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04-20-14 11:11 AM
Minneapolis Local Weather
Howard Pulley Basketball
Contact: Errol Carlstrom
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Saturday, April 19
Highlights of High School, College and Professional games played by Howard Pulley Alumni:

By Errol Carlstrom

Midwest Spring Tune-Up:

Apr 19

In a total team victory the 16 Black downed Pumas in their final game of the weekend with Landon Kirkwood recording 20pts/2reb/5ast/2stl, Brad Davison 9pts/3reb/3ast/4stl, Gary Trent Jr. 9pts/1reb/1ast/1stl, Trent Krueger 8pts/3reb/2blk, Seth Green 8pts/1reb/1ast/1stl, Jamil Jackson 6pts/1reb/1stl, Theo John 5pts/5reb/3ast/3blk, Elijah Hannah 5pts/3reb/3ast/1stl, Amar Miller 3pts/4ast, Tyler Peterson 2pts/5reb, and Jalan Brown 1reb/1ast.

The undefeated 14s (4-0) defeated Omaha Elite in 3 OT's behind Deland Phillips's 19pts, Calvin Larson 17pts Daniel Othrn 16pts/10beb, Keyshawn Toliver 16 pts/4reb and Chris Kelly 3rbs. 

The 15 Blue (3-1) downed Tryon Gym in a bracket game with Jackson Martens 18pts, James Baker 14pts, DeAnte Bronson 13pts, Denzel Fondugallah 8pts, Isaiah Simon 7pts, Xavier Bonner 6pts, Trevor Cook 2pts and Devontaye Spates 2pts.  

The undefeated EYBL (4-0) team downed All Iowa Attack behind Jarvis Johnson who did not play in the 1st half due to injury, but entered the game in the 2nd half to lead the team to victory with his 11pts/5ast/3stl and excellent “Floor Generalship.” Alex Illikainen was also outstanding with his 23pts/12reb/3ast as was Sam Neumann with 9pts/6reb, Bjorn Broman 8pts/3ast, Joe Rosga 6pts/3reb/2ast/4stl, Amir Coffey 4pts/9reb/5ast/2stl, Sacar Anim 4pts/3reb/3ast and Josh Collins 4pts/3reb.

The 16 Black had a game they will all soon not forget. With the Panthers leading by 10pts with 56 remaining, YOBO of KC tied the game and won in it OT. In the loss Jamil Jackson delivered 20pts/8reb/5ast/2stl/2blk, Gary Trent Jr. 19pts/4reb/3ast/1blk, Brad Davison 12pts/3reb/1ast/4stl, Trenton Krueger 6pts/4reb/1ast, Amar Miller 5pts/2reb/9reb/2stl, Landon Kirkwood 5pts/1reb, Jalan Brown 4pts/4reb/1ast/1blk and Seth Green 2reb. 

The 15 Blue rand over Showtime Hoopers behind Devontaye Spates 17pts, Trevor Cook 15pts, Jackson Martens 12pts, Isaiah Simon 10pts, James Baker 9pts, DeAnte Bronson 8pts, Denzel Fondugallah 5pts, Levi Brown 4pts and Xavier Bonner 2pts.

The 15 Black ran over the Nebraska Hoops behind Isaac Johnson’s 13pts/6reb/5ast/2stl, Ishmael El-Amin 11pts/6reb/4ast/2stl, Simon Wright 11pts/4reb/3stl, Joshua Bryant 10pts/6reb/2ast, DJ Hunter 9pts/4reb/2ast, Brennan Hawkins 6pts/6reb, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 5pts/2reb, Burt Hedstrom 3pts/3reb/3ast and Jimmy Connell 2pts/4reb/2ast/2stl.

The 14s defeated Iowa Intensity with Keyshawn Toliver recording 13pts/3reb, Deland Phillips 12pts, Ryan Larson 12pts/1ast, Calvin Wishart 2ast, Daniel Orthrn 6rbs and  Chris Coffey 3rbs 

The EYBL ran past the MN Cyclone with Secar Anim providing 17pts/4reb/3ast, Alex Illikainen 14pts/12reb/2ast/2stl, Jarvis Johnson 8pts/5ast, Amir Coffey 7pts/9reb/2ast/2stl, Joe Rosga 8reb/4ast/4stl, Sam Neumann 6pts/2reb/2stl, Josh Collins 6pts/2reb, Brady Reinke 6pts/3reb/2ast, Bjorn Broman 2pts/8ast/2stl and Brock Bertram 1pt/4reb.

The 16 Black cruised past Iowa Pump N Run with Jamil Jackson recording 13pts/2reb/2stl/2blk, Brad Davison 10pts/2reb/2ast/4stl/1blk, Gary Trent Jr. 7pts/1reb/1asto/1stl/1blk, Jalan Brown 4pts/4reb/1ast/1stl/1blk,Landon Kirkwood 4pts/1re/1ast/1stl, Trenton Krueger 4pts/7reb/1stl, Amar Miller 4pts/1reb/6ast/2stl, Tyler Peterson 2pts/2reb/1ast/1stl/1blk, Seth Green 2pts/2reb, Theo John 3reb/4blk and Elijah Hannah 1reb.

The 15 Blue blasted the Iowa Gym Rats behind DeAnte Bronson 15pts, Jackson Martens 14pts, Denzel Fondungallah 13pts, Devontaye Spates 10pts, Isaiah Simon 10pts, Xavier Bonner 7pts, James Baker 4pts, Trevor Cook 2pts and Levi Brown 2pts.

The 14s defeated Kingdom Hoops Elite with Ryan Larson providing 13pts/2reb, Daniel Othrn 12pts/7reb, Deland Phillips 8pts, Ian Lim 8pts and Calvin Wishart 3rbs 

The EYBL knocked of KC YOBO behind Alex Illikainen's 12pts/6reb, Secar Anim 11pts/4reb/2ast, Joe Rosga 10pts/3reb/5stl, Amir Coffey 7pts/4reb/4ast, Josh Collins 7pts/4reb, Jarvis Johnson 4pts/2reb/6ast/2stl, Sam Neumann 4pts/4reb/2ast/2stl, Brock Bertram 3pts/7reb/2blk, Bjorn Broman 2reb/4ast/2stl and Brady Reinke 3 reb.

Apr 18 

The 16 Black ran over Kingdom Hoops with Gary Trent Jr. supplying 13pts/2reb/1ast/6stl, Amar Miller 12pts/4reb/4ast/5ast, Brad Davison 10pts/3reb/9ast/6stl/1blk, Jamil Jackson 8pts/3reb/1stl, Tyler Peterson 7pts/3reb/2ast, Seth Green 6pts/5reb/1stl/1blk, Trenton Krueger 6pts/8reb, Jalan Brown 4pts/5reb/1ast/1stl, Theo John 4pts/4reb/1stl/2blk, Landon Kirkwood 4pts/2reb/2ast/2stl and Elijah Hannah 1reb/3stl.

The 16 Blue beat KC Heat 17s with Ironman Walt McGrory leading the way. Good defensive effort by everyone.

The 17 EYBL team downed Kingdom Hoops behind a double-double 14pts/11reb/2blk from Alex Illikainen followed by Secar Anim with 10pts/3reb/2ast/2stl, Jarvis Johnson 8pts/2reb/5ast/2stl, Brock Bertram 6pts/6reb/2stl/1blk, Brady Reinke 6pts/2reb, Bjorn Broman 5pts/3reb/5ast/3stl, Josh Collins 5pts/3reb, Joe Rosga 3pts/10reb/5ast/2stl, Amir Coffey 2pts/6reb/3ast/2stl/2blk and Sam Neumann 5reb/2ast/2stl.

The 16 Black got by All Iowa Attack behind 17pts/1reb/6ast/3stl from Amar Miller, 14pts/1reb/1ast/3stl from Gary Trent Jr., 8pts/6reb/2ast/1blk from Jalan Brown, 6pts/3reb/1ast/2stl/1blk from Trenton Krueger, 5pts/7reb/2stl from Seth Green, 4pts/3reb/1ast from Brad Davison, 2pts/2reb from Jamil Jackson, 2reb from Tyler Peterson, 1reb/1stl from Landon Kirkwood and 1reb from Elijah Hannah.

The 16 Blue lost to the Kingdom Hoops 17s and in the loss Sam Baker tallied 12pts/2st, Walt McGrory 11pts/2reb/3ast/2stl, Amani Hooker 6pts/2reb/2ast, Ade Lamu 5pts/3reb/2ast/2stl, Eric Davis 5pts/5reb/2stl/1blk, Jordan Ammons 4pts/3reb/2ast/3stl, Jason Gumm 3pts/5reb/2stl, Nik Keller 2pts/6reb/3ast/2stl/1blk and Jarret Baptiste 2pts/2reb.

The 14s defeated Puma behind Keyshawn Toliver 15pts/4reb, Deland Phillips 14pts, Daniel Othrn 11pts/4reb, Calvin Wishart 3ast, Julian Wright 2ast, Ryan Larson 2ast and Chris Coffey 4rbs. 

The 15 Black defeated the MIX and according to Coach Washington it was a complete "team victory."

The 15 Blue lost to the All Iowa Attack by 4pts. No stats available.


Apr 16 

Pulley Alum Professioknal:

Noah Dahlman dropped 24pts/5reb/2ast in Balkan's close loss to Lukoil Acad (Bulgaria).

Pulley Alum Professional:

Liepaja outgunned Jekabpils in the Latvian playoffs behind 17pts/3reb/1ast/3stl from PJ Hill. In the loss Cameron Rundles tallied 11pts/2reb/1stl.

Noah Dahlman was named a Eurobasket Top Performer last week when he dropped a double-double 12pts/16reb/2ast. 

Apr 14

High School:

Congratulations to Tyus Jones who was named second-team All-American by CBS MaxPreps. 

Pulley Alum Professional:

Rick Rickert supplied 17pts/7reb/3ast in Wakayama's weekend split with Mitsubishi DD (Japan).  

Apr 13

Pulley Alum Professional:

Cameron Rundles tallied 13pts/4reb/2ast/1stl in Jekabpil’s loss to LU (Latvia).

Balkan cruised past Spartak Pleven (Bulgaria) behind a double-double 12pts/16reb/2ast/1stl/1blk from Noah Dahlman.

Jared Berggren contributed 5pts/3reb/2blk in Oostende’s win over Liege (Belgium).

Wakayama lost to Mitsubishi with Rick Rickert (Japan) supplying 12pts/4reb in the loss.

Urule Igbavboa had 4pts/3reb/2ast in Vechta’s loss to Phoenix Hagan (Germany).

Schwelm defeated Baunach (Germany) in the playoffs behind 25pts/6reb/3ast/3stl from David Hicks.  

Apr 9

Pulley Alum Professional:

PJ Hill dropped 17pts/6reb/4ast/3stl in Liepaja's win over Jurmala (Latvia).

Jekabpils lost to Valmiera (Latvia) with Cameron Rundles having 5pts/1reb/1ast in the loss.

Jared Berggren tallied 9pts/1reb in Oostende's win over Brussels (Belgium).

Balkan (Bulgaria) defeated Teodo Tival (Montenegro)  to advance to the Final-4 of the Balkan League and in the victory Noah Dahlman supplied 4pts/7reb/3ast/1stl in 38 minutes of PT.

Jamar Diggs supplied 2pts/2reb/4ast in Sigal Prishtina's win over RTV 21 (Kosovo).

Apr 8 

Pulley Alum Professional: 

ZTE KK lost to PVSK Pannon (Hungary) and in the loss Doug Plumb tallied 21pts/5reb/2reb/1ast/2blk in the loss.

Jamar Diggs recorded 7pts/1reb/8ast/1stl in Sigal Prishtina's win over Trepca (Kosovo).

Apr 6

Stanford Pentagon League: Omaha 

16 Blues defeated the17U All Iowa Attack in game fifth game of the Stanford Pentagon League. The Panthers were led by Walt McGrory with 23pts/3reb/3ast/2stl, Jarret Baptist 13pts/2reb/2stl, Jordan Ammons 8pts/6reb/3ast/2stl, Sam Baker 8pts/3reb/2stl, Eric Davis 6pts/6reb/2stl, Jordan Horn 5pts/2ast, Amani Hooker 4pts/4reb/4ast, Jason Gumm 2pts/2reb and Allen Anderson 2pts. 

15 Blacks lost to the 16U Dakota Schoolers in game four of the Stanford Pentagon League. The Panthers were led by Ishmael El-Amin with 13pts/2reb/5ast, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 11pts/2reb/2stl, Brennan Hawkins 10pts/7reb/2blk, Simon Wright 7pts/5reb/2stl, Isaac Johnson 7pts/6reb/5ast, Burt Hedstrom 5pts/3reb/2ast and Jimmy Connell 3pts/2reb/2ast/2stl 

15 Blacks defeated the 16U All Iowa Attack in game five of the Stanford Pentagon League. The Panthers were led by Jaquan Sanders-Smith with 12pts/4ast, Brennan Hawkins 11pts/8reb/3stl/2blk, Simon Wright 7pts/8reb/2ast/1blk, Ishmael El-Amin 7pts/4ast/2stl, Isaac Johnson 7pts/5reb/8ast/1stl, Burt Hedstrom 5pts/3reb/2stl and Jimmy Connell 4pts/3reb/2ast.

16 Blues lost to the 17U Dakota Schoolers in game four of the Stanford Pentagon League. The Panthers were led by Walt McGrory with 19pts/6reb/5ast/3stl, Amani Hooker 12pts/3reb/2ast, Sam Baker 11pts/2reb/2ast, Jordan Horn 9pts/4reb/3ast/2stl, Jordan Ammons 6pts/4reb/2ast, Eric Davis 6pts/5reb, Jason Gumm 3pts/2reb/2ast/1stl and Jarret Baptiste 3pts/3reb.

Stanford Pentagon Open:

16 Blacks (3-0) defeated the 17U Nebraska Hoops Elite in the third game the Stanford Pentagon Open. The Panthers were led by Gary Trent with 18pts/2reb/3ast/3stl, Seth Green 12pts/6reb, Tyler Peterson 11pts/4reb, 8pts/3reb/3stl/2blk, Amar Miller 4pts/2reb/5ast/1stl, Landon Kirkwood 3pts/1reb/1ast, Brad Davison 2pts/5reb/4ast, Theo John 2pts/3reb/1stl, Jalen Brown 6reb/1ast/1blk, Elijah Hannah 1reb/1stl/1blk and Trenton Krueger 2reb.

16 Blacks (4-0) defeated the 17U MN Phenom in the championship game of the Stanford Pentagon Open. The Panthers were led by Seth Green with 14pts/8reb, Gary Trent 12pts/6reb/2ast/4stl, Trenton Krueger 10pts/5reb/1stl, Brad Davison 9pts/4reb/2ast/6stl/1blk, Amar Miller 8pts/1reb/6ast, Jamil Jackson 6pts/5reb/2stl/1blk, Jalen Brown 6pts/2reb/1ast, Tyler Peterson 1reb/2ast, Landon Kirkwood 1reb, Elijah Hannah 1reb/1blk.

Pulley Alum Professional: 

Grissin along with Troy Bell's 19pts/8reb/1ast defeated Virtus and Trevor Mbakwe's 6pts/7reb/1blk (Italy).

Rick Rickert delivered another double-double 11pts/12reb/2ast/1stl in Wayakama's win over Tsukuba (Japan).

Wels defeated Gmunden (Austria) with Kwadzo Ahelegbe providing 12pts/1ast/1stl in the victory.

Apr 5

15 Blacks lost to 16U MN Fury on a last second tip in to start the Stanford Pentagon League. The Panthers were led by DJ Hunter with 15pts/1reb, Ishmael El-Aim 8pts/2reb/6ast, Burt Hedstrom 8pts/2reb/2stl, Brennan Hawkins 7pts/4reb, Isaac Johnson 5pts/4reb/2stl and Simon Wright with 8reb/2pts/3ast/2stl.

16 Blues were defeated by the 17U MN Fury in the first game of the Stanford Pentagon League. The Panthers were led by Sam Baker with 11pts/2reb/2stl, Ade Lamu 11pts/5reb/2blk, Amani Hooker 10pts/2reb/2stl, Walt McGrory 8pts/4reb/4ast, Jarret Baptiste 8pts/1reb, Jordan Horn 6pts/1reb/4ast, Jason Gumm 6pts/3reb and Jordan Ammons 4pts/3reb/2ast.

15 Blacks beat the 16U Dakota Heat in their second game of the Stanford Pentagon League. The Panthers were led by DJ Hunter with 16pts/6reb/2stl, Ishmael El-Amin 15pts/3reb/5ast, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 14pts, Simon Wright 10pts/5reb/2ast/2stl, Brennan Hawkins 8pts/8reb, Isaac Johnson 4pts/6reb/7ast and Burt Hedstrom 4pts/4reb.

16 Blues lost to a very good 17U OSA in their second game of the Stanford Pentagon League. The Panthers were led by Jordan Horn with 11pts/2reb/3ast/2stl, Amani Hooker 8pts/4reb/2stl, Walt McGrory 7pts/3ast/2stl, Ade Lamu 4pts/4reb, Jarret Baptiste 4pts/2reb, Jordan Ammons 4pts/2reb/2stl, Sam Barker 3pts/2stl, and 2pts each from Erick Davis, Jason Gumm, Allen Anderson and Nik Keller.

Stanford Pentagon Open:

16 Blacks defeated the 17U MN Select in first game of the Stanford Pentagon Open. The Panthers were led by Jamil Jackson with 12pts/7reb/1blk, Brad Davison 9pts/2reb/3ast/4stl, Trenton Krueger 8pts/7reb, Seth Green 7pts/5reb/1reb/2stl, Jalen Brown 7pts/3reb, Amar Miller 6pts/2reb/7ast, Gary Trent 5pts/2reb/1ast/1stl/1blk, Landon Kirkwood 5pts/4reb/1stl, Theo John 4pts/4reb/2stl/1blk, Tyler Peterson 2pts/2reb/3ast/1blk and Elijah Hannah 3reb.

16 Blacks defeated the 17U Running Tarheels in second game of the Stanford Pentagon Open. The Panthers were led by Tyler Peterson with 16pts/4reb/1ast/1stl, Jamil Jackson 14pts/4reb/3ast/1stl, Seth Green 10pts/4reb, Theo John 9pts/6reb/1ast, Gary Trent 7pts/1reb/1ast/4stl, Jalen Brown 4pts/3reb, Amar Miller 3pts/1reb/6ast/3stl, Elijah Hannah 3pts/3reb/2ast, Trenton Krueger 3pts/3reb/1ast/1stl, Brad Davison 2pts/2reb/3ast and Landon Kirkwood 2pts/1reb/3ast. 

Pulley Alum Professional:

Doug Plumb recorded 11pts/4reb/5ast/1stl/1blk in ZTE KK's playoff loss to Falco KC (Hungary)  

Balkan downed Tundja Yambol (Bulgaria) behind 15pts/3ast/1ast/1stl/1blk from Noah Dahlman.

PJ Hill tallied 13pts/8reb/1ast in Liepaja's loss to Jekabpils (Latvia)

Wakayama ran by Tsukuba (Japan) behind a double-double 18pts/11reb/4ast from Rick Rickert.

David Hicks dropped 14pts/4reb/4ast in Schwelm's win vs. Dresden (Germany)

Vechta lost to Alba (Germany) with Urule Igbavboa providing 5pts/6reb in the loss.

Rodney Williams had 3pts/3reb/2ast in Delaware 87ers loss ot the Springfield Armor.

Apr 4

Pulley Alum Professional:

Rodney Williams dropped 26pts/1reb/4ast in Delaware 87ers loss to the Springfield Armor (D-League).

Oostende defeated Antwerp in OT with Jared Berggren helping out with 3pts/1reb/1ast.

Cory Johnson produced 21pts/3reb/6ast in El Massagno's loss to Boncourt (Switzerland)

Apr 2

Pulley Alum Professional: 

Cameron Rundles tallied 14pts/5reb/2ast/1stl in Jekabpils' loss to VES Riga (Latvia).

Oostende defeated Leuven (Belgium) with Jared Berggren recording 9pts/8reb in the victory.

Apr 1

Pulley Alum Professional:

Schwelm defeated Dresden in OT (Germany) with David Hicks providing 21pts/4reb/1ast/3stl in the Quarterfinals of the Pro B Playoffs.

Trevor Mbakwe's 18pts/8reb in his last game got him named a Top 3 Performers in Italy by Eurobasket for last week.

Wels defeated Klosterneuburg (Austria) behind 16pts/1reb/2ast/2stl from Kwadzo Ahelegbe.

Mar 31

Pulley Alum Professional:

Rick Rickert dropped a double-double 20pts/10reb/2ast in Wakayama's win over Kumamoto (Japan).

For his exceptional play (34pts/23reb/8ast) Rick Rickert was named an Top Performer of the week.

PJ Hill tallied 18pts/5reb/2ast/1stl in Liepajas' win at LU Latvijas (Latvia).

ZTE KK defeated Kormend (Hungary) behind 17pts/4reb/2ast/1blk from Doug Plumb.

Cory Johnson provided 22pts/5reb/2ast/2stl in El Massango's loss to the Geneve Lions.

Mar 30

Pulley Alum Professional:

Grissin lost a 2pt nail bitter to Vanoli and in the loss Troy Bell dropped 19pts/4reb/2st.

