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2016 Tryouts Information

Tryouts for the 2016 season are scheduled for Saturday, February 6 from 9:00 am to approximately 2:45 pm in our Indoor Training Facility.  Exact times per age group are listed below.  "League Age" is the player's age as of 8/31/2016 if born on or after September 1, 2005... 4/30/2016 if born on August 31, 2005 or earlier.

All players, other than Instructional Division (T-Ball), are required to tryout.  Every effort must be made to have the players there at their scheduled time.   

Players should dress comfortably and wear sneakers.  We ask that each player bring their own glove, bat, and batting helmet.  We will have extras on hand, if needed.

If you absolutely are unable to make it at the scheduled time, please send an email to as soon as possible.  We will do our best to make other arrangements, but we cannot guarantee anything.  

The schedule is as follows:

 League Age   Start Time     End Time    
 6  9:00 am  9:45 am
 7  9:45 am  10:45 am
 8  10:45 am   11:30 am
 9  11:30 am  12:15 pm
 10  12:15 pm  1:15 pm
 11  1:15 pm  2:00 pm
 12  2:00 pm  2:45 pm

 Please send any questions to

Breakfast Fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse will be hosting a breakfast fundraiser for HTRBA on Saturday, February 13 from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.  The breakfast will include pancakes, bacon, fruit, coffee, tea, and soft drinks.  The cost is $10 per person.  A portion of the proceeds are donated back to HTRBA.

Come out for some good food with great company... and support HTRBA at the same time. 

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NJ District 12 Umpire Training

New Jersey Little League District 12 will be conducting Little League umpire training classes throughout the month of February. Two sessions are scheduled. One will be every Wednesday night in February at Reynolds Middle School. The other will be every Tuesday night in February at the West Windsor Senior Center.

These classes are open to everyone 13 years of age and older. The registration form and information sheet are below.

Please note that there are limited opportunities for cadet (first year) umpires at HTRBA. There will be other opportunities at neighboring leagues, such as Nottingham, West Windsor, Lawrence, etc.

For more information, please contact John Shutack via email ( or phone (609-213-6110).

Handout: Umpire Training Documents

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2016 Registration Information

Welcome to another season of HTRBA Little League Baseball! Registration is now open for the 2016 spring season. You can register on-line at any time by clicking on the button at the top of the page.    

We have scheduled three in-person registration dates: Saturday, October 24; Saturday, November 21; and Saturday, December 12. They are all 9:00 am to 12:00 noon in the HTRBA Meeting Room.

Registration is open to boys and girls ages 4 to 12 (as of 4/30/15) who either live within the HTRBA boundaries, or attend one of the following schools: Greenwood, Klockner, Kuser, Mercerville, Morgan, OLS, or University Heights. To determine if you're eligible to play at HTRBA, click on this link Find My League and enter your home address and/or school address. This will provide you with information on the league(s) you are eligible for.  

All players registering for the first time must present a birth certificate and proof of residency or school attendance. If registering a new player on-line, please send an email to with child's date of birth, home address, and school to verify eligibility. Processing fees will not be refunded if an ineligible player regsiters on-line without first confirming via email.

Once again this season, we are offering an early discount (at least 20%) for all registrations received prior to November 1. To help us properly plan for the upcoming season, we need everyone to register as early as possible. A late fee of $40 per player will be added to all registrations for returning players received after December 31.  

Due to increased costs for equipment, field materials, etc., we need to increase the base registration fee for the first time in several years. The base registration fee is now $110 per player. The fee for the Instructional Division will remain at $75 per player. We will continue to offer family discounts, with the exception of the Instructional Division. We have decided, however, once again in an effort to get you to register early, to keep the early discount rate the same as previous seasons.

Here is a chart of registration fees for the 2016 season:

  Prior to 11/1  11/1 to 12/31  After 12/31 
 Single Player 
 Two Players
 Three or more players
*Additional $40 per player for each player after three

There are also a few changes in our fund-raisers this season. We have decided to go back to the pizza kit sale like in the past. Every family will be required to have $100 in sales per player. The buyout will remain at $40 per player, but there is no longer a multi-player discount.

As for Tag Day, we are going to give it one more try. It gets more difficult each season due to lack of suitable locations. We are looking at doing some things differently this season. More details to come at a later date. What we do know is that every player will only be required to do one hour (older players had to do two hours in the past), and the buyout fee has been reduced to $40 per player.

