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10-12-14 11:21 PM
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Howard Pulley Basketball
Contact: Errol Carlstrom
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sunday, October 12
Highlights of High School, College and Professional games played by Howard Pulley Alumni:
16 Black AAU
2014 AAU 16U Super Showcase Runnerup

By Errol Carlstrom

October 12 

Congratulations Renard Suggs (Gillette College) on your commitment to play basketball at Washington State in 2015. 

September 28

Josh Collins has officially committed to the University of North Dakota where he will play basketball effective 2015. 

September 27

Sam Neumann just committed to play hoops for Montana State effective 2015. Congrats Sam, your Pulley family is very happy for you. 

September 20

Jarvis Johnson has officially committed to play basketball at the University of Minnesota starting in 2015. Congrats Jarvis.

Alex Illikainen has officially committed to play basketball at the University of Wisconsin starting in 2015. Congrats Alex. 

September 8

4 players from the 2014 Pulley 14U team won in the 15U bracket going 5-1 to win the All Around for the Gus Mackey Tourney in St. Paul.  Deland Phillips, Jacob Prince, Daniel Oturo, and Calvin Wishart won 3 tight games and 3 blowouts. All 4 are freshman at Cretin-DH. Congratulations.....  

August 6 

Pulley alum Jamar Diggs has signed a contract to play professional basketball in Poland with the assistance of Teddy Archer. Good luck Jamar.... 

August 5

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Ron Glover who has been in North Memorial Hospital ICU. After a long process, he is doing very well and is now at Abbott Hospital in Minneapolis and recovering well. Best wishes to Rose Marie, Darren and R.J. 

July 27

2014 Recap by Rene Pulley:

Well, it's finally over and we've had a great season with all of our teams but this past week was the end for the 17U and 16U Black teams. Starting with the 16U group they had a fantastic finish to a roller coaster season with a second place Silver Division finish to St Louis Eagles in the AAU Super Showcase in Louisville, KY first year. We were a bad call away from being in the Gold Division with a 1 point lead with 7 seconds left and the referee called a foul on a half court shot (WOW) , but still a good run to end the 2014 season and looking forward to watching them during the High School season. A very strong group of young men that worked hard and continued to improve during the season and played outstanding during July Live Period. We lost the services of Elijah Hannah (surgery-shoulder) and Seth Green's (football commitments) but want to thank them for their contributions to the team.

Now to the 17U team that I'm sure a lot of people thought would not be to good without Tyus Jones and Reid Travis but these players proved to be better than advertised being considered one of the top teams in the country again, hats off to this years' team. We advanced to the Peach Jam for the 18th straight year while not playing up to par with a 1-4 record that could have been 4-1 if we could finish the games without turnovers/missed shots with less than a minute left. We lost 3 games by 3-3-4 points all in the final minute but still played well in front of 70 plus colleges every game so it was a successful event for us.

The AAU Super Showcase was a great way to finish the year without several players we still made it to the Elite 8 before losing to Alabama Challenge in the Gold Division who played Boo Williams for the Championship. But the game of the tournament was beating E1T1 in the sweet 16 playoffs in front of 100 plus coaches under the big lights and watching these undermanned players rise to the occasion and it was a case of skill, brains and guts to beat all odds. The iron six with 3 freshmen we brought with us to have some subs, who also played outstanding, was a delight to watch compete with the country's best and succeed. I want to thank Sam Neumann (man among boys), Bjorn Broman (a great leader), Joe Rosga (does it all player), Brock Bertram (improved each event), Josh Collins (big shots-3) and Jarvis Johnson who played unbelievable during the entire event while having the crowd shouting the whole time. And let's don't forget Ishmael El-Amin, Jordan Horn and Simon Wright for being there to help with the huge task that was ahead of them, great job fellows.

Now it's time for everyone to go back, relax and take some time off to enjoy the rest of their summer before getting ready for school and the upcoming season that I'm sure they all will shine and show what they're learned during the grueling spring/summer. I can't wait to see them playing on their high school teams again but I can wail until winter, I'm going to take a rest along with all my coaching staff who needs it more than I do. So good luck players with school, books and basketball and we will see you later this year and thanks for thinking of Howard Pulley for your basketball development.  

Super Showcase: Louisville, KY

July 26 

The HP 16 Black lost to the St. Louis eagles 55-50 in the championship game of the 16U AAU Super Showcase in Louisville, Kentucky. In the loss, Gary Trent Jr. tallied 15pts/1ast/1stl, Brad Davison 12pts/1reb/2ast and Jalen Brown 10reb/7pts/2stl. Others: Tyler Peterson 8pts/5reb, Amar Miller 4pts/1ast/4ast, Trenton Krueger 2pts/5reb and Jamil Jackson 2pts/2stl.  

HP 16 Black defeated KC Run GMC 67-45 at the Showcase behind Gary Trent Jr. 16pts/2reb/2ast/1stl, Brad Davison 12pts/3reb/7ast/2stl/1blk, Jalen Brown 9pts/6reb/1ast/2stl and Tyler Peterson 9pts/2reb/4ast/3stl. Others: Trenton Krueger 7pts/2reb, Jamil Jackson 6pts/2reb, Amar Miller 4pts/1reb/4ast/1stl, Landon Kirkwood 3pts/2reb and Tre Jones 1pt/1reb/2ast. 

July 25

The 16 Black beat the Manimals 69-65 to advance to the Final-4 behind Gary Trent Jr's. 18pts/2reb/3ast, Brad Davis 12pts/3reb/2ast/1blk and Jalen Brown 10reb/4pts/2blk. Others: Amar Miller 8pts/1reb/2ast, Trent Krueger 7pts/2reb/1ast, Theo John 6pts/8reb/3ast, Tre Jones 4pts,3reb/1ast/1stl, Jamil Jackson 3pts/3reb, Landon Kirkwood 4pts/2reb and Tyler Peterson 4pts/2reb.

HP EYBL's run came to an end at the Super Showcase after losing to a very good Alabama Challenge 64-53. In the loss Sam Neumann delivered 21pts/10reb/2ast, Bjorn Broman 10pts/4reb/3ast, Brock Bertram 8pts/3reb, Jarvis Johnson 5pts/2reb/2ast, Ish El-Amin 5pts/5reb/1ast, Josh Collins 4pts/2reb and Joe Rosga 5reb/5ast.  

HP EYBL downed E1T1 75-62 to advance to the Quarterfinals of the AAU /Super Showcase behind 23pts/3reb/3ast/2stl from Bjorn Broman, 17pts/5ast from Jarvis Johnson and 15pts/10reb/2ast/and took 2 charges from Sam Neumann. Other major contributions: Joe Rosga 7pts/5reb/4ast/3stl, Brock Bertram 7pts7reb/2ast/1stl/1blk and Josh Collins 7pts/2reb

The 16 Black downed Team Power 78-62 to advance to the Quarterfinals of 16U Showcase with Gary Trent Jr. tallying 24pts/3reb/2stl, Amar Miller 17pts/4ast/1stl, Brad Davision 16pts/2reb/3ast, Theo John 11pts/3reb and Jalen Brown 11reb/6pts/3ast/3stl. Others: Tre Jones 2pts/2ast/2stl, Landon Kirkwood 2pts/1stl, Tyler Peterson 2reb and Trenton Krueger 2reb/2stl.

HP EYBL beat the NYC Jaguars 70-55 behind Joe Rosga with 14pts/5reb/3ast, Jarvis Johnson 14pts/4reb/2stl, Sam Neumann 11pts/14reb/6ast/2stl, Jordan Horn 11pts/4reb and Bjorn Broman 10pts/3reb/3ast/2stl. Others: Brock Bertram 5pts/6reb/1ast/2blk, Ish El-Amin 4pts/2ast/1stl, Josh Collins 3pts/2ast/2stl and Simon Wright 1reb/1stl.  

July 24 

HP EYBL beat Nashville Flood 76-73 behind 23pts/4reb/3ast/2stl from Bjorn Broman, 14pts/4ast/1blk from Jarvis Johnson, 12pts/9reb/4ast from Sam Neumann, 10pts/6reb/3ast/2stl from Joe Rosga and 10pts/4reb/2ast from Brock Bertram. Ohters: Josh Collins 2pts/2reb, Ish El-Amin 2pts/1ast/1stl and Simon Wright 3pts/1reb. 

HP 16 Black downed STL Eagles 15 behind 16pts/2reb from Gary Trent Jr. and 13pts/4reb/6ast/2stl from Brad Davison. Others: Jamil Jackson 9pts/3reb, Trent Krueger 6pts/5reb/1ast, Tyler Peterson 4pts/3reb/3ast/1blk, Theo John 4pts/3reb/3blk, Jamar Miller 2pts/1ast, Landon Kirkwood 2pt/1reb, Tre Jones 2pts/1reb and Jalen Brown 2blk.  

HP EYBL defeated Kentucky Retro 70-58 with Jarvis Johnson tallying 18pts/2reb/4ast, Sam Neumann 16pts/5reb/2astl and Joe Rosga 13pts/3reb/3ast3stl. Others: Brock Bertram 7pts/5reb/1blk, Josh Collins 6pts/2reb/2ast, Jordan Horn 5pts/3reb/1stl, Bjorn Broman 4pts/2reb//2ast and Ish El-Amin 2ast.

HP 16 Black defeated the Ohio Elite 54-29 with Gary Trent tallying 13pts/2stl, Amar Miller 11pts/2ast and Brad Davison 7pts/2reb/2ast/5stl. Others: Theo John 6pts/3reb/1ast, Tyler Peterson 5pts/3reb, Jamil Jackson 5pts/4reb/2ast/1stl, Trenton Krueger 3pts/3reb/1stl, Jalen Brown 2pts/5reb/3stl/2blk, Landon Kirkwood 2pts/2reb and Tre Jones 4reb/3ast.  

July 23

The HP 16 Black stubbed their toe at the 16U Super Showcase when they lost to Team United, where Gary Trent Jr. led the team with 18pts/5reb/2stl, followed by Jamil Jackson with 8pts/4reb/3ast/1stl and Brad Davison 7pts/1reb/1ast/1stl. Others: Trenton Krueger 6pts/4reb, Amar Miller 3pts/3reb/6ast/2stl, Tyler Peterson 2pts, Tre Jones 2pts/3reb/1ast/1stl, Jalen Brown 5reb/2ast/2HP 16 Black defeated the Ohio Elite 54-29 with Gary Trent tallying 13pts/2stl, Amar Miller 11pts/2ast and Brad Davison 7pts/2reb/2ast/5stl. Others: Theo John 6pts/3reb/1ast, Tyler Peterson 5pts/3reb, Jamil Jackson 5pts/4reb/2ast/1stl, Trenton Krueger 3pts/3reb/1stl, Jalen Brown 2pts/5reb/3stl/2blk, Landon Kirkwood 2pts/2reb and Tre Jones 4reb/3ast. stl, Landon Kirkwood 2reb/1stl and Theo John 1reb/1ast/1stl.

July 21


Winthrop of the Big South Conference has offered Bjorn Broman (Lakeview Christian) a basketball scholarship effective 2015. Congratulations Bjorn.Congratulations to Sacar Anim who has been offered a basketball scholarship to attend the University of South Dakota in 2015. 

July 21 

A note from Rene Pulley:

I will update you on the NIKE EYBL Peach Jam Championships next week after the Super Showcase being held in Louisville, KY this year instead of Orlando, FL. It will be the end of the season for the 17U EYBL team and the 16U Black team. We will be playing this week without the services of Amir Coffey (USA tryouts), Alex Illikainen (broken nose) and Sacar Anim but still expect to compete to the highest level of excellence which is the Pulley tradition.

We're getting close to the end of another very successful season for the fantastic young student athletes in the Pulley Program. Errol "Scoop" Carlstrom attended the Sanford Pentagon games this past weekend and covered all of them on the website so I won't duplicate that but I want to congratulate all the players that could attend the last event of the year for most of the teams in the program. Starting with the 16U Blue team that was as usual short handed put a good fight up against tough odds competing with the strong 17U teams in the Sanford Pentagon League but finished well in the consolation bracket. It was a up and down season for the most part but Coach Tony Taylor named Jordan Horn and Erik Davis as the team MVP's who were consistent throughout the year. Both players have been invited to play in the 16U Super Showcase in Louisville, KY.

The 15U Black team finished it's season in second place in the 16U Sanford League against a very big and strong Omaha Sports Academy who has been ranked number one (1) all season and prevailed in the end to become Champions. But hats off to the talented young group of players who has finished second in the Chicago Summer Jam to Meanstreets and won the NIKE EYBL Memorial Day Classic against the same Meanstreets team and finished second to KC Run GMC in the Howard Pulley Invitational. This has been a extremely talented group led by Ishmael El-Amin and now joined by Tre Jones, who has been injured and just returned in July, has made this team even better with stronger guard play, great tandem together. Coaches Jabbar Washington and Keenan Shelton feel that the over achievers should all be recognized for their team success throughout the year, Jaquan Sanders-Smith, D.J. Hunter, Isaac Johnson, Simon Wright, Joshua Bryant, Jimmy Connell (injured), Burt Hedstrom and Brennan Hawkins. Ishmael El-Amin, Isaac Johnson, Tre Jones and Simon Wright has been invited to compete in the 17U/16U Super Showcase in Louisville, KY.

The 15U Blue team has battled through adversity all season with injuries, shorthanded at most of the tournaments due to personal business, etc but has competed each and every game like it was their last. They lost in the constellation championship game in Sioux Falls, SD with only seven (7) players including three (3) 7th graders, Ian Lim, Chris Coffey and Courtney Brown, jr added to the team in order to finish the season. So let's give them a round of applause for the great effort and commitment to James Baker, Isaiah Simon, Denzel Fondugallah, Xavier Bonner, Deante Bronson who attended the final event and they are all MVP's. The very young and exciting 14U team won the Sanford Pentagon Championship for the second year in a row, last years' team led by Ishmael El-Amin and Walt McGrory, in dominating fashion for their second Championship back to back with the Chicago Summer Jam last week. This group has won three (3) Championships this year with a runner up playing their age in tournaments. Normally they have played 15U in most events and competed well. We have a picture of them on the website for all to see so I don't have to name them but just thank each of them for choosing Pulley for their needs and hope to see the back in 2015. I won't name any MVP's for this team because they played together all year and different people stepped up to win every game so it was a consistent team effort all the time. Good luck as you go to High School this year for a new experience.  

Sanford Pentagon Tournament Series

July 20

The Pulley 14s have won back-to-back 14U Championship's; this time in Sioux Falls vs. the Dakota Schoolers in the SPTS Open. In the 64-53 victory, the Panthers were led by Calvin Wishart with 16pts/3reb/2ast, Jacob Prince 14pts/1reb/1stl, Chris Kelly 13pts/3reb/2stl, Deland Phillips 10pts/1reb/1stl and Ryan Larson 9pts/1reb/1ast/3stl. Others: Krystian Toliver 2pts/1reb/1ast/1stl and Julian Wright 1reb/1ast/1st. Daniel Oturu did not play due to injury.  Congratulation to Coach Wade and Staff, Players and Parents on a great 14U season.

After playing bigger, stronger, older players all weekend the Pulley 15 Black squad squared off with the 16 OSA, another team that more than fits the aforementioned team profile.......and after leading most of the game we ended up falling 43-37 and taking the runner up crown in the 16U SPTS. We were led by Josh Bryant with 10pts/2reb, Tre Jones 6pts/6reb/7ast/3stl (took 3 charges), Simon Wright 5pts/7reb/3ast/2stl, Ish El-Amin 5pts/2reb/2ast/1stl, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 5pts/1reb/1stl, DJ Hunter 4pts/2ast/1stl, Isaac Johnson 2pts/3reb/1ast/3stl and Brennan Hawkins 1reb and strong defense.

The 15 Black continued mowing down older opponents when the defeated the 16 Dakota Schoolers 56-43 in the Semifinals of the SPTS 16U Division. The Panthers were led by backcourt duo of Tre Jones 11pts/4reb/6ast and Ish El-Amin with 10pts/3reb/6ast, followed by Johnson with 9pts/3reb/2ast/2stl, Burt Hedstrom 8pts/1ast/3stl, Josh Bryant 6pts/2reb/2stl, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 6pts/1reb/1stl and Simon Wright 4pts/4reb/2ast/1stl (didn't play in 2nd half due to injury), DJ Hunter 2pts/2stl and Brennan Hawkins 2reb/1ast/1stl. 

July 19

The 14s ran by WOTN in the Summer Slam in Sioux Falls behind 16pts/4reb/2blk from Daniel Oturu, 11pts/5reb from Jacob Prince and 10pts/2reb/1ast/3stl from Ryan Larson. Others: Calvin Wishart 8pts/3reb/1ast/2stl, Deland Phillips 8pts, Chris Kelly 4pts/3reb/1ast/4stl and Krystian Toliver 4pts/2reb/1blk. Will play in Championship Game tomorrow at 10:10a.m.   

The 15 Black (4-0) downed the #2 seed MN Fury in the 16U SPTS by 8pts and were led by Isaac Johnson with 13pts/3reb/2ast/2stl, Josh Bryant 11pts/4reb, Burt Hedstrom 9pts/2reb/2stl, Ish El-Amin 7pts/2reb/6ast/3stl and Tre Jones 6pts/4reb/8ast/3st. Others:Jaquan Sanders-Smith 7pts/1stl, Simon Wright 3pts/3reb, Brendan Hawkins 2reb/2stl and DJ Hunter 2reb/1ast/1stl. Will play in 16U semifinals tomorrow at 10:10a.m.

Our 14s defeated the MN Stars 73-45 with Daniel Oturu dropping 20pts/11reb/3stl/1blk followed by Chris Kelly with 10pts/2reb, Ryan Larson 9pts/5reb/2ast, Deland Phillips 9pts/1reb/1ast, Calvin Wishart 7pts/2stl, Julian Wright 5pts/1reb, Jacob Prince 5pts, Courtney Brown 4pts and Krystian Toliver 4pts/1reb. 

The 15 Black dispatched the MN Comets 16s 62-58 behind Isaac Johnson with 17pts/3reb, Burt Hedstrom 13pts/2reb and Ish El-Amin 10pts/4reb Others: Josh Bryant 9pts/2reb, Tre Jones 8pts/3reb, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 3pts and Simon Wright 4reb.

The 16 Blue lost to the MN Comets 17s and in the loss, Eric Davis led the way with 12pts/6reb/2blk, Landon Kirkwood 8pts/3reb/2stl, Allen Anderson 8pts/2reb/4ast, Nik Keller 6pts/3reb/1ast/1stl, Jordan Horn 6pts/3reb/3ast/3stl, Amani Hooker 3pts/2reb/2ast/1stl, Ade Lamu 2pts/3reb/1ast/2stl/5blk and Jason Gumm 2pts/2reb/2stl.

15 Blue lost to the MN Comets 15s in Pool Game

16 Blue lost to OSA in Championship Bracket  

July 18 

The 15 Blue knocked of ECI Prospects 63-48 at the SPTS with Ian Lim tallying 13pts, D. Bronson 11pts, Xavier Bonner 11pts, Denzel Fondungallagh 9pts, James Baker 8 pts, Isaiah Simon 6pts and Chris Coffey 6pts.

HP 15 Black defeated ECI Prospects 16s 69-52, behind Tre Jones' 14pts, Burt Hedstrom 13pts/1reb and Josh Bryant 10pts/3reb. Others: Isaac Johnson 8pts/3reb, Simon Wright 7pts/7reb, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 7pts/3reb and Ish El-Amin 5pts/8reb. 

Deland Phillips with 28pts/3reb/2stl, Daniel Oturu 18pts/6stl/1blk and Jacob Prince 11pts/3reb/1ast/1stl led the 14s over the SD Attack 69-63. Others: Ryan Larson 6pts/3reb/2ast, Chris Kelly 6pts/1reb/1stl, Julian Wright 2pts/1stl and Krystian Toliver 2pts.  

16 Blue downed the 17 Iowa CorkSharks 89-61 at the SPTS behind Erik Davis' 36pts/7reb, Jordan Horn 17pts/9ast, Ade Lamu 12pts/8ast and Allen Anderson 10pts/6ast/2stl. Others: Landon Kirkwood 7pts/5reb/1stl, Amani Hooker 5pts/9reb/2stl and Jason Gumm 2pts/3reb

.The 14s cruised past the Show Time Hoopers 83-26 with Daniel Oturu providing 14pts/5reb/1stl/3blk, Calvin Wishart 14pts/5reb/3ast/4stl, Jacob Prince 14pts/1reb/1ast, Ryan Larson 10pts/4reb/2ast/7stl and Chris Kelly 10pts/1reb/1stl. Others: Deland Phillips 9pts/2reb/1ast, Krystian Toliver 7pts/7reb/1stl and Julian Wright 5pts/3reb/1ast.  