Montepaschi with Matt Janning's 16pts/3reb/4ast/1stl downed Vitrus (Italy) and Trevor Mbakwe who posted 18pts/8reb/1stl/2blk in a very highly contested game. 

Bulkan lost to Cherno More (Latvia) with Noah Dahlman recording 9pts/5reb/1ast in the loss.

Mar 29

Pulley Alum Professional:

Noah Dahlman leads the Bulgarian Basketball League in scoring and rebounding (18.4pts/11.7reb).

Wakayama defeated Kumamoto (Japan) behind a double-double 14pts/13reb/6ast/1blk from Rick Rickert.

Cameron Rundles contributed 15pts/2ast/3stl as Jekabpils cruised by Jurmala (Latvia).

Oostende downed Hainaut (Belgium) with Jared Berggren providing 8pts/1blk in the victory.

Mar 28

Pulley Alum Professional:

Rodney Williams dropped 13pts/3reb/4reb/2stl/2blk in Delaware 87ers' loss to the Erie Bayhawks (D-League).

Wels defeated Gussing (Austria) behind 19pts/1ast from Kwadzo Ahelegbe.

Daniel Fitzgerald tallied 7pts/7reb/1stl in Oviedo's OT loss to Penas Huesca (Spain).

Mar 26

Pulley Alum Professional:

Cory Johnson dropped 24pts/4reb/2ast in El Massagno's loss to Lugano (Switzerland).

Balkan (Latvia) defeated Peja (Kosovo) behind 23pts/7reb/2ast/3stl/1blk from Noah Dahlman.

Jamar Diggs has signed with Sigal Prishtina of the Kosovo Super League for remainder of the season after winning the Cyprus Championship and being named the POY. 

Mar 25

Pulley Alum Professional:

For his 23pts/8reb/3ast in a recent game, Cory Johnson was named a Switzerland Eurobasket Top Performer of the Week.

Mar 24

High School; Howard Pulley 2014 Rosters

EYBL Team – Head Coach Antwan Harris,  Assistant Coach: Dedrick Jenkins 

Sacar Anim - DeLaSalle, Brock Bertram - Apple Valley, Bjorn Broman - Lakeview Christian, Amir Coffey - Hopkins, Josh Collins - DeLaSalle, Alex Illikainen - Grand Rapids, Jarvis Johnson - DeLaSalle, Sam Neumann - CDH, Brady Reinke - Prairie Seed Academy, Joe Rosga - CDH

16U - Head Coaches: Mike Walker & Willie Braziel,  Assistant Coach: Tony Taylor

Jordan Ammons - CDH, Allan Anderson - Osseo, Sam Baker - BSM, Jared Baptiste - Columbia Heights, Jordan Bolton - Apple Valley, Jalan Brown - CDH, Erik Davis - Hopkins, Brad Davison - Maple Grove, Seth Green - East Ridge, Jason Gumm - Burnsville, Elijah Hannah - Roosevelt, Amani Hooker - Park Center, Jordan Horn - Tartan, Jamil Jackson - North, Theo John - Champlin Park, Nik Keller - Blaine, Landon Kirkwood - Prairie Seed Academy, Trenton Krueger - St Croix Lutheran, Ade Lamu - St. Croix Lutheran, Walt McGrory - Edina, Amar Miller - Minnetonka, Tyler Peterson - Centennial, Gary Trent Jr. - Apple Valley

15U - Head Coaches: Jabbar Washington & Ken Maxey,  Assistant Coach: Kennan Shelton

James Baker - DeLaSalle, Xavier Bonner - Park Center, Levi Brown - Roseville, Joshua Bryant - Kennedy, Jimmy Connell - Edina, Trevor Cook - Washburn, WI, Anthony Eagle - Cooper, Ishmael El-Amin - Hopkins, Denzel Fondungallagh - CDH, Brennan Hawkins - Southwest, Burt Hedstrom - Minnetonka, D. J. Hunter - Mpls North, Isaac Johnson - North, Tre Jones - Apple Valley, Jackson Martens - Burnsville, R. Rogers - Roosevelt, Savion Scott - Henry, Jaquan Sanders-Smith - North Isaiah Simon - Park Center, Devantaye Sparks - Roosevelt, Adam Trapp - Esko, Simon Wright - Hopkins

14U - Head Coach - Percy Wade:

Chris Coffey - Hopkins MS, Caleb Davis - CDH, Chris Kelly - Sojourner Truth Academy, Ryan Larson - Braham, Ian Lim - Maple Grove MS, Daniel Oturu - Stillwater Area, Deland Phillips - Murray Jr. High, Jacob Prince - CDH, Krystian Toliver - Sojourner Truth Academy, Calvin Wishart - Buffalo, Julian Wright - Central MS

Pulley Alum Professional:

Noah Dahlman recorded 13pts/9reb/2ast in Balkan's victory over Rilski (Bulgaria). 

In Oviedo's loss to Ourense (Spain) Daniel Fitzgerald tallied 20pts/2reb.

PJ Hill contributed 14pts/2reb/5ast in Liepaja's win over Ventspils (Latvia).

Jekabpils downed LMT BA (Latvia) behind 17pts/1reb/3ast/5stl from Cameron Rundles.

Matt Janning provided 8pts/2reb/4ast in Montepaschi's win over Sidigas AV (Italy).

Grissin defeated Banco DI SRD (Italy) and in the win Troy Bell had 5pts/2ast.

Trevor Mbakwe produced 12reb/8pts/1stl in Virtus's win over V Libertas (Italy).

Mar 23

Pulley Alum Professional:

ZTE  KK downed Marson NYKK (Hungary) behind 16pts/7reb/1ast/1stl from Doug Plumb in the win.

Jared Berggren tallied 10pts/5reb/1stl/1blk in Oostende's win over Verviers PEP (Belgium)

Vechta lost to EWE Baskets (Germany) with Urule Igbavboa recording 6pts/3reb in the loss.

David Hicks had 13pts/3reb/1stl in Schwelm's loss to Rhoedorf Dragons (Germany).

Wakayama defeated Hitachi Sun Rockers (Japan) with the help of Rick Rickert's 10pts/8reb/4ast. 

Mar 22

Pulley Alum College: NCAA Tournament

Siyani Chambers delivered 10pts/4reb/4ast in Harvard's NCAA loss to Michigan State.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Wels lost to Zepter Vienna (Austria) and in the loss Kwadzo Ahelegbe had 11pts/1reb/3ast. 

Rick Rickert tallied 17pts/7reb/5ast in Wakyama's win over Hitachi Sun Rockers (Japan).  

Mar 21

Pulley Alum Professional:

Cameron Rundles with 14pts/2reb/4ast helped Jekapils in their win over Barons KV (Latvia).

Liepaja was downed by Valmiera (Latvia) with PJ Hill recording 7pts/5reb/5ast in the loss.

Rodney Williams tallied 11pts/2reb/4ast/1stl/1blk in Delaware 87ers win over Maine Red Claws (D-League).

Mar 20

Pulley Alum: NCAA Tournament

Siyani Chambers posted 11pts/2reb/1ast/1stl in Harvard's 61-57 win over Cincinnati.

Wofford lost to Michigan with CJ Neumann providing 3reb/1ast in the Terriers loss.

