Huber Heights Youth Basketball Association: Rules

Hello and Welcome to the 28th season of the Huber Heights Youth Basketball Association (HHYBA). We hope you have a fun and successful 2014-2015 season. 

HHYBA has approximately 60-plus recreation teams. The ages of the children range from 6 – 17 years old, and there are approximately 550 kids playing basketball in this organization. The children practice one night during the week for one hour and have one game on the weekend (usually on Saturday). Practices will begin the end of October for the 6– 8 and 9 – 10 year olds teams. A coach will contact you with information as to what school, day and time your child will be practicing.  There will be NO practices on the days that schools are closed. The older age divisions will be contacted about their practices approximately the middle of November or whenever the school teams have been formed. At the end of their regular season play (9 weeks), they will participate in a single – elimination tournament. There is no charge to see the regular season games, but there will be a charge of $1.00 per person (Excluding children under 6 and HHYBA players wearing their team shirts) to see the tournament games. This helps offset the cost of gym time, referees, insurance, equipment, etc… If injury occurs to any HHYBA player during practice or games (at an authorized gym) the coach is required to fill out an injury report. HHYBA has a secondary insurance policy to which you have 90 days to file a claim if needed. 

Rules & Regulations:  

1.  NO jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, watches, rings, earrings, or any other Piercing, etc…)

2.  NO eating candy or chewing gum while playing or practicing
3.  Hair should be pulled back with a plain ponytail holder. No bobby pins, hair clips or hard plastic style ponytail holders, beads, bandanas, or other headgear, etc.
4.  Players game uniform should consist of team shirt (issued by HHYBA), shorts (no jean shorts) or sweats. Shorts cannont have any buttons or zippers and strings will be tucked in.  Shorts will be of appropriate length in accordance with HHCS. All shorts & pants must be pulled up appropriately. There will be NO alterations to team shirts of any kind.
5.     NO hanging on rims or dunking at any games or practices.
6.     Shirts must be tucked in while playing
7.  Good sportsmanship and proper conduct must be exercised at all times.  DO NOT, embarrass, demean, taunt, bully or intimidate other players or opponents with ridiculing motions, finger gestures or trash talking.
8.  Destruction of HHYBA or HHCS properties will NOT be tolerated.
9.    NO SKATE SHOES (Not allowed in HHCS) or shoes with lights.

Parents are asked to help by volunteering to be a clock keeper or scorebook keeper during the games.  Training is available. It’s best to be knowledgeable before the games start.  

Parents please remember that all coaches are volunteers, not baby-sitters. If you choose to drop your child off at a practice or game make sure to pick them up promptly after the games or practices. 

An adult must supervise non-playing children attending practices or games. They are not allowed to run the halls, play in the bathrooms, sit with the players, sit at the scorekeeper’s table or be on the courts during practices or games.  Please do not bring any food or drinks to any gyms. Players may bring a water bottle only to practice or games.  No sports drinks will be allowed in any gyms during practice or games.  Failure to comply with these rules could lead to your child’s team losing their practice times.  (This situation happened in the past and your child’s team will not be given any make-up practice times). 

Good sportsmanship is expected from all spectators, players and coaches. Please cheer your team on by using only positive encouragement and or remarks. Winning the game is every team’s goal but winning the game should not be their only goal. Remember that during any sporting competition usually only one team can finish with a victory. This should not mean that both teams cannot be winners, does it?? TEAM = Together Everyone Accomplishes More. Certainly something positive happens during every game, please try to focus on these positive aspects. 

Players, parents, coaches and spectators will conduct themselves in a positive manner at all times. Negative or abusive comments, activities or profane language on the part of the players, parents, coaches or spectators towards anyone will not be tolerated.  The referees and board members have in their power, the authority to eject anyone from a game for violating this rule.  This ejection could mean anywhere from the next scheduled game, the rest of the season, or a lifetime ban. Please show respect to the Referees by letting them make the calls.  

Spectators, players and coaches that wish to display poor sportsmanship will be made to leave the facility.  Continual displays of poor sportsmanship could lead to a forfeit for the related team.

Rules Picture

Coaches will go over more rules and regulations during practices.

All players, parents/guardians will be required to read, sign, and turn in to their coaches, the HHYBA Code of Conduct forms before their second practice.  Players who have not turned in their forms to their coach will be on disciplinary probation and will not be allowed to practice until the forms are completed and turned in. Also, no player shirts will be issued until the forms are turned in. 

Although there is not any official fund-raising event, we may ask your participation throughout the year to help with various fund-raising activities.  


Refund deadline for age groups 6 – 12 is October 23th, 2014 and ages 13 – 17 is November 15th, 2014.

Handout: Playing Rules

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