At SPTS HP 15 Black downed Iowa CornSharks 16s 111-30 with Burt Hedstrom scoring 23pts/2reb, Isaac Johnson 19pts/3reb, Simon Wright 17pts/4reb, Josh Bryant 11pts/2reb and Brennan Hawkins 10pts/2reb. Others: Jaquan Sanders-Smith 8pts/6reb, Trey Jones 6pts/2reb and Ish El-Amin 5pts

Pulley 15 Blues defeated ECI Prospects 63-48 

Pulley 15 Blues defeated Iowa CornSharks (forfiet) 

Nike EYBL Peach Jam:

July 19 

Our Panthers fell to the Houston Hoops 81-76 and in the loss Jarvis Johnson tallied 20pts/3reb/1ast followed by Sam Neumann with 13pts/1reb/5ast, Bjorn Broman 12pts/1reb/6ast/1stl, Sacar Anim 12pts/5reb/1ast/1stl and Amir Coffey 11pts/4reb/3ast/2stl/2blk. Others: Joe Rosga 5pts/2ast, Brock Bertram 3pts/5reb/2ast and Alex Illikainen 1reb/1ast. 

July 18 

Alex Illikainen with 20pts/7reb/1ast, Sam Neumann with 14pts/6reb/2ast and Sacar Anim with 10pts/3reb/1ast led Pulley in their 58-55 Peach Jam loss to Team Final. Others: Jarvis Johnson 6pts/1ast and Joe Rosga 3pts/2reb  

The 17s were downed by the Oakland Soldiers 65-62 in OT at Peach Jam. Panthers were led by Jarvis Johnson with 14pts/1reb/2ast/1stl and Sacar Anim with 10pts. Others: Amir Coffey 8pts/5reb/4ast/1stl, Joe Rosga 8pts/1stl/1blk, Sam Neumann 5pts/7reb/1ast, Alex Illikainen 5pts/2reb/1ast, Dan Trillo 5pts, Brock Bertram 4pts/4reb/1blk, Bjorn Broman 3pts/2reb/1ast and Josh Collins 1ast/1blk.  

July 17

Our EYBL team downed Mac Irvin Fire 57-53 behind the splendid play of Amir Coffey with a double-double 14pts/10reb/5ast/1blk, Bjorn Broman 10pts/2reb/5ast/1stl, Joe Rosga 9pts/3reb/2ast/1stl and Sam Neumann 9pts/8reb. Others: Sacar Anim 7pts/4reb/1ast/2stl, Alex Illikainen 7pts/4reb/1ast/1stl/1blk and Jarvis Johnson 1pt/3reb/1ast/1stl.

Jarvis Johnson with 13pts/3reb/1stl and Amir Coffey with 12pts/6reb/2ast/1stl/1blk led the 17s in their 70-54 loss to the Travelers (KY). Others: Bjorn Broman 7pts/4reb/5ast, Sacar Anim 6pts/4reb/2ast, Josh Collins 5pts, Dan Trillo 5pts/2reb, Joe Rosga 3pts/2reb, Brock Bertram 2pts/6reb/3blk, Sam Neumann 1pt/8reb/2ast/1stl and Alex Illikainen 4reb.  

Chicago Summer Slam

Summer Slam Recap by Rene Pulley:

First I want to give a huge shout out to the Baylor Foundation, Mac Irvin and Mean Streets for hosting the start of the "Live Period" events to give a lot of young athletes' a chance to compete against big time competition in front of a large group of College Coaches.

I'm sure you have already read the game scores and stats from this past weekend so I won't bore you with all the details again but I want to give a brief summary of how great it was to be part of Howard Pulley Basketball and in a very outstanding tournament with a strong group of teams to compete against. Starting with the 17U team, (6-1) who shared the Championship with Mac Irvin with mutual agreement for play our Championship Game in the NIKE EYBL Peach Jam Thursday at 12 noon, what a way to begin a tournament, is there anything better, "NO". lol All the players on the EYBL team got an opportunity to start at least two (2) games in front of a lot of Major College Coaches to be the toast of the tournament. Everyone played extremely well and impressed the crowds along with opposing teams. This is what we needed to make our journey to the Peach Jam to continue our goal of all of our young student athletes get an opportunity to realize their dreams with a college scholarship at the end of long and stressful trip.

Our 16U Black (5-1) team lost to Mean Streets in a hard fault game in the semi-finals who lost to Mac Irvin in the finals. We only had eight (8) players including Jordan Horn who did double duty this weekend and is a tired young man today. The 16U Blue team (1-3) won their first game and lost the next three (3) in close games but did a fantastic job playing hard and looked good in victory and defeat.

The 15U Black (6-1) team placed 2nd losing to Mean Streets in the Championship Game that I think we ran out of gas with nothing left in the tank. But they played in a war against Mac Irvin in the quarter-finals with a packed house supporting Mac Irvin but we reached down in our soul and refused to lose. We were down and looked like we were out until Ishmael El-Amin hit a 3 ball, down the lane "DUNK" and another 3 ball and we never looked back. The rest of the gang rose up to beat down the home team in front of their great fans. It also was the debut of Tre Jones coming back from injured reserve all spring/summer to give this outstanding team even better in front of a dozen college coaches. The 15U Blue team (4-3) battled the entire tournament with only seven (7) players but never backed down against all the odds against them. Ken Maxey has done another great job of over achieving every year with the talent he is given, hats off to him and the hard working young men that makes him look good, thanks for always believing in yourself.

Finally the 14U team (6-0) who has been impressive all year but under the radar of their older brothers who get most of the recognition but again they roared just as loud as the EYBL team while winning the Championship which is their 3rd of the season. These young lions seem to find a way to continue to win and be noticed as a power team representing Minnesota well. They also had to defeat a huge home crowd playing the favored Mac Irvin in the Semi's while we bended but didn't break to pull out the victory and move on to the final contest which ended in victory.

Now on to the second and final leg (4) of the Pulley Panther teams in the Sanford Pentagon League games in Sioux Falls, SD. We hope to finish the year on a high note for an already successful spring/summer 2014 season. Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, good luck to the EYBL team at the Peach Jam Championships in Augusta, GA, this is what we strived for all year so let's go get it. Stay tuned until next week.  

July 13 

Pulley EYBL and Mac Irvin Fire decided not to play 17U Platinum Championship Game because they play each other in a few day at the Nike EYBL Peach Jam. Co-Champions   

Despite 26pts/2reb/5ast from Amar Miller, 14pts/1reb from Tyler Peterson, 10pts/7reb/1stl from Jamil Jackson, 10reb/8pts/1ast from Jalen Brown, the 16 Black fell to Mean Streets 63-58 in the semifinals of the Chicago Summer Slam. Others: Brad Davison 3pts/1reb/2ast, Theo John 3pts/4reb/1blk, Jordan Horn 2pts/1reb/1ast and Trenton Krueger 2pts/1reb/1blk.   

In the 14U Chicago Summer Slam Platinum Division Championship Game, the 14s defeated Minnesota D1 48-47 and in the victory Jacob Prince led the way with 16pts/3reb followed by Daniel Oturu with 10pts/8reb/4blk, Deland Phillips 6pts/1reb, Chris Kelly 6pts/1ast, Ryan Larson 5pts/2ast/1stl and Calvin Wishart 5pts/1ast/1stl. 

In the 16U Platinum Division Playoffs, the 16 Blacks downed the Toronto Chosen One's 58-30 behind 13pts/4reb/4ast/1stl rom Brad Davison, 10pts/7reb/1ast from Jalen Brown and 10pts/2reb/1ast/1stl/3blk from Theo John. Others: Trenton Krueger 9pts/1reb/1ast/1stl/1blk, Jamil Jackson 7pts/2reb/1stl/2blk, Tyler Peterson 5pts/2reb, Jordan Horn3pts/1reb/3ast/1stl and Amar Miller 2pts/3reb/8ast/3stl.