Kyle Washington had 2pts/1reb in NC State's loss to St. Louis.

Mar 19

Pulley Alum Professional:

Apoel downed AEK to win the best of 5 Cypriot League Championship behind 25pts from POY Jamar Diggs.

Jamar Diggs was noted by the Cypriot League for his excellent organizational abilities. He was the player who was responsible for carrying the ball, setting the offense, running drills, scoring and at the same time playing solid defense. This is why he is awarded with the Cypriot Player of the Year Award. Jamar was also named Guard of the Year, First Team All League and All-Imports Team. 

Mar 18

Pulley Alum Professional:

Cory Johnson posted 16pts/7reb/3ast/1stl in El Massagno's win over Monthey (Switzerland).

Mar 16

Pulley Alum Professional:

Rick Rickert delivered a double-double 17pts/15reb/1blk in Wakayama's win over Tochigi Brex (Japan).

Montepaschi was tipped by Giorgo Tesi with Matt Janning supplying 8pts/6reb/1ast/1stl in the loss.

Trevor Mbakwe had a double-double 11pts/15reb/1ast/1stl/1blk in Virtus' loss to EA7 Armani (Italy). 

The Delaware 87ers lost to Fort Wayne (D-League) and in the loss Rodney Williams recorded 8pts/3reb/1blk.

Mar 15

High School: Minnesota State Basketball Tournament

Congratulations to Joe Rosga, Jake Wright, Reid Travis, Sacar Anim and Jarvis Johnson on being named to the Minnesota Stare Tournament All-Tournament teams. And congratulations to Zac Doll on being named First Team All State Wisconsin Division-3

Joe Rosga posted 22pts/5reb/2ast/3stl and Sam Neumann 12pts/5reb/2ast/1stl in Cretin-DH's loss to Shakopee in the 4A third-place game. 

Maranatha rolled past Fond du Lac Ojibwe in the 1A third-place game with Damario Armstrong tallying a double-double 12pts/4reb/13ast/7stl in the victory.

Reid Travis recorded 16pts/5reb, Sacar Anim 13pts/3reb/2ast James Lawson 9pts/11reb/1ast, Josh Collins 7pts/2reb and Jarvis Johnson 4pts in DeLaSalle's 3-Peat, 3A State Championship win over Austin.

Hopkins was downed by Lakeville North by 2-points in the State 4A Championship game and in the loss Jake Wright had 15pts/reb, John Warren 11pts/1reb/1stl/1blk and Treyvon Edwards 4pts/4reb/1ast/1stl/1blk.

Zac Doll had 9pts in Elk Mounds overtime loss to Lodi in Wisconsin's Division-3 State Tournament semifinal. 

Pulley Alum College:

NC State lost to Duke with Kyle Washington providing 5pts/4reb in the Wolfpack loss.

North Dakota lost to Weber State in the Big Sky Championship game with Quinton Hooker supplying 6pts/3reb/1stl in the loss.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Rick Rickert tallied 14pts/8reb in Wakayama's close defeat of Tochigi (Japan).

Balkan defeated Levski Sofia (Bulgaria) behind 14pts/13reb/1ast from Noah Dahlman.

Jared Berggren returing to action after being out for over 2 months with a knee injury, recorded 3pts/4reb in 12 minutes in Oostende's loss to Kangoeroes (Belgium).

Wels lost to Kapfenburg (Austria) and in the loss Kwadzo Ahelegbe recorded 14pts/1reb/2ast.

David Hicks provided 28pts/5reb/3ast/1stl in Schwelm's win over Dragon Rhoendorf (Germany).

Oviedo lost to Burgos (Spain) with Daniel Fitzgerald tallying 13pts/5reb/1stl in his team's loss.

Mar 14

High School: Minnesota State Basketball Tournament 

Damario Armstrong finished with 12pts/4reb/3ast/1stl in Maranatha's loss to Rushford-Peterson in the 1A semifinals.

Pulley Alum College:

North Dakota downed Portland State in the semifinals of the Big Sky tourney with Quinton Hooker supplying 6pts/6reb/1ast/1stl/blk and Chad Calcaterra 5pts/6reb/1stl.

Kyle Washington tallied 3pts/7reb/1ast in NC States upset win over Syracuse in the ACC tourney quarterfinals.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Rodney Williams recorded 8pts/1reb/2blk in the Delaware 87ers loss to Fort Wayne.

Mar 13

High School: Minnesota State Basketball Tournament

Maranatha defeated Red Lake with Damario Armstrong supplying 6pts/3reb/4ast/1stl in the victory  

Reid Travis recorded a double-double 27pts/12reb/1st, Jarvis Johnson 11pts/1reb/1ast/1stl, Sacar Anim 7pts/1reb/1stl, James Lawson 3pts/9reb/3ast and Josh Collins 2pts in DeLaSalle's win over Orono.

Hopkins downed Shakopee in four OT's and in the victory Jake Wright tallied 23pts/3reb (5 three-pointers) and John Warren 14pts/3reb.

Joe Rosga finished with 10pt/5reb/2ast/1stl and Sam Neumann 8pts/9reb/1ast in Cretin-DH's last second loss to Lakeville North.

Pulley Alum College:

North Dakota downed Sacramento State in the Big Sky tourney with Quinton Hooker providing 2pts/5reb/2ast/1stl in the win.

Kyle Washington posted 4pts/1reb/1stl in NC State's win over Miami in the ACC tourney.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Balkan (Bulgaria) lost to Gilboa (Israel) and in the loss Noah Dalhman finished with double-double 14pts/13reb/5ast/2stl/1blk.

Doug Plumb recorded 17pts/5reb/4ast/2stl in ZTE KK's loss to Falco KC (Hungary).

Jekabpils downed JU (Latvia) behind 16pts/6reb/5ast/2stl from Cameron Rundles.

Troy Bell supplied 5pts/4reb/2ast/1stl in Grissin's (Itally) win over Samara (Russia).

Mar 12

High School: Minnesota State Basketball Tournament

Treyvon Edwards provided 8pts/2reb/2ast/2stl/2blk, John Warren 5pts/2reb/1ast/1stl/2blk and Jake Wright 2pts/2reb/2stl in Hopkin's quarterfinals win over Tartan.

Although Tartan lost to Hopkins in the quarterfinals, Freshman Jordan Horn led his team with 15pts/6reb/3ast/2stl.

Sacar Anim tallied 21pts/3reb/3ast, Reid Travis 20pts/7reb/2ast/3blk/1stl, Jarvis Johnson 8pts/2reb/4ast/2stl, James Lawson 5pts/6reb/3ast/1blk/2stl and Josh Collins 3pts/4reb/4ast/1blk in DeLaSalle's win over St. Paul Central.

Mar 113

Pulley Alum Professional:

Jamar Diggs led Apoel (2-1) over AEK (Cyprus) in the best of 5 playoffs with 14pts/4reb/4ast/3stl,


Congratulations to the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune Metro Player of the Year Tyus Jones 

Congratulations to Tyus Jones on being named All-Metro First Team.

Congratulations to Reid Travis on being named All-Metro First Team.

Congratulations to Tyus Jones and Reid Travis on being named to the 5 Finalist for MN Mr. Basketball.  

Midwest Basketball Review - All Minnesota Team: Sacar Anim - DeLaSalle, Wheeler Baker – Osseo, Bjorn Broman - Lakeview Christian, Kamali Chambers - Hopkins, Jarvis Johnson, DeLaSalle, Tyus Jones - Apple Valley, J. P. Macura - Lakeville North, Sam Neumann – Cretin-Derham Hall, Joe Rosga – Cretin-Derham Hall, Reid Travis – DeLaSalle, Andre Wallace - Eden Prairie, Brennan Witt - Champlin Park, Jake Wright - Hopkins  

Mar 10

Pulley Alum College:

CJ Neumann with 9pts/5reb helped Wofford defeat Western Carolina and advance to the NCAA Tournament 

Pulley Alum Professional:

Cory Johnson posted 14pts/4reb/2ast in El Massagno's loss to Neuchatel (Switzerland).

ZTE KK defeated Szedeak (Hungary) with Doug Plumb supplying 14pts/3reb/5ast/2stl in the victory.

Rick Rickert supplied 11pts/4reb/6ast/1blk in Wakayama's win over Toshiba BT (Japan).

Wels lost to Kapfenburg (Austria) and in the loss Kwadzo Ahelegbe had 4pts/3reb/2ast/1stl. 

Mar 9

High School:

Elk Mound defeated Prescott to win their section and advance to the Wisconsin State Tournament. In the victory All-Conference and Player of the Year, Zac Doll tallied 9pts/8reb/5ast/5stl to lead the charge to Madison.

Pulley Alum College:

Zach Stahl contributed 8pts/8reb/1ast/1stl in Northeastern's CAA semifinal loss to Delaware.

NC State downed Boston College and in doing so Kyle Washington had 4pts.

Freshman Anders Broman tallied 7pts/1reb in SDSU's Summit League Conference Tournament win over Western Illinois.

CJ Neumann dropped 10pts/4reb in Wofford's SoCon semifinal win over Georgia Southern and advance to finals vs. Western Carolina tomorrow.

Pulley Alum Professional:

David Hicks recorded 17pts/6reb/3ast/2stl in Schwelm's loss to Hannover (Germany).

Virtus defeated Vanoli CR (Italy behind 18pts/7reb/1blk from Trevor Mbakwe.

Troy Bell delivered 10pts/3reb/1ast/1stl/1blk in Grissin's loss to EA7 Armani (Italy).  

Mar 8

Pulley Alum College: 

Zach Stahl posted a double-double 19pts/12reb/2ast in Northeastern's win over Drexel. 

Harvard defeated Brown in OT with Siyani Chambers providing 9pts/4reb/4ast in the Crimson win.

Senior Will Patt ended his college career with 4pts/2reb/1ast/1blk in Washingto-U's (St. Louis) NCAA-3 playoff loss to Calvin College.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Rick Rickert delivered a double-double 17pts/10reb/1stl in Wakayama's loss to Toshiba BT (Japan).

Oviedo lost to Anddora win Daniel Fitzgerald tallying 8pts/4reb/3ast in his team's loss.

Matt Janning led the way with 20pts in Sana Basket win over Pall Cantu (Italy). 

Mar 7

High School:

Congratulations to all of our Pulley family members who will be participating in the 2014 Minnesota State Boy's Basketball Tournament: Stevie Moman - CDH, Sam Neumann – CDH, Joe Rosga – CDH, Jordan Horn – Tartan, Treyvon Edwards – Hopkins, Ishmael El Amin - Hopkins, Vincent Shahid - Hopkins, LaMichael Wade - Hopkins, John Warren - Hopkins, Jake Wright – Hopkins, Josh Collins – DeLaSalle, Jarvis Johnson – DeLaSalle, James Lawson – DeLaSalle, Reid Travis – DeLaSalle, Damario Armstrong - Maranatha.  

DeLaSalle beat Totino Grace to advance to the 3A State Tournament behind Jarvis Johnson with 18pts, Reid Travis with 17pts, Sacar Anim 13pts and James Lawson 10pts.  

Demario Armstrong's play down the stretch plus his 9pts helped Maranatha qualify for the State Tournament by downing Mpls North. In the Polars loss Jamil Jackson had 14pts. 

Pulley Alum College:

Harvard downed Yale and in the Crimson win Siyani Chambers finished with 17pts/1reb/6ast. 

Marvin Singleton recorded 5pts/4reb in UNI's loss to Southern Illinois. 

In the NCAA-3 playoffs, St. Olaf was beaten by Central College and in the loss, Senior Charlie Aslesen had 6pts/2reb.

Taylor Montero supplied 11pts/1reb and Marcus Alipate 10pts/4reb/2ast/2stl in St. Thomas' NCAA-3 playoff loss to Augustana College.

Washington-U (St. Louis) defeated Wilmington in the NCAA-3 playoff and in the win Will Patt finished with 11pts/3reb.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Kwadzo Ahelegbe delivered 12pts/2ast/1stl in Wels loss to Gmunden (Austria).

The Delaware 87ers lost to Santa Cruz with Rodney Williams securing 4pts/6reb/2stl/1blk in his teams loss. 

Mar 6

High School:

Cretin-DH downed #1 Apple Valley 89-77 to punch their ticket to the 4A State Tournament. In the win Sam Neumann posted 16pts/6reb and Joe Rosga 15pts/8reb.

Zac Doll had 23pts/8stl in Elk Mounds section semifinals win over LaCrosse Aquinis (WI).

Pulley Alum College:

North Dakota lost at Southern Utah and in the loss Quinton Hooker posted 7pts/3reb/1ast/3stl/1blk and Chad Calcaterra 2pts/1reb/1stl/1blk.

Akolda Manyang had 6pts/4reb/1ast/2blk in Indian Hills CC win over NDSCS where Tim Gill tallied 19pts/4reb/1ast and Jamal Davis 8pts/4reb/5ast/2stl in the District Championships.

Mar 5

High School:

Hopkins downed Eden Prairie to advance to the 4A State Tournament behind 19pts from Jake Wright, 15pts from John Warren and 2pts from Treyvon Edwards

Freshman Jordan Horn dropped 28pts tonight helping Tartan beat Woodbury and punch their ticket to the 4A State Tournament. 

Pulley Alum Professional:

Noah Dahlman posted a double-double 20pts/11reb/2ast/2stl in Balkan's (Bulgaria) win over Craiova (Romania).

The Delaware 87ers lost to the LA Defenders (D-League) with Rodney Williams providing 7pts/3reb/1ast/2blk in the loss. 

Mar 4

High School: Sectionals

Isaiah McKay recorded 21pts and Amani Hooker 11pts/7reb in Park Center's loss to Champlin Park. 

DeLaSalle downed Spring Lake Park behind 30pts from Reid Travis, 11 from Sacar Anim, 10 from Jarvis Johnson, 5 from James Lawson and 3 from Josh Collins.

Trenton Krueger scored 20pts and Ade Lamu 9 in St. Croix Lutheran's loss to Minnehaha Academy. 

Mpls North got by Heritage Christian behind 16pts from Jamil Jackson and 3pts from DJ Hunter.

Brad Davison tallied 9pts in Maple Grove's loss to Osseo.

Pulley Alum College:

Chad Calcaterra provided 6pts/4reb and Quinton Hooker 5pts/1reb/1ast in North Dakota's win over Northern Colorado.

Pulley Alum Profesional:

Apoel's Jamar Diggs dropped a double-double 30pts/12reb/2ast/1stl/2blk vs. AEK in the Cypriot best of 5 Playoffs Series.

Mar 3

Pulley Alum College:

Dakota State lost at Jamestown State in the NSAA Tournament Championship game with Dylan Hale recording 12pts/5reb/3ast in the Trojans loss.

Tyler Vaughan contributed 13pts/2reb/2ast/1stl in MSU-Moorheads NCIS semifinals loss to Winona State in Sioux Falls.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Schwelm defeated Rist Wedel (Germany) behind 19pts/6reb/9ast/1stl from David Hicks.

Cameron Rundles recorded 10pts/3reb/3ast/1stl in Jekabpils (Latvia) loss to TU Rock (Estonia).

Delaware 87ers lost to LA Defenders (D-League) and in the loss Rodney Williams posted 9pts/3reb/1ast.

Mar 2

Pulley Alum College:

Despite a double-double 18pts/13reb/1ast from Taylor Monter and 4pts/1ast from Marcus Alipate, St. Olaf downed the St. Thomas  in St. Paul to win the MIAC Tournament.

Jamal Davis dropped 20pts/5reb/2ast and Tim Gill 5pts/2reb in NDSCS' win over Williston State College.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Doug Plumb provided 8pts/2reb/1ast in ZTE KK's loss to KTE Duna Aszfalt (Hungary).

PJ Hill delivered 12pts/3reb/4ast in Liepaja's (Latvia) loss to Zvaigzves (Lithuania).

Wakayama lost to Toyota Alvark by one-point and in the loss Rick Rickert dropped a double-double 20pts/15pts/4ast.

Matt Janning had 7pts/8reb/1ast/1stl in Montepaschi's win over Sutor MGR (Italy).

Virtus defeated Granarola (Italy) with Trevor Mbakwe providing 7pts/4reb/2ast/1stl/3blk in the victory.

Troy Bell recorded 10pts/6reb/1ast/1stl in Grissin's loss to Giorgo Tesi (Italy).

Oviedo downed Coruna (Spain) witn Dan Fitzgerald tallying 10pts/3reb/3stl in the victory. 

Rodney Williams finished with 11pts/3reb/2reb/2stl/1blk in Delaware 87ers loss to Bakerfield (D-League).

Mar 1

High School: Sectionals 

Elk Mound defeated West Salem (WI) behind 17pts from Zac Doll, winning their Regional Championship for the first time in 18 years.

Freshman Jordan Horn dropped 18pts in Tartan's win over Mounds View. 

Sam Neumann scored 23pts, Joe Rosga added 13pts and Stevie Moman 9pts in Cretin-DH's win over East Ridge. In his team's loss Seth Green scored 11pts and Sid Tomes 3pts.  

Apple Valley defeated Rosemount and in the victory Tyus Jones tallied 14pts.

John Warren finished with 21pts and Jake Wright 7pts in Hopkins downing of Armstrong.

Minnetonka lost to Eden Prairie by three-points with Amar Miller scoring 15pts in the Skippers loss.

Damario Armstrong recorded 8pts in Maranatha's win over CHOF.

Zac Doll had 17 pts in Elk Mound's regional semi final win over Arcadia (WI).

St. Croix Lutheran downed Concordia Academy behind 17pts from Ade Lamu and 16pts from Trenton Krueger.

Jamil Jackson tallied 23pts in Mpls North's win over Legacy Christian.

Pulley Alum College: 

Zach Stahl posted a double-double 11pts/10reb in Northeastern's win over Drexel.

North Dakota beat Eastern Washington and in victory Quinton Hooker supplied 4pts/1reb/1ast/2stl.

Zach Lofton tallied 11pts/1ast/2stl in Illinois State's loss to Southern Illinois.

Creighton lost to Xavier with Isaiah Zierden finishing with 2pts/2ast.

Will Patt had 2pts/1reb/2blk in Washington-U's (MO) win at the University of Chicago.

Harvard defeated Columbia with Siyani Chambers providing 7pts/1reb/3ast in the Crimson win.

CJ Neumann recorded 6pts/4reb/1ast in Wofford's loss to UNC-Greensboro.

MSN-Moorhead downed Upper Iowa in the quarterfinals of the NSIC Tournament with Tyler Vaughan recording 11pts/5reb/.

Dylan Hale finished with 27pts/3reb/2ast/1stl in Dakota State's win v. Valley City State in the semifinals of the NSAA Tournament.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Kwadzo Ahelegbe finished with 28pts/4reb/4ast/2stl in Wels loss to Klosterneuberg (Austria).

Wakayama lost to Toyota Alvark (Japan) with Rick Rickert supplying 11pts/9reb/2ast in the loss. 

Feb 28

High School: Sectionals

Hill Murray lost to Simley and in the loss Jack Fahey finished with 9pts.

Pulley Alum College:

Siyani Chambers posted 15pts/1reb/4ast in Harvard's win over Cornell.

St. Thomas downed Bethel with Marcus Alipate supplying 13pts/2reb/3ast and Taylor Montero 5pts/3reb/3ast in the MIAC semifinals victory. 

Feb 27

High School: Sectionals

Chris Olson tallied 13pts/6reb/2stl in Braham's win over Maple Lake.

DeLaSalle downed St. Anthony behind 28pts from Reid Travis, 10pts from Sacar Anim, 8pts from Josh Collins and 4pts from Jarvis Johnson.

Damario Armstrong supplied 13pts in Maranatha's win over Hope Academy.

Park Center downed Centennial with Isaiah McKay providing 20pts and Amani Hooker 10pts. In his team's loss, Tyler Peterson had 12pts.

Jake Wright produced 16pts, Treyvon Edward 10pts, John Warren 9pts, Vinny Shahad 9pts Ishmael El-Amin 4pts in Hopkins win over St. Louis Park.

Edina lost to Armstrong and in the loss Walt McGrory finished with 19pts.

Amar Miller supplied 11pts in Minnetonka's win over Mpls South. In the Tigers loss Kenley Farrow had 19pts and Payton Bowdry 10.

Columbia Heights lost to SP Como Park and in the loss Jarret Baptiste had 16pts.

Jamil Jackson delivered 12pts in Mpls North's win over Community of Peace.

Maple Grove downed Cooper behind 19pts/11ast/1stl from Brad Davison.

Pulley Alum College

CJ Neumann finished with 6pts/1reb/1blk in Wofford's win at Elon. 

Feb 26

High School: Sectionals

Sid Tomes dropped 36pts in East Ridge's victory over Eastview.  

Apple Valley ran over Park of Cottage Grove with Tyus Jones providing 10pts/7ast and Jordan Bolton 7pts in the victory.

Sam Neumann posted 15pts, Joe Rosga 8pts and Stevie Moman 2pts in Cretin-DH's win over Henry Sibley.

Pulley Alum College:

Illinois State downed Indiana State with Zach Lofton posting 16pts/2reb/1ast in the win.

Tyler Vaughan provided 6pts/3reb/2reb/2stl in MSU-Moorhead's win over Concordia-SP. 

