Huffman Baseball Association: Welcome


Huffman Baseball

It is our goal at Huffman Park to have a significant impact in the live of our children.  We focus on creating a safe, positive, and teachable environment for our kids.  Through the efforts of many, the children at Huffman will be provided with the tool necessary for them to not just be successful in baseball, but also at LIFE.  By taking this approch, we will raise citizens with the tools needed to shape our those that come behind them, our communities and our city.

We will accomplish this task through the game of baseball.  We will instilling discipline, dedication, effort, teamwork and selflessness.


RBI/Huffman (Ages 13 - 16) Registration - Open now, Register at Huffman Park 421 Red Lane Rd

$100 for 1st player

$80 for 2nd player

$70 for 3rd & 4th player


Regular Season - April 8, 2017 to May 15, 2017

Pitch, Hit & Run - TBA

Closing Ceremonies - May 18, 2017