HSC monthly meeting, February 1, 2005



Secretary minutes from December 7 and January 4 meetings (minutes distributed by e-mail)

Treasurer's update: Sweny

††††††††††† Account balances, second session indoor status, outstanding debts.


Concessions update: Rouleau/Fuller

††††††††††† Dormant until spring

††††††††††† †††††††††††
Equipment/uniform/safety report: Kilens

1)      HSC uniform end of life, phase-out plan needed:

Presentation by Pat Talbot of World Cup sports. Samples will be presented for consideration.

Registrar's report: Fleury

††††††††††† Status of second session rosters and spring team registration.

††††††††††† Spring player registration plan.


HSC web page review/status: Abildgaard

Camp/clinic update: Rouleau

August 22-26 scheduled for 2005 camp.


Tournament updates: Wood


Miscellaneous Club Issues Fall 2004 / Indoor 2004 / Indoor 2005: Fuller


1)     Jackets for retired board members received and presented (Miller)

2)     Hinck & Hill donation consideration.

3)     December meeting set fee for second session indoor as $85 plus $5 for a shirt if needed but the minutes didnít reflect the vote and decision.


Indoor Soccer:


Second session started mid January (Fee $85, extra $5 for another shirt if required).


Must vote in second session teams and coaches.


Second session teams:

B U-19 ††Matt Blanchard/Patrick Miller

B U-16B Lori Fuller/Doug Fuller

B U-14 B  Joe Long/John Barnard
B U-14C   Jim Wheat/Toby Wood
B U-12 B   Rolf Gesen/Mike Montore
G U-19Bob Fleury

G U-16 ABill Siff

G U-14 A Jim Wheat/Bob Fleury
G U-14B  Greg Peters/Jim Scammon
G U-12 B  Steve Leblanc/Mike Metcalf


Indoor update: First session playoff results

Spring Soccer:


Team Registration: December 15 Ė January 15

Deadline for team game conflicts February 15

Team drop deadline February 16

Season starts: Mid April

Player fees: TBD; last year was $80 plus $5 for shirt



B U-16B?††† Steve Cousens

B U-13 B   Jim Wheat/ Patrick Miller
G U-14 A  Jim Wheat / Heston Scheffey Switching to GSYSL
G U-13  B  Greg Peters / Jim Scammon
G U-12  C  Steve Leblanc / Mike Metcalf



Other, new business: