Houma-Terrebonne Soccer Association: Competitive League Player Placement

Friday, June 26
2015/2016 HTSA Blackhawk & Ladyhawk Team List for U14+ Age Groups

Please find the HTSA Blackhawk & Ladyhawk team list for the 2015-2016 Season below for download.  Emails should have been sent out to all who have tried out.   Also please find the Coaches List for the older age groups.

Coaches List:

U15 Boys Black - TJ Freeman (Coach) & Matthew Robichaux (Train)
U15 Boys White - TBA (Coach), Kieran (Train)
U17 Boys Black - Jeramy Arana (Coach/Train)

U14 Girls Black - YES coach (Coach/Train)
U14 Girls White - TBA (coach), YES coach (Train)
U15 Girls Black - YES coach (Coach/Train)
U16 Girls Black - Kristen Filmore (Coach), YES coach (Train)
U18 Girls Black - Ed Bice (Coach/Train)

Handout: 2015/2016 HTSA Blackhawk Team List for U14-U18 Age Groups

Tuesday, May 26
2015/2016 HTSA Blackhawk & Ladyhawk Team List for U10D-U13 Age Groups
Please find the HTSA Blackhawk & Ladyhawk team list for the 2015-2016 Season below for download.  Emails should have been sent out to all who have tried out. 
Handout: 2015/2016 HTSA Blackhawk Team List for U10D-U13 Age Groups

Sunday, April 19
2015-2016 Competitive League Player Placement Dates Announced!





Competitive League Player Placements



HTSA is holding Blackhawk Futbol Club (competitive league) team tryouts for the 2015/2016 Season. Players from 9 to 17 years old who enjoy the sport and wish to train, develop & compete at a higher level should strongly consider attending the Blackhawk Tryouts.  Players who do not wish to compete in the Louisiana Competitive League can be placed on a HTSA Recreational soccer team during regular registration if the age group numbers permit. 

The focus of HTSA’s Blackhawk Futbol Club is to develop every soccer player while providing a positive, highly competitive, and enjoyable team-building environment.  We encourage all parents & players to attend their age specific meeting where club representatives will be available to answer questions. 

U10-U13s Meeting: Mon, Apr 27th, 6-8 pm, Terrebonne Parish Library - Main Branch

U14-U18s Meeting: Tues, May 26th, 6-8 pm, Terrebonne Parish Library – Main Branch

                                                * - Both meetings will be in the Upstairs DE Room

The tryout dates and times for all age groups are listed below.  Players should attend both tryout sessions to broaden the evaluation period by our coaches.  All tryouts will be held at The Lakes Soccer Complex and there will be a $5 tryout fee.  Players are required to tryout for their appropriate age group.  All new players to competitive league must bring a copy of their birth certificate to the tryout!!  Players may attend a next older age group tryout, but final Board determination will be based on several factors including 1) the child's ability based on Blackhawk coaching staff evaluation, 2) Impact on both age groups/teams in question, long and short term and 3) Parent and player request/reasoning for moving up an age group.

If you have a conflict with the tryout dates and wish to make alternate arrangements, or cannot attend the meeting and have questions; please contact the Coaching Committee chairpersons, Kurt Cheramie, at kurt.cheramie@kineticallc.com, (985) 209-2283, or Ed Bice, at liveforsports@yahoo.com  (985) 381-3229.


Playing Age*                                                          Tryout Date 1                       Tryout Date 2

U10 Dev. Girls & Boys                          Mon. May 4th                        Tues. May 12th 

U11 Girls & Boys                         -            Tues. May 5th                       Wed. May 13th

U12 Girls & Boys                         -            Wed. May 6th                       Thur. May 14th

U13 Girls & Boys                         -            Thur. May 7th                        Mon. May 11th

U14 Girls & Boys                         -            Mon. June 1st                        Thur. June 4th

U15 Girls & Boys                         -            Tues. June 2nd                       Mon. June 8th

U16, U17 & U18 Girls & Boys    -            Wed. June 3th                        Tues. June 9th

Tryout Times FOR ALL WEEKDAY SESSIONS:   Girls 5:30pm-6:30pm & Boys 6:45pm-7:45pm

(Click Handout below to download Tryout Registration Form)

Handout: Competitive League 2015-2016

Saturday, April 18
Age Chart for 2015-2016

LSA (Louisiana Soccer Association) and US Youth Soccer playing age brackets follow the school year. Your childs Age bracket for the 2015-2016 season will be determined by their age on July 31st, 2015.  If your child is 10 years old on July 31st, 2015, then he or she will be playing U11 (Under 11) for the 2015-2016 season (August 1st-July 31st).  Please find the chart below and for download in the handout section above to help determine your childs appropriate age grouping.

Age Matrix 2016

Saturday, April 14
HTSA/Blackhawk Play Up Policy

Play Up Policy
Effective Fall 2012 Season


            HTSA does not recommend or endorse any player to "play up" in any league.  We recognize that young children often have the desire to play with their friends and/or parents want to push their child's level of play.  It is the view of HTSA that it is most often to the benefit of the child and their soccer development to pay at their "age" appropriate level; U6, U8, U10, U11 through U19.
            A player who is allowed to "play up", may find themselves competing against others that are one to two years in age, grade, mental maturity and/or physical size beyond their years.  A child who plays up in an age division may also find that they are playing with or against others who are much larger, faster, more aggressive and more mentally mature.  In all consideration, this can place a player at a disadvantage in achieving their full potential as a soccer player and having ultimate success on the field.
There are times when it is necessary for a player (or players) to play up, especially in older age groups to field teams.  However, HTSA strongly advises parents to register their child in the age group determined by the Louisiana Soccer Association age chart matrix and not encourage them to play up. We feel that this is almost always most beneficial for their long-term development and safety as a player. 
There are several factors that the HTSA Board will consider in their decision to allow for playing up which include:
1. The child's ability, based upon the Blackhawk coaching staff evaluations.
2. An older team does not have enough players to field a team.
         3. The impact on both age groups (teams) by a player move, long and short term.

4. Parent and player request and reasoning to move up an age group.
Should a player wish to play up, they are to:
1.    Attend tryouts for both age groups giving the coaches an opportunity to evaluate his or her interaction within each group.
2.    Have their Parent/guardian officially contact the HTSA Board and make the request.

The HTSA Board will then carefully review each case individually and notify the parents of its decision.