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Wednesday, May 21
Coaching Candidates Questionnaire

Monday, January 27
Coaches Clinic for Spring 2014
HTSA and Blackhawk FC would like to invite coaches and parnets to attend a Coaches Clinic this coming Sunday, February 2nd, at The Lakes. The clinic will be split in two sessions:
U6-U8 Sessions - 1:00 - 2:20
U10-U12 Sessions - 2:30 - 4:00
If you wish to participate in both sessions then please feel free to attend both. Some of the information provided will be relevant to all age groups.

The clinic will be conducted by Craig Muir, who is the head coach of the Blackhawk FC U10, U14 and U15 boys teams. Craig is based in Houma with the HTSA and Blackhawk FC and is employed by Youth Elite Soccer, a nationwide coaching company who provide professional coaches for clubs such as ourselves.

The clinic is designed for any volunteer coach or parent, regardless of experience, who:
  • Is looking for advice on planning practice sessions
  • Is looking for fresh ideas for planning practice sessions
  • Would like to enhance their soccer coaching knowledge
  • Wants to increase understanding of the game of soccer
  • Is keen to help their child/children/players improve their soccer skills through effective and relevant coaching points and advice.
The clinic will pro vide sample sessions over various themes in order to aid coaches in planning and delivering effective, fluid and professional practice sessions for their team. All who attend will have the opportunity to experience each drill in a hands-on, practical environment.
It will also provide coaches with the opportunity to ask our professional coach questions about anything you feel will help you to plan and carry out better practice sessions for your team.

All who wish to attend will be asked to participate, where possible, in the drills. This will help to increase understanding of how the drill should run and provide you with the opportunity to view, evaluate and appreciate what is involved in the drill and how you can apply valid and relevant coaching points to your players.
With this in mind, we ask that all who attend come prepared to take part in a soccer practice session. Please wear athletic clothing and footwear/soccer cleats. Hopefully shin guards will not be required!

All who attend the clinic will receive email copies of all coaching drills carried out on the day, as well as various other drills on the same themes covered on the day.

If you wish to attend the clinic, please email Craig Muir directly at:

We understand that many of you will be planning on watching the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon, therefore we will attempt to have the clinic wrapped up in plenty of time to allow everyone to do this.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.


Tuesday, May 7
US Youth Soccer Practice Activities
HTSA Coaches, please find documents in the handout section below to download for your use in planning training sessions.  Check back frequently.  We are planning to add more support materal and host training modules to better assist our coaches in their ability to coach our players.
Handout: US Youth Soccer Coaching Sessions

Thursday, September 1
U6 & U8 Rec Leagues: Notes for Coaches

Monday, September 5
U10 Rec League: Notes for Coaches & Managers

Saturday, September 10
BFC Competitive League: Notes for Coaches & Manager

Sunday, August 14
Coaching Certifications

Friday, July 22
The Craft of Coaching

Thursday, December 9
Technical Corrections