One final change is our policy on payment plans. We have been very understanding and very generous the last several years in working with people to ease the financial burden. While many people have been extremely responsible and reliable, and have made every payment as promised, still many others have not.

Admittedly, as a league, we have not done a great job with following up with people to get payment. As you know, we are a volunteer organization that has limited time and resources for this follow up. At some point, we have to rely on people to honor their commitment without us having to ask.

As a result, we have made the following changes. Every registration must be accompanied by complete payment, or an approved Promise to Pay form. Without either, the registration will not be accepted. This means that you will be expected to pay the registration fee that is in effect at the time the fee or Promise to Pay form is received. Payment plans will no longer be accepted for on-line registrations.

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2016 Board of Directors

Congratulations to the following members for being elected to the HTRBA Board of Directors for the 2016 season!

Executive Board 
 Dave Edwards  President 
 Gene Palazzi  Immediate Past President
 Lou Juliano  VP - Administration
 Scott Applegate  VP - Baseball Operations
 Jack Caldwell  Treasurer
 Lisa Septak  Secretary
 Bill Scannon  Safety Officer
 Tom Miller  Player Agent
 Board of Directors
 Chris Conti  Dan Leon
 Jim Dunmeyer             April Olex (Auxiliary President)
 Joe Formica  Jeff Prosdocimo
 Matt Given  Scott Rocco
 Rob Lee  Steve Wilfing


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All Star Schedules - Late Tournaments
 11/12 District Team
 Sun  7/19  3:00 pm  Sunnybrae  West End  L 5-3
 Mon  7/20  8:00 pm  West End  West End  W 10-0
 Wed  7/22  8:00 pm  Lawrence  West End  L4-1
 9/10 District Team
 Fri  7/17  8:00 pm  Florence  Lawrence  W 9-3
 Sat  7/18  1:00 pm  West Windsor  Lawrence  L 3-2
 Mon  7/20  6:00 pm  Lawrence  Lawrence  W 16-3
 Thu  7/23  6:00 pm  Bordentown  Lawrence  L13-2
 9s Tournament Team
 Sat  7/18  11:00 am
 Ewing A  Ewing  L 11-1
 Mon  7/20  6:00 pm  Robbinsville Blue   Ewing  L 16-7
 Fri  7/24  6:00 pm   East Windsor  Ewing  W 14-4
 Sat  7/25  1:00 om  Ewing  Ewing  L 17-2
 Wed  7/29  6:00 pm  MIllstone  Ewing  W 10-9
 8s Tournament Team
 Sun  7/19  10:00 am  West Windsor  HTRBA  W 9-5
 Wed  7/22  6:00 pm  Ewing B  HTRBA  W 17-2
 Sat   7/25   10:00 am  Robbinsville Gold  HTRBA  W 13-5
 Mon  7/27  6:00 pm  Ewing B (Semis)  HTRBA   W 17-7
 Wed  7/29  6:00 pm  West Windsor (Finals)  HTRBA  W 13-3

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Congratulations to Our Champions!


Regular Season: Golden Dawn
Playoffs: Hamilton Fire Co.


Regular Season: B&E Service
Playoffs: Garden State Legal Services


Regular Season & Playoffs: Unity Title 

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Playoffs Schedule


Hamilton Fire Co. 15 (3) vs Allegretti Builders 10 (2), Wednesday, June 17 at 5:45 pm on A Field (semi-final)
Play Good Play Well 5 (4) vs Golden Dawn 8 (1), Wednesday, June 17 at 8:00 pm on A Field (semi-final)
Hamilton Fire Co. 1 (3) vs Golden Dawn 0 (1), Saturday, June 20 at 12:30 pm on A Field (Championship)


A+ Athlete Sports Medicine 4 (6) vs Doctors Express 10 (3), Tuesday, June 16 at 6:00 pm on A Field
Kids At Heart Photography 9 (5) vs Kennedy's Cheesecakes 16 (4), Tuesday, June 16 at 6:00 pm on B Field
Kennedy's Cheesecakes 11 (4) vs B&E Service 12 (1), Thursday, June 18 at 6:00 pm on A Field (semi-final)
Doctors Express 4 (3) vs Garden State Legal Services 8 (2), Thursday, June 18 at 6:00 pm on B Field (semi-final)
Garden State Legal Services 9 (2) vs B&E Service 8 (1), Saturday, June 20 at 3:00 pm on A Field (Championship)


Headgames Motorworks 0 (4) vs Unity Title 8 (1), Monday, June 15 at 6:00 pm on A Field (semi-final)
Frascella Abstract 0 (3) vs GoBallistic Sports 2 (2), Monday, June 15 at 6:00 pm on B Field (semi-final)
GoBallistic Sports 4 (2) vs Unity Title 5 (1), Saturday, June 20 at 10:00 am on A Field (Championship) 

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HTRBA Announces Bryan Smolka as 2015 Jim Davis Sportsmanship Award Recipient

Each season, every league in NJ District 12 selects one 12 year old player to receive the Jim Davis Sportsmanship Award. The HTRBA Executive Board is proud to announce that Bryan Smolka has been selected as the 2015 recipient. The Jim Davis Sportsmanship Award recipient is selected based on the following criteria:

 Helps other players   Is a graceful loser 
 Always tries hard  Doesn't argue with the umpires
 Displays enthusiasm and team spirit      Is polite and courteous
 Sets a good example  Always does what the managers asks    
 Plays fair at all times  Is a team player

Bryan will be honored prior to a District 12  Tournament game at Sunnybrae Little League, along with the recipients from the other District 12 leagues.

Congratulations to Bryan for this well-deserved award!

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Age Determination Date Change Information

As many of you may know, Little League International announced in April a change in the age determination date beginning with the 2018 season. The date will change from April 30 of the current year, to December 31 of the current year.

This past week, Little League announced that the timeline for transition to the new age determination date is changing. Instead of waiting until 2018, it is being implemented immediately for younger age groups.

Any player born on or after January 1, 2006 will use December 31 of the current year as their age determination date. Any player born prior to January 1, 2006 will use April 30 of the current as their age determination date for the remainder of their Little League career. An easy way to think of it is any player born after 2005 will use the age they turn during the calendar year as their league age.

This change will have the greatest impact on players born from May to December in, or after, 2006.

For example, a player with a birthdate of June 20, 2006, played as a league age 7 in 2014 (age as of April 30, 2014). Under the new rule, that same player will now play as a 9 year old in 2015 (age as of December 31, 2015).

For more information, here is a link to the Little League website with the announcement and an age determination chart… Little League Announcement

Please feel free to send an email to with any questions related to your specific situation. 

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Volunteer of the Year and Mom of the Year are Announced
Congratulations to Scott Applegate for being selected as the 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award, and to Ann Wilke for receiving the 2015 Mom of the Year Award.  Both of you are very deserving of your awards!

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Fund-raiser Information

Candy Sale

The HTRBA Executive Board has decided to replace the Pizza Kit / Cookie Dough Sale with a Candy Sale for the 2015 season. Parents will be required to sell one box of candy bars per player. There are 30 bars in a box that sell for $2 each. A $60 fee will collected at registration, and the money is recovered through selling the candy bars. Buyouts are available ($40 for one player, $65 for two players, $80 for family). Candy will be distributed at each team's first practice.

Tag Day

For those not familiar with Tag Day, this is when a player stands outside of a store and solicits donations. Every child is required to complete one shift as scheduled by the league. Players between the ages of 9 and 12 will be scheduled for two hour shifts on the weekend of February 27-29 (pending approval by the township). Players between the ages of 4 and 8 will be scheduled for one hour shifts the weekend of May 22-24. Buyout is available ($60 per player).


Raffle tickets will be distributed in mid May. Each family is required to sell up to 10 tickets per player. Tickets are $5 each. The winners are drawn on Super Saturday in June. There are multiple prizes ranging from $150 to the grand prize of $1000.

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New Player Eligibility Rule
Little League International recently changed the Player Eligibility Rule to allow players who attend a school within the boundaries of another league to play for that league. For example, a player who lives outside our boundaries, but attends Morgan Elementary School, can now play for HTRBA. So, any child who attends the following schools, regardless of where they live, can now play at HTRBA: Greenwood, Klockner, Kuser, Mercerville, Morgan, OLS, and University Heights. Please pass this along to your child's classmates' parents, and let them know that your kids can now all play together in the same league.

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Big Al Baseball Instructional Material
Visit Big Al Baseball - Outstanding instructional program and resources! Al Price (Big Al) has presented training to over 120,000 coaches and managers and over 50,000 players around the world. The training materials he has co-authored have been used by over 1 million coaches, managers, players and their parents. Click on the link for more details on Big Al’s complete training program, clinic schedule and to order your own resources.