inland Empire 

2nd Runner-Up for Best-Film

Winner - Best Use of Character

Winner - Best Use of the Required Line of Dialog

Timeless Murder from Hunter Productions on Vimeo.


2012 48 Hour Film Project - San Diego

Winner - Audience Choice for Screening Group A

Winner - Best Actor - Jacob Bruce as the Genie Drill Sargeant

Winner - Best Costuming

Runner-Up - Best Film 

2012 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project

Genie Boot Camp use the password:  GBC-Rocks

Genie Boot Camp - Tweaked from Hunter Productions on Vimeo.


2012 Projects

January - "Yoga Girl" Music Video - Scott Wilson <- Completed

February - Collwood Terrace Promotion Video <- Completed 4 tetimonials

               - "That's Preposterous" ...  a Family Short < In Post - Coming Along Nicely

March - "Traveling Through Life" - Short Film, Gravitywell Productions
Traveling Through Life < - Finishing Up in Post Production... stand-by

April 13-15 - Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project <- Bummer Missed That One

May 11-13 - San Diego 48 Warm Up <- Canceled but we did some test shots/work flow

June 1-3 San Diego 48 Film Projec < - Complete - "Genie Boot Camp" Screened June 25 in Poway to great audience responce ..  Audience Choice Winner!  YeeeeeeeeeHA!  to be screened at the san Diego Film Festival in the Fall 2012 .. (Sep 26-30) 

June 22-24 - Eastlake Church, Home-of-Hope Mission Trip - Videography - Complete 

August 3-5, LA 48 Hour Film Project  - (Nixed)

August 24-26- Inland Empire 48 Hour Film Project (Winner of Several Awards) 

September 28-30,  Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Contest (In Pre Production)

October 19-22, National Film Challenge (In Pre Production)


Past Projects

2011 National Film Challenge



2011 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project

Selected to the "Best Of" 48 Hour Film Project - San Diego 2011

"One Way Ticket" use the password    OWT-Rocks

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Slide Show

One Way Ticket on IMDB

"One Way Ticket" was been accepted into the Temecula Valley International Film Festival and the San Diego Asian Film Foundation's 2011 Film Festival 

 Check out our 48 Hour Warm-Up Production

 Check out our 2010 48 Hour Film Project Film (re-cut).



Our 2009 48 Hour Film Project film..  "Victor Victor Victor the Musical" 

Placed 3rd in "Audiance Favorite" amongst our screeing group.