EYBL defeated Peoria Basketball (IL) 64-61 to advance to the Championship of 17U Platinum Division  

15 Black lost to Meanstreets 45-38 in the 15U Championship Game of the Chicago Summer Slam.

15 Black defeated Peoria Area Elite 69-50 to advance to the Championship of 15U Platinum Division 

EYBL defeat Windy City Magic 73-49 to advance to 17U Platinum Senifinals  

15 Black defeated Mac Irvin Fire 65-62 to advance to 15U Platinum Semifinals 

EYBL defeated Top City (KS) 68-54 in 17U Platinum Playoffs

16 Black lost to Mean Streets 73-68 in Semifinals of 16U Platinum Division 

16 Blue defeated Central Illinois Huskies 65-71 in 15U Platinum Playoff

15 Blue lost to Brampton Warriors 55-31 in Platinum Quarterfinals

July 12

The 3-0 Pulley 14s downed Mac Irvin Fire in the first round of the Platinum Division Playoff behind 15pts/7reb/4blks from Daniel Oturu, 12pts/1stl from Deland Phillips and 9pts/4reb/1ast/1stl from Ryan Larson. Other: Jacob Prince 7pts/1reb/2stl, Calvin Wishart 5pts/1reb/1stl and Chris Kelly 1pt. 

Brad Davison led the 16 Black (3-0) over Impact Basketball (IL) 53-39 with his 16pts/4reb/3ast/1stl followed by Trenton Krueger with 10pts/6ast/1st and Jamil Jackson with 10reb/7pts/1stl. Others: Jalen Brown 8pts/4reb/2stl, Amar Miller 6pts/2reb/1ast, Tyler Peterson 2pts/4reb, Landon Kirkwood 2pts/8reb/2ast, Jordan Horn 2pts/3reb/3ast and Theo John 5reb.

Chris Kelly with 19pts/3reb/2stl, Daniel Oturu with 16pts/2reb/2stl/4blk and Jacob Prince with 14pts/8reb/1ast/1stl led the Pulley 14s over the Champaign Wolverines (IL) 72-41. Others: Ryan Larson 7pts/3reb/1ast/2stl, Deland Phillips 6pts/2reb/1stl, Julian Wright 2pts/1reb/2ast, Calvin Wishart 2pts/2reb/1ast/1stl and Ian Lim 2pts/1stl.  

The Pulley 14s got busy this morning and beat Tolson Park 74-30. Jacob Prince led the way with 25pts/2reb/1ast/1stl followed by Daniel Oturu with 14pts/8reb/1blk and Deland Phillips with 12pts/3reb/1st. Others: Julian Wright 6pts/2reb/3ast/1stl, Chris Coffey 4pts/1reb/1blk, Chris Kelly 3pts/3reb/1ast, Calvin Wishart 3pts/1reb/1ast/5stl and Ryan Larson 2pts/2reb/3ast/1stl.

The 16 Black (2-0) blew by Bay Area (MI) 80-18 behind 15pts/4ast/1stl from Amar Miller, 13pts/8reb/1ast/1stl from Theo John, 11pts/1reb/5ast/7stl from Brad Davison, 11pts/4reb/4ast/1stl from Jordan Horn and 10pts/5reb/3ast/2stl from Tyler Peterson. Others: Landon Kirkwood 8pts/1reb/3ast/3stl, Jamil Jackson 6pts, Trenton Krueger 4pts/4reb/2stl and Jalen Brown 2pts/2reb/1stl.

15 Black defeated Bloomington Kings (IL) 57-40 

15 Blue defeated Peoria Basketball (IL) 58-47

16 Blue lost playoff game to Peoria Area Elite (IL) 63-54  

16 Blue lost to Meanstreets 50-45  

EYBL lost to Mac Irvin Fire 70-65 

EYBL defeated I Can All-Star Elite 68-34 

16 Blue lost to Baylor Basketball (MO) 58-54

15 Blue lost to Mac Irvin Fire 68-45  

July 11  

Pulley Panthers go 6-0 on Friday at NCAA Certified Chicago Summer Slam. All games were convincing wins.

Tyler Peterson with 14pts/4reb/1stl led Pulley 16 Black over Illinois Future in Chicago. Amar Miller chipped in 9pts/1reb/3ast/3stl and Jamil Jackson 8pts/1blk. Others: Landon Kirkwood 7pts/2reb/2ast, Brad Davison 6pts/2reb/6ast/3stl, Trenton Krueger 4pts/4reb/2stl, Theo John 3pts/3reb, Jordan Horn 2pts/2reb/3reb and Jalen Brown 2pts/8reb.

16 Blue won it's opening game of the Chicago Summer Slam over Peoria Basketball. Erik Davis led the way with 17pts. Jordan Horn, Jordan Bolton, Amani Hooker and Allen Anderson had 8pts each. Jason Gumm had a solid game chipping in 7pts/5rbs, Ade Lamu with 6pts/6rbs, Sam Baker 6pts, and Nik Keller 4pts/6rebs The game was tied 30-30 at halftime. Blues went on a 16-4 run to break the game wide open. 

EYBL's defeated Champaign Heat (IL) 68-40

15 Blue defeated Fusion Basketball (IL) 57-32

15 Black defeated Midwest Stars 71-61

15 Black defeated STATIC (IL) 55-27  

July 3

Congratulations to former Pulley Panther Jashon Cornell on committing to The Ohio State University. This outstanding football player chose the Buckeye's over Notre Dame, Michigan State, Penn State and Iowa. Congratulations Jashon. 

June 28 

June 27

Providence Head Coach Ed Cooley has offered Amir Coffey a basketball scholarship. 

June 22  

Recap of Wisconsin Team Camp by Rene Pulley:

We had a great weekend for our last event before the Live Period tournaments in July. We put together three (3) teams of six (6) players each to make the trip to the Badger Team Camp to compete against a lot of good Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota teams. Because of lack of players we mixed in the 15's with 17's and 16's to have enough players, so we called them the "iron six" times three. I want to mention the young warriors that competed almost without any rest between games and still gutted it out to be successful. One team consisted of Bjorn Broman, Joe Rosga, Amir Coffey, Brock Bertram, Ishmael El-Amin and Simon Wright, Team two - Brad Davison, Gary Trent, jr (inured), Jamil Jackson (who was injured and missed the play-offs), Tyler Peterson, Trenton Krueger and DJ Hunter, team three was Jordan Bolton, Amani Hooker, Jared Baptiste, Ade Lamu, Nik Kellar and Isaac Johnson.

But I want to give these tough young guys credit for competing hard and having the success they had being so short handed playing strictly on skill, brains and guts. It also was a testament for Minnesota who had some teams playing very well in the tournament play format and I was proud to see all the local kids do so well against other outstanding teams from other regional states. The quarter finals for the Platinum Division consisted of six Minnesota teams, Pulley 1 & 2, Burnsville, Minnetonka, Mounds View and Johnson. The semis consisted of three Minnesota teams, Pulley 1, Minnetonka and Mounds View, with Pulley 1 winning the Championship Game against a top Illinois team. So hats off to Minnesota and how far we have come to dominate our region playing basketball.

I want to give a big shout out to several players that endured fatigue and mental stress this weekend to lead their respective teams to victory while exhausted. Starting with the Champions where everyone contributed with the addition of Brad Davison in the semi final and championship game, Gary Trent was added but couldn't play due to injuries suffered before we got to Madison, WI. Team two lost Jamil Jackson for the play-off due to ankle sprain but added Jared Baptiste and Isaac Johnson. Kudos to all the Pulley players for all they gave and to the Pulley players who competed against them this weekend who led their teams to success, Jason Gumm-Jackson Marten - Burnsville, Amar Miller-Burt Hedstrom - Minnetonka, great job fellows.

Now we're finally will be where we started this season to go and that is to be the best we can be in front of the College Coaches attending the games during the Live Period in July. We start with the Chicago Summer Jam July 11-13, NIKE EYBL Peach Jam Championships and Sanford Pentagon League Championships and the Super Showcase event to defend our National Championship 2013. Good luck to all the Pulley Panthers and other Minnesota programs as we move forward.

I couldn't end this without a special recognition to Ishmael El-Amin who has been the major standout in the month of June with his performances at UNI and Wisconsin was unbelievable play with his leadership skills, ball handling, passing and above all his ability to dunk the ball consistently with ease. He has showed a court vision that only a few point guards have but he may have gotten it honestly from his father, Khalid El-Amin, who has never dunked the ball yet. lol But Ishmael's claim to fame is, he's taller and jumps higher than his famous and truly great father. Amir Coffey has elevated himself to another level and received a scholarship offer from Bo Ryan, Head Coach - Wisconsin this weekend and he raised the level of his game to lead his team when it was needed the most. Let's talk again after Chicago, IL.  

June 21

Howard Pulley's EYBL won the University of Wisconsin's Team Camp Championship. While on campus, Coach Bo Ryan offered Amir Coffey (Hopkins) a basketball scholarship beginning in 2016. GREAT WEEKEND..... 

June 18

Howard Pulley's Sacar Anim (@Sacar_Anim15) (DLS) has received a basketball scholarship offers from Dayton and Drake University's.

Howard Pulley's Brad Davison (@braddavi34) (Maple Grove) has received a basketball scholarship offer from South Dakota State.  

June 10

Congratulations Alex Illikainen, Jarvis Johnson and Sacar Anim who have been invited to participate in the Victor Oladipo & Ty Lawson All American Camp presented by The Elite Skills Basketball School - ESBS. This is one of NIKE's premier basketball events for elite high school basketball players. The 2014 Victor Oladipo & Ty Lawson All American Camp will be conducted on the illustrious campus of Dematha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD from July 9-11, 2014. This event is limited to 60 of the nation's elite high school players, by invitation only.  

June 8

University of Northern Iowa Team Camp:

Recap by Rene Pulley

The weekend at UNI was a great outing for the Howard Pulley 16U-15U-14U teams that finished with a 24-3 record with some outstanding moments. Naturally, each group played up against the strongest Varsity teams at the Camp and some of them were very, very big and good. The 16U teams record was 10-1 with impressive wins against Iowa's last season State Champions and three Minnesota's runner-up this year. UNI was impressed with Gary Trent, Jr, Amar Miller, Brad Davison, Jamil Jackson, Brock Bertram who have been invited to the Skills Camp June 16th. The 16 Blue team was short handed, with only six (6) players, due to injuries, personal commitments. But came up real big as others stepped up to the challenge with strong play from Jason Gumm, Allan Anderson, Jordan Bolton, Ade Lamu and Nik Kellar who also suffered a concussion Saturday.  Great job guys.

The 15U teams record was 9-2 with outstanding play from (15 Black) Ishmael El-Amin, Isaac Johnson, Burt Hedstrom, Jaquan Sanders-Smith, Joshua Bryant, Brennan Hawkins, DJ Hunter, Jimmy Connell; 15 Blue group competed with only six (6) players who played their hearts out, James Baker, Isaiah Simon, Denzel Fondugallah, Xavier Bonner, Devantaye Spats and Deante Bronson. Hats off to Coach Tony Taylor for another great job.

The game of the weekend that had all the UNI Coaches glued to the floor was the last game Saturday night and "NO" it wasn't what you think. It was the 14U team playing against a very talented Varsity Team from Iowa who were bigger, stronger and tough. But the undefeated, 5-0, young Panthers would not be denied and competed, fought even though there was a definite size, weight and strength difference between the two teams. When the smoke cleared they were victorious and did it in big time fashion with great team execution and personal skills displayed to finish the game and take the win. Very impressive were these talented boys' that had the entire gym on edge and I want to name all of them. Ryan Larson, Calvin Wishart, Jacob Prince, Chris Kelly and Daniel Oturu were truly outstanding with a lot of help from Ian Lim, Julien Wright, Chris Coffey and Deland Phillips. A total team effort proved rewarding for this weekend of entertaining basketball by these young warriors. Also, a big shout out to Coach Percy Wade and George Robinson who led this hungry group of upcoming stars, remember their names.

The next challenge is Wisconsin Team Camp June 20-21 where a short handed 17U team, 4 players, will add four (4) players from the 15U team to join them to compete. The 16U teams will have only 7 players per unit but will step up and still get thejob done, can't wait. Good luck to Amir Coffey and Gary Trent Jr. at the NIKE Elite 100 Camp in St Louis, MO, June 12-15. Stay Tuned.

EYBL and Memorial Day Invitational: 

As Howard Pulley Basketball begins its big weekend of hosting 2 National events, we want to wish our friend Will Starks the very best and our prayers are that he "continue to get well."  Will is recovering from an illness and is currently doing quite well. Will, we wish you could be with us at our EYBL event this weekend.  We hope to see you soon.

EYBL Session-4 Results:

Congratulations Rene Pulley, Antwan Harris, Dedrick Jenkins, staff and players: Sacar Anim, Brock Bertram, Bjorn Broman, Amir Coffey, Josh Collins, Alex Illikainen, Jarvis Johnson, Sam Neumann, Brady Reinke, Joe Rosga and Daniel Tillo on qualifying for Nike EYBL Peach Jam for a record 17th consecutive year.

Weekend Recap from Rene Pulley

This is the final NIKE EYBL report of this year until the Peach Jam Championships in July. Starting with the 17U Team, it qualified for the EYBL Championships in Augusta, GA with a 10-6 record and a 3rd place finish in Division A where the top five team automatic qualify in each division. The other four teams qualify with At Large bids with the best records in the league decided by head to head competition. As always someone will be left out due to points, etc. Right now there is 25 teams vying for 24 spots. Good luck to all those teams that will compete in Augusta, GA, you deserve it.

The Family defeated the Howard Pulley 16U Black team 67-64 and withstood a final 3 minute charge that felt alittle short but the I'm so proud of the young men on that team who showed who we were against some very talented final four teams like Mac Irvin, All Iowa Attack, Cal Supreme and Mean Streets. The win gave The Family an automatic bid to the Sweet 16U Peach Jam and now we wait to see if we can get in that great event. We didn't play that well in the first two Sweet 16 events that were held in Chicago and Dallas but finished strong and hope that will make a difference with the Nike Brass who does the selection process. Keep your fingers crossed.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 15U Black with their win over Mean Streets 64-51 so hats off to the Jabbar Washington, Keenan Shelton and all the players, great job. An outstanding final four of Playground Elite, The Family and Mean Streets helped make this qualifying event special. I want to thank all the outstanding programs that attended the HP - MDC Sweet 16 Preferred Event and good luck to all. Our next event is Northern Iowa for the 14's, 15's and 16's, June 7-8, 2014. Take care.  

May 25

In a make-up game from Session-1, E1T1 defeated Pulley EYBL.  In the loss Alex Illikainen led the Panthers with 23pts/6reb/1ast followed by Sacar Anim with 10pts/5reb. Others: Bjorn Broman 9pts/2reb/4ast/1stl, Joe Rosga 9pts/2reb/2ast, Daniel Tillo 6pts/3reb/2ast/1stl, Amir Coffey 4pts/7reb/5ast, Jarvis Johnson 2pts/1stl/1blk, Brock Bertram 2pts and Josh Collins 3reb. 

King James stopped Pulley EYBL’s 4-game winning streak with their 4-point victory. HP was led by Sacar Anim with 18pts/4reb/2ast. Others: Jarvis Johnson 9pts/4reb/6ast, Joe Rosga 9pts/3reb/2ast, Daniel Tillo 9pts/1reb/1stl/1blk, Alex Illikainen 7pts/2reb/1blk, Amir Coffey 6pts/4reb/4ast/2stl, Josh Collins 5pts, Brock Bertram 4pts/5reb/1ast, Bjorn Broman 3pts/3reb/4ast and Brady Reinke 1ast. 

Pulley’s EYBL got by NW Xpress with Amir Coffey providing 21pts/5reb/1ast/1blk, Jarvis Johnson 15pts/2reb/2ast/1st, Daniel Tillo 11pts/3reb/1blk and Scar  10pts/5reb/1ast/2stl. Others: Alex Illikainen 6pts/6reb/3stl/1blk, Bjorn Broman 3pts/3reb/10ast/2stl, Joe Rosga 2pts/1ast, Brock Bertram 2pts/6reb/1stl and Josh Collins 1reb. 

May 24

Pulley’s EYBL cruised by Baltimore Elite behind Bjorn Broman with 14pts/6ast/2stl, Sacar Anim 13pts/5reb/4ast and Brock Bertram 10pts/4reb/1ast/3blk. Others: Joe Rosga 7pts/3reb/2ast, Amir Coffey 6pts/4reb/8ast, Alex Illikainen 6pts/7reb, Josh Collins 5pts/4reb/3ast/1stl, Jarvis Johnson 4pts/3reb/1ast/1stl and Brady Reinke 3pts.  

The EYBL squad downed the NY Lighting behind 16pts/8reb/2stl from Alex Illikaienen and 15pts/4reb/5ast/1stl from Bjorn Broman.  Others:  Amir Coffey 8pts/3reb/4ast/1stl, Sacar Anim 6pts/3reb/1ast/2stl, Joe Rosga 5pts/2reb/1ast/2stl, Jarvis Johnson 5pts/2stl, Brock Bertram 2pts/1reb and Sam Neumann 4reb/7reb/1ast/3blk.

Nike Memorial Day Invitational - 16U Nike Peach Jam At Large Bid & 15U Invite Results:

May 25

The Family downed Pulley's 16 Black to win the Memorial Day 16U Championship. In the loss Jalen Jackson dropped 13pts/2reb/1ast/2stl/1blk, Landon Kirkwood 12pts/3reb/2ast and Tyler Peterson 11pts/3ast/1stl. Others: Brad Davison 8pts/5reb/2ast/1stl, Amar Miller 6pts/2reb/12ast, Gary Trent Jr. 6pts/6reb, Jalen Brown 4pts/10reb/1ast/2stl, Trenton Krueger 4pts/2reb and Seth Green 2reb.

The 15 Black defeated Mean Streets to capture the 2014 15U Memorial Day Invitational Crown. We were led by DJ Hunter and Jaquan Sanders-Smith with 15pts each and Ishmael El-Amin with 14pts. Others: Isaac Johnson and Josh Bryant 8pts each, Jimmy Connell 4pts and Burt Hedstrom 3pts. 

The 16 Black downed Mac Irvin in the Semi's to advance to the 16U Finals, behind 16pts/2reb/1ast/2stl from Gary Trent Jr, 13pts/12reb from Trenton Krueger and 12pts/2reb/2ast/1stl from Tyler Peterson. Others:  Brad Davison 8pts/2reb/5ast/4stl, Jamil Jackson 6pts/3reb/1stl, Jalen Brown 4pts/6reb/1ast and Seth Green 2pts/4reb/1ast.

The 15 Black defeated Playground Elite to advance to the 15U Championship behind 30pts from Isaac Johnson and 15pts from Ishmael El-Amin.

The 16 Black defeated CA Supreme behind Gary Trent Jr's 24pts/8reb/1stl, Brad Davison 17pts/8reb/3ast/3stl and Jalen Brown 13reb/6pts/2ast/1stl/2blk.  Others: Seth Green 7pts/8reb/2blk, Amar Miller 4pts/3reb/2ast, Jamil Jackson 4pts/1reb/1ast, Landon Kirkwood 4pts/reb and Tyler Peterson 1pt/1reb.

The 15 Black defeated Hoops4Health behind 16pts from Ishmael El-Amin and 15pts from Isaac Johnson. Others: DJ Hunter 8pts, Simon Wright 6pts, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 6pts, Burt Hedstrom 6pts and Josh Bryant 2pts. 

May 24 

In a Bracket game the 16 Black downed the Utah Basketball Club with Gary Trent Jr. recording 17pts/4reb/2blks, Landon Kirkwood 17pts/1ast/4stl, Tyler Peterson 14pts/1ast, Jamil Jackson 11pts/4reb/1blk, Amar Miller 4pts/3reb/8ast, Jalen Brown 4pts/3reb/1ast/1stl, Trenton Krueger 4pts/5reb/1stl, Brad Davison 2pts/2reb/7ast/1stl and Seth Green 1pt/6reb/1ast/1stl.

In a Bracket game, the 16 Blue lost to Mean Streets and in the loss Jordan Ammons tallied 10pts/5reb/1ast/1stl/1blk, Walt McGrory 9pts/8reb/2ast, Jordan Horn 8pts/1reb/1ast/2stl, Sam Baker 7pts/1reb, Ade Lamu 5pts/2reb/3ast/2stl/1blk, Eric Davis 5reb/3reb, Allan Anderson 4pts/1ast/1stl, Amani Hooker 3pts/1reb, Jason Gumm 1reb/1ast/1stl and Nik Keller 1reb/1stl.

In a Bracket game the 14s were downed by The Family 15s and in the loss our squad was led by Daniel Oturu with 17pts/6reb/1stl/1blk and Ryan Larson 16pts/2reb/1ast/1stl. Others:  Deland Phillips 7pts/4reb/1stl, Calvin Wishart 6pts/4reb/2ast/3stl, Jacob Prince 3pts/1reb/1stl and Chris Kelly 1pts/4reb/1stl. 

The 16 Blue were defeated by Playground-Smith with Walt McGrory providing 9pts/6reb/3ast, Erik Davis 9pts/3reb, Jordan Horn 8pts/2ast/4stl, Jordan Ammons 6pts/5reb/1ast/2stl, Ade Lamu 6pts/5reb/2stl, Amani Hooker 6pts/4reb, Nik Keller 6pts/1reb/1stl, Jason Gumm 5pts/4reb/1ast, Allan Anderson 5ast, Sam Baker 3pts and Jarret Baptiste 2pts in the loss. 

The 15 Black downed Martin Bros. with Isaac Johnson dropping 13pts/4reb/1ast/3stl, DJ Hunter 13pts/2reb, Ishmael El-Amin 11pts/3reb/4stl/1blk, Burt Hedstrom 11pts/4reb/1stl, Simon Wright 9pts/5reb/1stl, Jimmy Connell 5pts/2reb/2stl, Josh Bryant 4pts/6reb/2stl/2blk, Brennan Hawkins 4pts/5reb/2stl and Jaquan Sanders-Smith 3pts/4reb1ast.

The 16 Blue fell to Mac Irvin Black by 1pt and in the loss Amani Hooker had 13pts/1reb/1ast/4stl/2blk, Ade Lamu 12pts/6reb/4stl, Jordan Horn 12pts/4reb/1ast/1stl/1blk, Sam Baker 11pts/4reb, Nik Keller 8pts/3reb, Erik Davis 6pts, Jordan Ammons 4pts/6reb/1stl/2ast/2stl, Jarret Baptiste 2pts/1stl, Walt McGrory 3pts/3reb/2ast/2stl, Allan Anderson 3pts/1ast and   Jason Gumm 1ast

The 15 Black downed Mean Streets-2 behind 13pts from Isaac Johnson and 12pts from Ishmael El-Amin. Others: Simon Wright 8pts, Jimmy Connell 7pts, DJ Hunter 6pts, Burt Hedstrom 4pts, Jaquan Sanders-Smith 4pts and Joshua Bryant 2pts.

The 15 Blue lost to Mac Irvin and in the loss, Isaiah Simon had 12pts, Denzel Fondungallagh 8pts, Trevor Cook 8pts, Deante Bronson 8pts, Xavier Bonner 6pts and James Baker 4pts.

The 16 Black defeated CA Supreme behind 20pts/6reb/1ast/1stl for Gary Trent Jr, 11pts/4reb/6ast from Amar Miller, 10pts/4reb from Jamil Jackson and 10pts/4reb/5ast/3stl from Brad Davison, Others: Landon Kirkwood 7pts/3reb/1stl, Trenton Krueger 6pts/4ast, Tyler Peterson 2pts/3reb/1ast and Jalen Brown 2pts/5reb/1stl.  

The 14s were beaten by All Iowa Attack 15s with Calvin Wishart providing 10pts in the loss. Others: Jacob Prince 8pts, Deland Phillips 7pts, Daniel Oturu 7pts, Ryan Larson 6pts, Chris Kelly 3pts and Julian Wright 2pts.  

The 16 Black cruised by Playground Elite behind 17pts/5reb/2ast/4stl from Gary Trent Jr., 12pts/3reb/1ast/2stl/1blk from Jamil Jackson and 11pts/2reb/4ast/4stl/1blk from Brad Davison. Others: Tyler Peterson 9pts/3reb/2stl, Amar Miller 9pts/2reb/4ast/2stl/1blk, Trenton Krueger 9pts/4reb, Jalen Brown 8pts/9reb/3ast/1blk, Seth Green 2pts/4reb/1ast/2stl and Landon Kirkwood 2pts/4reb.  

Friday, May 23

The 15 Black downed The Family (MI) behind 17pts from Simon Wright and 16pts/11reb from Isaac Johnson. Others: Ishmael El-Amin 8pts, Burt Hedstrom 3pts, DJ Hunter 2pts and Joshua Bryant 2pts.

The 15 Blue lost to Mean Streets-2 by 2pts. No Stats

The 14s beat MTS Wolves with Daniel Oturu providing 21pts/6reb, Ryan Larson 17pts, Deland Phillips 11pts/4reb, Jacob Prince 6pts, Calvin Wishart 5pts, Cris Coffey 4pts/4reb and Ian Lim and Chris Kelly 2pts each.

16 Blue defeated Mac Irvin and in the victory, Ade Lamu tallied 12pts/7reb/4ast/1stl/2stl and Jordan Horn 9pts/1reb/1ast/1stl. Others: Jarret Baptiste 7pts/1reb, Nick Keller 6pts/7reb/1stl/2blk, Eric Davis 4pts/1reb/1stl/1blk, Walt McGrory 3pts/1ast, Allan Anderson 3pts/1reb/1ast, Amani Hooker 1pt/1reb/1ast, Jason Gumm 1pt, Sam Baker 1pt/1ast/2stl and Jordan Ammons 4reb.

The 16 Black defeated Mc Irvin by forfeit.  

EYBL Session-4 Results

Saturday, May 24 

EYBL Session 3: Hampton, VA

Weekend Recap by Rene Pulley: 

I want to thank the EYBL players and coaches, Antwan Harris, Dedrick Jenkins, Mike Walker and Jabbar Washington for the great job done this past weekend, very impressive. We had four very hard opponents starting with Expressions Elite from Boston, we led 31-22 at the half but was outscored by 5 points the second half but won 71-67 with gutsy efforts from Joe Rpsga ;leading the way with 18 pts - 4 reb, Alex Illikainen w/ 15 pts, Sacar Anim w/ 10 pts. Everyone scored that played in the game t make it again a total team effort. Game two was with Team Scan - New York, again we led at half 41-35 with excellent shooting only to fall in the end 76-67. It was a tale of two half's and we had a hard time contending with their two top 15 big men, Cheick Dallo and Thomas Bryant who combined for 42 pts - 25 reb - 12 blks and I can't remember how many dunks but it was a game we could have won. Game three was with the Division leader, Team Final - Philly who only had one loss coming into the contest. I think it was to early in the morning for Team Final because we jumped on them from the start with a 22-2 lead and they never woke up, we won 70-39. Again it was our balanced scoring Sacar 13 pt, Bjorn Broman 11 pt, Amir Coffey 11 pr, Alex Illikainen 11 pt, Joe Rosga 7 pt, Sam Neumann 6 pt - 12 reb and everyone scored in the game. Game four was against Jackson Tigers - Mississippi, we led by 8 at the half and won 78-64 and it was a good win against the #1 guard in the country, Malik Newman who scored 31 pt in a losing effort and as usual we had balanced scoring Sacar Anim 21 pt - 6 reb, Amir Coffey 18 pt - 8 reb, Alex Illikainen 11 pt, Bjorn Broman 9 pt - 10 ast, Sam Neumann 8 pt - 4 reb, Brock Bertram 8 pt - 5 reb and Joe Rosga 3 pt - 5 reb, and everyone scored that played. It was an impressive weekend and hopefully the team is starting to jell on both ends of the court and we got it done without one of our top players, Jarvis Johnson who suffered a concussion in the beginning of the third game against Team Final. We hope he will be back soon for our f

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