HSC monthly meeting: June 7, 2005



Secretary minutes from May 3 meeting (minutes distributed by e-mail)

Treasurer's update: Sweny

            Account balances, spring status and outstanding debts.


Concessions update: Rouleau/Fuller

Equipment/uniform/safety report: Kilens

1)      HSC uniform end of life: status of phase-out plan.

2)      Plan to outfit new teams with Nike Viper uniforms (present HSC uniform policy requires all teams U-11 and above to have formal HSC uniforms for fall play).

3)      Other updates.

Registrar's report: Fleury

            General update


HSC web page review/status: Abildgaard

Website board member listing and league references are incorrect. Update after election with new board members and proper league reference?

Camp/clinic update: Rouleau

August 22-26 scheduled for 2005 camp.


Tournament updates: Wood


Miscellaneous Club Issues Spring 2005/Fall 2005: Fuller

1)     HSC special election TBD (must define date and time in June).

2)     Future board and future path.

3)     Player fee collection method review. Missing payments 30/88 as of May 30.

4)     HSC information table at June 22 Recreation picnic?

5)     GSYSL election: did coaches all get email package with information and proxies?

6)     Continuing problem with recruiting/defections including continued calls from Silva.


Fall 2005 tryouts:


Final plan:


Joint flyer with HYSA was created and distributed in mid-late May. Old HSC pamphlet to be distributed at tryouts.


 Boys: U-11* to U-14 (ages 9-13) June 6 and June 7 at Houston Fields.  5p.m .to 7p.m.

 Girls: U-11* to U-14 (ages 9-13 June 8 and June 9 at Houston Fields.  5p.m to 7 p.m.

Rain date to be June 10

* Players under 10 may try out for a spot on a U-11 team.          


REGISTRATION: Wednesday June 15th at Hopkinton High School from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

COST: $90 for fall session. Uniforms to be purchased by players.


Prospective fall 2005 teams:

B U-14    Jim Wheat / Patrick Miller
B U-12 B   Rolf Gesen / Patrick Miller

B U-11 B?   Mike Metcalf?/?
G U-14  B  Greg Peters / Jim Scammon
G U-13  C?  Steve Leblanc / Mike Metcalf?

G U-11 or 12?   Rob Nadeau?/?


Spring Soccer:


Player fees: Set at February meeting; $80 plus $5 for shirt

Season starts: Mid-late April

4/11 Kick-off, 6-9 PM Merrimack Radisson

4/13 Schedule available

4/16 Official start of season

5/1 First home game



B U-16 B    Steve Cousens

B U-13 B   Jim Wheat/ Patrick Miller
G U-14 A  Jim Wheat / Heston Scheffey
G U-13  B  Greg Peters / Jim Scammon
G U-12  C  Steve Leblanc / Mike Metcalf



Other, new business: