Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association: Blackhawk Futbol (HTSA Competitive)

Saturday, July 27
2013/2014 HTSA Blackhawk Coaches, Trainers and Managers Contact List

                                                    HTSA BLACKHAWKS                                                

             Team                                            Email Contacts                                                                  

U10D Boys Black - Coach/Trainer: Matt Ferguson, Manager: Julie Cuneo

U11 Boys Black - Coach/Trainer: Joe Comeaux, Manager: Michele Caruso

U11 Boys White - Coach: Brandon Carrere, Trainer: Joe Comeaux, Manager: Daniel and Brandy Bruce 

U12 Boys Black - Coach/Trainer: Travis Dupre, Manager: Karen Venable

U13 Boys Black - Coach/Trainer: Joe Comeaux, Manager: Gabi Erny

U13 Boys White - Coach: Jeramy Arana, Trainer: Craig Muir, Manager: Rusty Landry

U14 Boys Black - Coach/Trainer: Craig Muir, Manager: Kurt Breaux

U15 Boys Black - Coach/Trainer: Craig Muir, Manager: Gabi Erny

                                                      HTSA LADYHAWKS                                               

             Team                                                 Email Contacts                                                                         

U10D Girls Black - Coach/Trainer: Alana Dehart, Manager: Kevan Keiser

U10D Girls White - Coach/Trainer: YES, Manager: Marty Boquet

U11 Girls Black - Coach/Trainer: Alana Dehart, Manager: Chris Staszack

U12 Girls Black - Coach/Trainer: Matt Kelso, Manager: Kathryn Richard

U12 Girls White - Coach/Trainer: Hillary Clark, Manager: Becky Arnette

U13 Girls Black - Coach/Trainer: John Lapeyre, Manager: Margaret Smith 

U13 Girls White - Coach/Trainer: Phil & Casey Amedee, Manager:

U14 Girls Black - Coach/Trainer: YES, Manager: Ricky Alston

U15 Girls Black - Coach/Trainer: Matt Ferguson, Manager: Julie Domangue

U16 Girls Black - Coach/Trainer: John Hebert, Manager: Jackie Becnel

U17 Girls Black - Coach: Kristen Filmore, Trainer: YES, Manager: Todd Lecompte

Saturday, April 20
Blackhawk Futbol Club - HTSA Competitive League Teams

Blackhawk logo
Blackhawk Futbol Club (HTSA Competitive)
Blackhawk Futbol Club (BFC) is the Competitive League banner for HTSA which draws a more regional pool of players.  Louisiana Competitive Soccer League (LCSL) within Louisiana Soccer Association (LSA) unifed the former Premier and Division 1 Levels for U11-U19 year olds Boys and Girls.  The Houma Blackhawks currently have 20 competitive league teams from U10 Developmental which play up in U11 brackets to the U18 age group for Boys & Girls with over 350 members. 
HTSA has announced Blackhawk tryouts to form teams for the 2013/2014 season which follows the school year from Fall to Spring.  The Tryout dates have been posted on the HTSA website.
Please join the Blackhawk Futbol Club Fanpage on Facebook.  This is a great avenue for the competitive league teams to socialize, communicate and share with other members of the HTSA/Blackhawk family and alumni. 

Saturday, February 18
LCSL League Reallignment Spring 2012
Attached below is the final bracket from LSA for spring play in the U11-U13 groups in Competitive League. Everyone is bracketed according to their fall play, so the teams within a bracket should be somewhat comparable.

Handout: LCSL League Realignment Spring 2012

Tuesday, April 23
Blackhawk Fee Estimate - 2013/2014 Season

Player Cost (2013/2014)

$   120-150                           - BFC Annual Registration (TBD)

+ $150 to $200* (x2)                       - Trainer/coaching fees per session

$   420-$550                          - Range of Fees per player


Added cost (est):

$100 ~ per Uniform/Training T’s, purchased directly online from Eurosports

$100 ~ per player per season tournament cost.

 + Gas, travel & hotel will vary.


Typically our teams participate in 2 - 3 tournaments per season (fall and spring) depending

upon the team and level of competitiveness.  3 x $500 = $1500/15

players = $100 per player.


We will have new uniform this year.  We aim to keep them consistent from year-to-year when possible.


Parental fundraisers or corporate sponsors for a team can cover a portion or all of the team tournament fees.


BFC Registration fees are paid directly to HTSA in the fall for the entire soccer year.


* The Trainer fee will vary depending upon the approved pay rate for the assigned trainer.


Coach and Trainer fees are to be paid at the time of fall registration and then at the beginning of the spring session directly to the coach.