Huber Heights Youth Basketball Association: Scholarship

In a continuing effort to provide for the youth of our community with opportunities for success, the Huber Heights Youth Basketball Association has established a scholarship award program.  This $500 award is to be given to Wayne High School graduating seniors and is to be used for tuition and or books at the post-secondary school of their choice.  In order to be considered, the student must have participated in the Huber Heights Youth Basketball Association for a minimum of one year, and maintained a grade point average of 2.0 or greater during their junior and senior years of high school.  Additionally, the student should have been involved in extra-curricular activities, which promote community involvement.  (Examples of extra-curricular activities could include: school clubs, athletics, tutoring, community service, involvement in church groups, scouting, etc.)  Financial need and awards of other scholarships will be considered.

This scholarship was named in honor of Jeni Blake.  Jeni was a Wayne High School Alumni who continuously sought to provide better opportunities for the youth of this community.  Through her involvement in several of the youth sports activities she helped to develop and implement solid programs that will continue to flourish for years to come.  We, the Huber Heights Youth Basketball Association, are proud to be able to say Jeni was not only a member of our organization, but a true friend.  We will miss her presence and commitment, and for that reason have named the scholarship in her memory, so that she may continue to do the work she had just started, providing for the future of the youths of Huber Heights.

Past Recipients

2012-Jared Blake, Jourdan Bowling, Brittany Hoke
2011-Zachary Arnold & Zachary Maley
2010-Jessica Berry, Marc Doran, Chelsy McCutcheon, & Tyler Whited
2009-Ryan Bitsko, Jessi Manning, & Gregory Payne
2008-Jenna Hoskins, Patrick McCutcheon, & Jeffrey Payne
2007-Melissa Crawford, Ben McCutcheon, Anna Secor, Mary Secor, Tracee Raine, & Jacob Wurm
2006-Kimberly Barnes, Kimberly Bowen, Sherri Moore, & Emily Schenck
2005-Shannon Barnes, Tiffany Bowen, Joshua Bowling, Brittany Horne, & Matthew Whited
2004-Carl Anderson, Alex Crawford, Brittany Fox, & Allison McLin
2003-Jenna Fox, Kristy Leininger, Heather Umstead, & Kristin Wurm
2002-Jessica Baldwin, Laura Boskovitch, Jeffrey Nichols, & James Whited
2001-Ashley Smith & Nathan DePierre
2000-Tiffany Lewis & Aaron Svisco
1999-Susan Caldwell & John Peterman
1998-Jason Baldwin & Greg Tipton
1997-Corie Baldwin, Erinn Copas, Courtney Shively, & Angela Slusher

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