St. John's lost to Gustavus by one-point at home and in the season ending loss Jacob Peterson had 2pts/3reb/1blk.

Peter Crawford posted 15pts/9reb/1ast/1stl in UMD's season ending loss to Upper Iowa.

U-Mary lost at Southwest MN State with Jalen Jaspers recording 2pts/1reb/1ast in the season ending loss.

Kyle Washington tallied 2pts/10reb/4blk in NC State's OT loss to UNC.

UNI downed Southern Illinois and in the victory Marvin Singleton had 8pts/1reb.

Feb 24

High School:

Freshman Brad Davison with a double-double 26pts/11ast/2stl led Maple Grove in their sectional win over Blaine (Monday).

In Centennial's sectional loss to Champlin Park, Sophomore Tyler Peterson tallied 16pts (Monday).

Jarret Baptiste recorded 19pts in Columbia Heights section loss to Totino Grace.

Mpls North downed Heritage Christian with Jamil Jackson scoring 13pts and DJ Hunter 4.

Pulley Alum College: 

Tim Gill produced 11pts/13reb/1ast/1stl and Jamal Davis 8pts/7reb/2ast/2stl in NDSCS's win over the United Tribes TC.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Wels lost to Gussing (Austria) with Kwadzo Ahelegbe dropping 24pts/2reb/4ast/1ast in the loss.

Feb 23 

Pulley Alum College:

Will Patt recorded with 6pts/5reb/1ast in Washington-U's (MO) (22-2) win over Carnegie Mellon.

Creighton defeated Seton Hall and in win, Isaiah Zierden tallied 7pts/1reb.

Marvin Singleton finished with 2pts/5reb in UNI's win vs. Illinois State. In the Redbirds loss Zach Lofton provided 24pts/4reb/1ast/4stl

Pulley Alum Professional:

Trevor Mbakwe had 10pts/8reb/1ast in Virtus' win over Juvecaserta (Italy).

ZTE KK lost to PVSK Pannon (Hungary) and in the loss Doug Plumb provided 10pts/2reb/2ast/1stl in his team's loss.

David Hicks knocked down 23pts/2reb/6ast/1stl in Schwelm's win over Recklinghausen (Germany).

Grissin defeated Brindisi (Italy) with Troy Bell providing 12pts/2reb/1ast in the victory.

Matt Janning posted 2pts/3reb/1stl in Montepaschi's win over Umana VE (Italy).

Feb 22

High School:.r

Kenley Farrow posted 19pts and Payton Bowdry 18pts in Mpls South's loss to Mpls Henry.

Columbia Heights downed Benilde-SM behind 17pts from Jarret Baptiste. In the Red Knights loss Sam Baker had 2pts.

Sophomore Amani Hooker provided 17pts and Isaiah McKay 8pts in Park Center's loss to Andover.

Braham ran over Pierz with Chis Olson tallying 29pts in the Bombers win.

Zac Doll scored 18pts in Elk Mounds win over Boyceville (WI).  

Pulley Alum College:

Dakota State beat Jamestown State in OT behind 35pts/4reb/2ast from senior Dylan Hale.

Tyler Vaughan dropped 26pts/5reb/2ast/2stl in MSU-Moorhead's OT win over U-Mary where Jalen Jaspers had 8pts/6reb/4ast in the Marauders loss.

St. Thomas lost at home to St. Johns and in the loss Marcus Alipate recorded 12pts/2reb/2ast/1stl and Taylor Montero 3pts/4reb/1ast.

Charlie Aslesen had 6pts/3reb/1ast/1stl in St. Olaf's win at Bethel.

UW-River Falls lost to UW-Platteville and in the loss Devin Buckley delivered 15pts/2reb/1ast/1stl/1blk.

Peter Crawford finished with 3pts/2reb/3ast/1stl in UMD's win over UM-Crookston.

Indian Hills CC defeated Marshalltown CC with Akolda Manyang providing 8pts/4reb/2ast/4blk.

Freshman Kyle Washington produced 13pts/5reb/1ast/1blk in NC State's win over Virginia Tech.

SDSU lost to NDSU and in the loss Anders Broman had 2pts/1st.

Zach Stahl finished with 9pts/10ast/1stl in Northeastern's loss to William & Mary.

Wofford lost to Davidson and in the loss CJ Neumann had 4pts/4reb/1ast.

Siyani Chambers recorded 13pts/5reb/8ast/2stl in Harvard's win vs. Princeton.

Pulley Alum Professional:

Cameron Rundles recorded 14pts/3reb/2ast in Jekabpils loss to Ventspils (Latvia).

Liepaja defeated Barons Riga with PJ Hill providing 16pts/8reb/1ast (Latvia).

Rick Rickert posted 12pts/7reb/1ast/1stl in Wakayama win over the Chiba Jets (Japan).

The Delaware 87ers downed Erie Bayhawks (D-League) Rodney Williams returning from injury and supplying 7pts/3reb/2ast.

Feb 21

High School:

Tyus Jones knocked down a double-double 20pts/2reb/11ast/4st in Apple Valley's win over Rosemount.

Minnetonka got by Eden Prairie with Amar Miller tallying 14pts.

John Warren dropped 24pts and Jake Wright 9 in Hopkins convincing win over Wayzata.

St. Croix Lutheran downed Minnehaha Academy behind 16pts from Trenton Krueger and 14pts from Ade Lamu.

Reid Travis with 24pts/9reb/5blk, James Lawson with 16pts/10reb/1ast/2stl, Jarvis Johnson with 5pts/6ast/4stl and Josh Collins with 3pts/1reb/1ast/1stl led DeLaSalle over Brooklyn Center.

East Ridge beat Stillwater behind 17pts from Sid Tomes and 7pts from Seth Green.

Sam Neumann recorded 17pts, Joe Rosga 16pts and Stevie Moman 3pts in Cretin-DH's win over Roseville.

Hill Murray lost to Simley and in the loss, Jack Fahey scored 3pts.

Bjorn Broman provided 33pts/7ast (6 three-pointers) in Lakeview Christian's win over Silver Bay.

Pulley Alum College

Tyler Vaughan delivered 14pts/3reb/3ast/1stl in MSU- Moorhead's win over Minot State.

U-Mary lost to Northern State and in the loss Jalen Jaspers finished with 8pts/3reb/1ast.

Peter Crawford tallied 13pts/4reb/3ast in UMD's home win over Bemidji State.

Washington-U (MO) defeated Western Case with Will Patt recording 7pts/2reb in the win.

Feb 20 

High School:

Braham knocked of Onamia with Chris Olson posting 16pts/6reb/3stl in the Bombers victory.

Pulley Alum College:

SCTCC  defeated MSCTC and in the win Jared Noonan finished with 7pts/4reb/1ast/2st/h1blk.

Zach Stahl recorded 8pts/5reb/2ast in Northeastern's loss to Towson State.

Wofford downed Furman with CJ Neumann tallying 8pts/3reb/1ast in the Terriers win.

Feb 19

Pulley Alum College:

NDSCS defeated Dakota College with Tim Gill producing 12pts/8reb/1ast and Jamal Davis 10pts/5reb/3ast/1blk.

Dylan Hale delivered 15pts/1ast/2stl in Dakota State's win over Mayville State.

St. Olaf downed Mac

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