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Division I is our "majors" division. Players ages 9-12 try-out in the spring and are drafted onto teams. 

Division II is our “minors” instructional level for players ages 7-11. We use this league to develop basic baseball skills including pitching, catching and hitting. We do a lot of drills to work on their core skills which will allow them to develop into better baseball players. Players are encouraged to try different positions and we do utilize the players as pitchers and catchers. Coaches at this level work together to make sure all teams are learning the proper way to play baseball and that all players have a positive experience. 7 year-old players can register for this division but there will be an evaluation done to ensure they can safely play in this league. If they are unable to compete at this level they will be placed on Division III team.

Division III is for our 5-7 year old players and is very basic baseball. We start each session with a half-hour of drills and instruction and then play a two inning game setting. Many times this division is a child's first introduction to baseball so play is kept very basic and age/skill appropriate.">

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2015 Summer Schedule- All Teams

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Handout: Summer Schedule 2014

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2015 Schedules

Handout: 2015 Schedules

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