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Chicago, IL Skyline 2010 

Downtown Chicago from Navy Pier.  Took this shot without a tri-pod from the 2nd floor of a t-shirt shop. 

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 Canyon Park Campground

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Sunset at Canyon Park Canyon Lake, TX.




What would a camping trip be without a Texas chair and a Beaver Coozie?  Nice Beaver. LOL


Dude, did you bring your own chips?  My niece's dog Cinco loves Doritos.





Wife Gracie on the left and sister-in-law Briana enjoying the beautiful view.



On the far left Blanca, Briana, and Gracie feeling a bit toastie, if you know what I mean.






Botanical Gardens Alabama

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I wasn't sure if my wife was learning how to model or if I was learning how to take pictures.  LOL.  It was a lot of fun working with my humble wife.  She's a lot hotter than she thinks.



Nice pic of the wife with a little back light.  I used my 580EX II as a fill for the shadows.  The colors just look great.  The hardest part of this picture was getting my wife to give me a small smile.






UAPB at SWAC 2011 

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Here's my kid, proudly wearing her colors and number.





Here's Val and some of her homies posing with an old team mate. 



Valerie with the graduating class of 2011.  From left to right Misty, Jill, Val, and Bri.





Fiesta Week 2011

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As I was walkin thru the crowd someone told me about this guy and I rushed over to take his picture.  He fell suit and posed.  Thanks for your photo.


This lady made her own drink holder.  Very creative and I thought deserved a picture.  The night was still young and that's why she has empty holders, I'm sure.





As we were walking thru the crowd, I saw a bubble machine in full action.  I couldn't help myself and took this shot of my wife Gracie on the right and daughter Nicole.


Fiesta hats are a big part of fiesta and some folks put a lot of work into them.  What would a fiesta album be without a picture of fiesta hats.




Costum Party @ The Bonham 

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 Party time at the Bonham in San Antonio, TX Halloween 2010



Some of the group was camera shy and decided to sit this pic out.  The music was pump'n.  The dance floor was jump'n.  Good times. :)





Took my flash off camera for this shot.  I wanted to create some shadows going up. 



That's my kid brother Dan.  I took a few shots before I got the desired effect.  My family loves the camera and it's not hard to love it if your always around it.  They're always very patient and tend to help me out when I'm trying to get a shot.  Thanks bro. 





This was one take.  It's a lot harder to take pictures in the dark of a black and white object.  Just enough light not to blow out the white and show the detail on the black.  Damn I'm good. LOL



I must have take about a dozen shots before landing this one.  No flash, I wanted to capture the natural light of the dance floor.  I kept taking shots until I captured the strobe lights on the dance floor.  No empty space on the dance floor either. 





This is my sister-in-law Briana.  Also loves the lens and a bit of a photgrapher herself.  No photoshop, this is the actual picture.  I took about three shots.  I wanted to use the light from her cell phone to light her face and the smoke.  Thanks sis.



The Joker and Bat Woman.  Nice costume.  I was limited on the pix I took.  Someone complained and management asked I limit my pix to my party.  Some patrons still allowed me to capture pix like this one.  Thanks to everyone who allowed me to take their picture.





Shot from the edge of the dance floor.  These guys were dancing on the center stage.  Got lucky and caught him looking right at me, looks like.





San Antonio Zombie Walk 

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  What would a night shoot be without a picture of my wife and daughter.  I happen to catch Waldo crossing the street and he was nice enough to come back and pose for this picture.  I wish I could thank him and show him how great this picture came out.


I caught this fella during the walk from Hemisfair Plaza to the Alamo.  He sure was attracting a lot of attention with all that blood.  I thought he did a great job with makeup.




This is the first couple I photographed on arrival at the Alamo.  I just asked if I could take their picture and this was their pose.  I thought their pose combined with the Alamo back drop was what made it one of my favorites.



Doctor?  Couldn't resist those contacts.  The contacts are definately what makes this picture happen for me.  Another great pose for me, I could see people coming out of their shell with the camera.





This dude displayed a lot of patience.  I didn't fire off my shot fast enought to catch his first pose so he gave me a second take.



Here's another great shot.  Loving the eyes.  It sure was hard to tell that they were wearing makeup.  I hope they see this shot.  I actually had them move loction so I could get the red light from the building in the background.  Thanks for your patience.





That's my kid brother, the one in the middle that is.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that those weren't reall Hooter Girls.  I saw these two waslking from Alamo St. toward the Alamo and they must have posed for two thousand shots, including this one.




UAPB Softball Tourney

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I thought I would start with some pictures of my daughter. 





It's game time and you wouldn't know it by watching this trio at work.  In the center Valerie, of course.  To the left is Jill.  On the right freshman shortstop Tanesha.  Hope I spelled it right.



That's freshman catcher/shortstop/outfielder Emily.  All I can tell you is I met her dad and he likes beer and Pizza, right Rodney.





Freshmen pitcher Lacy.  All I've heard from the team is she's the quite one.  My mom always says, "be careful with the quite ones."



Katrina and Danny's Baby Shower

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My kid brother Danny and his girlfriend Katrina at their baby shower at Blanca's house.  They look really happy and rested.  Just wait til the kid comes. LOL.



That's my little brother Ruben.  Something tells me this guy loves his bottle.  If there's one thing he can do is suck.  LOL.





That's the baby boy in the family, playing the part huh?  Did I mention he's my brother?  Oh father,  I'm sooo a shamed.



This is the guy that won "The Guess How Big They Both Are" contest.  I was asked not to show his face.  I think it's an improvement.  LOL.





 Thank to all that came to the baby shower.  It wouldn't have been a party without you.



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