Huber Heights Youth Basketball Association: FAQs

Q What is HHYBA?
 A. Huber Heights Youth Basketball Association is a non-profit, volunteer based, recreational youth basketball organization serving Huber Heights.  HHYBA is for boys and girls aged 6-17.  We emphasize good sportsmanship, the development of individual skills and the importance of teamwork. 

Q. When do signups begin?
A. Registration begins in September.    

Q. How do I register my son/daughter to play in HHYBA?  
A.  There are 2 registration dates (TBD) and locations (TBD) in September of each year.  Just show up on one of these dates with the registration fee cash or check only.  Forms will be provided at the event or you may download one from the handouts page and bring it with you.  Priority placement is given on a first come first serve basis.

Q. What do I need to bring to registration? A.  Registration forms will be provided.  You need to bring cash or check in the appropriate amount and know your child’s correct height and shirt size (sample shirt sizes will be on display).  All first year players and 14-17 year old girls and 15-17 year old boys need to bring a copy of their birth certificate

Q. How much does it cost to register my child?
A. Registration fees are $125.00 per player. After the 2nd Registration there will be a $15.00 late fee per player.

Q.  What is the age cut-off date? A.  Ages are as of August 31 of that year.

Q. My 5 year old child is a good athlete for his/her age.  Are 5 year olds allowed to play in HHYBA? 
A. Not generally, however, requests can be made and are subject to space availability and board approval.  HHYBA rules state that the League is intended for ages 6 through 17.

Q. My 10 year old is tall, a good athlete and would like to play up with the 11-12 year olds.  Can he/she do this?   
A. Not generally, however, requests can be made and are subject to space availability and board approval.  League rules state that the players are assigned to a team according to their age level.

Q. How are the teams formed?
A.  We compile information from the registration form (height, age, etc), previous basketball playing experience as well as the board members' observations.  For the entry divisions, the information from the registration form is the primary criteria.

Q. How are the teams organized? 
A. Teams are organized into Boys and Girls divisions by age level for ages 6 through 17.  The Divisions are: Boys 6-8, Boys 9-10, Boys 11-12, Boys 13-14, Boys 15-17; Girls 6-8, Girls 9-10, Girls 11-13, and Girls 14-17.

Q. Does the League use a draft system?
A. HHYBA provides an alternative to competitive clubs and travel teams.  Our objective is to keep the league recreational and an impartial board who creates the teams can ensure this more easily than if we have a draft system.  There is an underlying suggestion of competitiveness surrounding tryouts and a draft system.  Some of the more timid, less confident and developing players would be reluctant to attend tryouts.  We believe that HHYBA gives the best opportunity for the kids of various skill levels a chance to play and learn the game of basketball.    

Q. When does the season begin and end?
A. Practices begin in late October for the 6-10 division and late November for the 11-17 division.  Games begin on the second weekend in January.  Our season usually consists of 9 games and ends in late March.  

Q. When are the games played?
A. Games are played on Saturdays between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM or on Sunday afternoons 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM.  A team plays only one game a weekend.

Q. Where are the games played?
A. All games will be played at Huber Heights City Schools gymnasiums.  Please see games schedules for the gymnasium corresponding to your age group.

Q. When and where do the teams practice?
A. Practices begin in late October for the 6-10 division and late November for the 11-17 division.  The times and location of the practices are determined by the division directors. They are 1 hour long, conducted once a week and held at a local elementary school.  Please see practice schedules for a list of locations.

Q. I am interested in coaching my son’s/daughter’s team.  How do I sign up for this?
A. Simply specify your interest by filling out a Coaching application form at registration or you may print one from our handouts page and bring it to registration. 

Q. Is prior coaching experience required to coach a team?
A. No.  While experience helps, HHYBA offers links to helpful web sites, a coaches handbook, and upon request, ‘48 Championship Basketball Drills’ dvd.

Q. What is the time commitment involved with being a coach?
A.  The time commitment consists of usually one game (less than 1 hour) per weekend.  There are usually a total of 9 games plus tournament.  Practices are one night during the week (determined by the facility director) and lasts for 1 hour).

Q. What equipment will my child need?
A.   The League will provide a jersey for each player.  However, each child must provide his/her own pair of shorts (length to be in accordance with HHCS).  Players should wear non-marring basketball or running shoes.  If your child wears dental braces, we recommend that they wear a mouth guard during the game for their protection.  Players with glasses should wear an eyeglass strap to prevent them from falling or being knocked off.

Q. Does HHYBA have a summer league or offer any camps, workshops or seminars over the summer?
A.  Our League does not offer a summer league or provide any camps, workshops or seminars over the summer. 

Q. Are competitive or club players allowed to play in HHYBA?
A. HHYBA is a recreational league and is not intended for competitive or club players, however we have made exceptions. 

Q. How high are the baskets for the younger grades?
A. The rim is at 9 feet for ages 6-10 and 10 feet for ages 11-17.

Q. How long is the court? 
A. For ages 6 through 10, the court is about 65 feet long.  Boys and girls aged 11-17 play regulation full court.

Q. What size ball will my child be playing with?  A.  The 13-17 year old boys use a 29.5” ball.  All other divisions use a 28.5” ball.

Q. Are there playoffs? 
A. Playoffs are held for all divisions.  Tournament games are single elimination and are held at the end of league play.

Q. What if my child’s team does not win?    A. All Players receive trophies.

Q. How are ties in the standings resolved to determine playoffs seeding? 
A. The following criteria are used in this order:  The winning team of regular season when those particular teams played each other.

Q. What is the HHYBA Sponsor Program?
A. We need Sponsors to help offset the rising costs of program operation. A Sponsor may be an individual or a business.   Your family or company name will be posted on our web site and will appear in our program book.  To become a Sponsor, simply complete the online HHYBA Sponsorship form found under the “
Handouts” page on our web site and mail it, along with your check to the address provided. 

Q. Our team cannot make a game.  Is there any way we can reschedule this game?
A. Unfortunately, since our gym time is very limited and our gym schedule is booked solid, we are unable to reschedule any games.  This game will be recorded as a forfeit.  

Q.  My child would like to be on a team with his/her best friend or a coach we know.  Can you accommodate these types of requests?
A.  Because coaches, parents and the league want fair and balanced teams, we cannot accommodate requests to satisfy carpooling, neighbor, friendship, coaching or other similar requests.  You may request it but we cannot guarantee that it will happen.

Q. I am interested in becoming a referee.  Who do I contact?
A. Email our referee liaison regarding your interest and qualifications.

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