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Returning HTRBA players only!

On-line registration is now open for the 2015 Spring Season and Winter Clinics! CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE DETAILS


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Registration Information - 2015 Season

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The next in-person registration for the 2015 season will be held on Saturday, December 6 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon in the HTRBA Meeting Room. The final in-person registration will be Saturday, January 10. On-line registration is always available.  A $35 per player late fee will be added for registrations received after December 31.  (Does not apply to players registering at HTRBA for the first time).

Registration is open to boys and girls ages 4 to 12 (as of 12/31/14) that either live within the HTRBA boundaries, or attend one of the following schools: Greenwood, Klockner, Kuser, Mercerville, Morgan, OLS, or University Heights.The HTRBA boundary map can be found at the bottom of this article.

All players registering for the first time must present a birth certificate and proof of residency or school attendance. If registering a new player on-line, please send an email to with child's date of birth, home address, and school to verify eligibility. Processing fees will not be refunded if an ineligible player regsiters on-line without first confirming via email.

Our regular registration fees are $100 per player, $175 for two players per family, and $200 for three or more players per family. We are offering an Early Registration Discount for all registrations received prior to November 1. The discounted fees will be $85 per player, $145 for two players per family, $175 for three or more players per family. 

The regular registration fee for our Instructional (T-Ball) Division is $75. Early discounts and late fees do not apply.

Click on the thumbnail for a copy of the registration flyer.

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Registration and Fund-raiser Fee Summary


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2015 Board of Directors

HTRBA is pleased to announce the 2015 Board of Directors.  Elections were held at the Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, October 2.

President:  Dave Edwards
Past President:  Gene Palazzi
VP - Administration:  Doug Kenney
VP - Baseball Operations:  Mike Marino
Treasurer:  Jack Caldwell
Secretary:  Lisa Septak
Safety Officer:  Scott Applegate
Player Agent: Lou Juliano

Board Members At-large:  Jim Dunmeyer, Joe Formica, Matt Given, Rob Lee, Tom Miller, Denise Richards, Scott Rocco, Bill Scannon, Bill Tindall, Steve Wilfing 


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Fund-raiser Information

Candy Sale

The HTRBA Executive Board has decided to replace the Pizza Kit / Cookie Dough Sale with a Candy Sale for the 2015 season. Parents will be required to sell one box of candy bars per player. There are 30 bars in a box that sell for $2 each. A $60 fee will collected at registration, and the money is recovered through selling the candy bars. Buyouts are available ($40 for one player, $65 for two players, $80 for family). Candy will be distributed at each team's first practice.

Tag Day

For those not familiar with Tag Day, this is when a player stands outside of a store and solicits donations. Every child is required to complete one shift as scheduled by the league. Players between the ages of 9 and 12 will be scheduled for two hour shifts on the weekend of February 27-29 (pending approval by the township). Players between the ages of 4 and 8 will be scheduled for one hour shifts the weekend of May 22-24. Buyout is available ($60 per player).


Raffle tickets will be distributed in mid May. Each family is required to sell up to 10 tickets per player. Tickets are $5 each. The winners are drawn on Super Saturday in June. There are multiple prizes ranging from $150 to the grand prize of $1000.

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New Player Eligibility Rule

Little League International recently changed the Player Eligibility Rule to allow players who attend a school within the boundaries of another league to play for that league. For example, a player who lives outside our boundaries, but attends Morgan Elementary School, can now play for HTRBA. So, any child who attends the following schools, regardless of where they live, can now play at HTRBA: Greenwood, Klockner, Kuser, Mercerville, Morgan, OLS, and University Heights. Please pass this along to your child's classmates' parents, and let them know that your kids can now all play together in the same league.

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HTRBA Spirit Wear Merchandise

HTRBA is pleased to announce a partnership with DeLorenzo's ASP - The Image Factory to provide HTRBA Spirit Wear Merchandise.  Click on the link at the bottom of this message to go to their website.  Then click the "Go" button next to HTRBA to view the available merchandise.

A percentage of all purchases is donated back to HTRBA.  You may select to have the merchandise shipped directly to your house for a small fee, or you can pick it at their office on South Olden Ave.

Please be aware that all embroidered merchandise will be available right away.  All screened merchandise will have to wait until a minimum order is reached.  A size chart is available below.

HTRBA Spirit Wear 

Handout: Spirit Wear Size Guide

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Little League Pledge

*I trust in God.
* I love my country,
* And I will respect its laws.
* I will play fair,
* And strive to win,
* But win or lose...
* I will always do my best!


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Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Thu 12/4 star Executive Board Meeting 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM HTRBA Meeting Room
Sat 12/6 star Registration 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM HTRBA Meeting Room