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Tuesday, October 25
Welcome to the HTSA Website!

The Gobbler Cup XXVI
will take place Nov 5th & 6th, 2016 at the LAKES in Houma!  
 *only accepting applications for the waiting list*
CLICK HERE to official tournament website!!

Lakes Soccer Complex Field Map
for the Fall 2016 Soccer Season.

P.O.Box 625, Houma, LA 70361-0625
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Wednesday, May 21
Volunteer Questionnaire

Sunday, July 3
Accepting Applicants for HTSA Director of Coaching

Houma Terrebonne Soccer Association

PO Box 625 - Houma,

Louisiana 70360

(985) 868-3897

Website: www.houmasoccer.com

E-mail: htsasoccer@gmail.com


Director of Coaching – Job Description

Position Overview

·       The HTSA Director of Coaching is a member of the organization and tasked with providing leadership to the club.  The Director of Coaching is responsible for implementing the long-term strategic goals and the oversight of the day to day operations of the organization. 

Essential Job Functions

·       Reports to the HTSA Board of Directors (Board): Responsible for developing & implementing the organization’s long-term strategic goals and an operational plan, in partnership with the HTSA Board.  Makes consistent & timely progress to achieve HTSA’s mission, strategic plans, and financial objectives. 

·       Produce, update, and execute business plan annually in conjunction with the HTSA Board of Directors.  This plan should address any changes needed to address the growth of the game of soccer in HTSA.  Long Term Capital investments in fields/facilities, strategic and financial objectives should be listed in the business plan

·       Ensure the operation of the Club.  Oversee the effective day-to-day operations of the club.  Meets the expectations of its members, Board, and staff.

·       Manage contract labor individuals and volunteers.  With approval from the HTSA Board, will have authority for hiring, terminating, and managing contract labor (coaches & staff).

·       Corporate Sponsorships and Public Relations:  The Director of Coaching is responsible for the development of all marketing and PR operations for HTSA. 

·       Membership Development:  The Director of Coaching will be responsible for growing the club membership and promoting active & broad participation by volunteers to expand soccer in Houma.

·       Program Development:  Oversee team formation, practice, and field scheduling.  Ensure that the programs and services, offered by HTSA, contribute to the club’s mission, reflect the priorities of the Board and fit within the operation provisions and budget.

·       Administer and enforce policies established by the Houma Terrebonne Soccer Association Board of Directors and Louisiana Soccer Association.  The general Policies and Procedures of the club should be used to guide day to day decision making.  The Director of Coaching shall identify, assess, and inform the Board of internal and external issues that affect HTSA.

·       Coordination of Fundraising Efforts:  The Director of Coaching is responsible for coordinating and developing a fundraising program with the fundraising committee.

·       Special Events:  The Director of Coaching agrees to assist or head up special events such as the Tournaments, Bi-Annual Membership Meetings or others as specifically requested by the Board.


·      A college degree or a minimum of 5 years of experience  

·      A minimum or equilivent of a USSF “D” License

·      Skilled leader with an inclusive leadership style

·      Ability to think and plan strategically and practically to convert visions into reality

·      Ability to organize and execute multiple projects, tasks, and responsibilities simultaneously

·      Possess exceptional verbal, phone, and written communication skills.

·      Financial ability and budget management skills

·      Experience in management and partner relationships

·      Applicants must be able to work flexible hours including weekend events and be willing to travel as needed by the HTSA Board of Directors.

Hourly Rate will be Commensurate with experience and qualifications

How to Apply:  All interested applicants should email resume and cover letter to, htsasoccer@gmail.com .

About Houma Terrebonne Soccer

Serving youth players and parents throughout Houma and the surrounding parishes since 1985, which currently has 1500 soccer players.  HTSA is located in Houma, Louisiana and provides recreational and competitive programs for boys and girls.  The Recreation League fields teams from four years (U-6) through nineteen years (U-19).  The Academy Program offers enhanced training for U-10 players.  The Competitive/Select Program (known as Ladyhawks for girls & Blackhawks for boys) play under the Blackhawks Banner and fields teams form U-11 through U-19.  HTSA is a member of Louisiana Soccer Association and US Youth Soccer.

Monday, May 16
HTSA Blackhawks Academy Announced for the 2016/2017 season.

Fall 2016-Spring 2017 Registration
Registration for the HTSA Blackhawks Academy program is open to both boy and girl players born in the 2007 Calendar year who would like a grow their soccer skills through a curriculum designed program that is implemented by professional (licensed) coaches.
The Academy is a year long program designed to provide the individual player an opportunity to grow exponetially in four main areas of soccer: Technical-Tactical-Psychological-Physical.
Click HERE! for more information and to Register for the Academy Program!
*** - Fees paid at check out for the program will include registration, training and tournament fees. All players are required to purchase a uniform kit through Third Coast Soccer (more information available closer to season start. Estimated uniform cost to be $80) and pay their travel expenses to games and tournaments.

Handout: HTSA Blackhawks Academy 2016

Wednesday, May 21
Coaching Candidates Questionnaire

Saturday, July 27
Concussion Education

Louisiana has passed legislation that now requires youth sports organizations to notify its participants (players/parents/coaches) of the symptoms of concussions and the risks with continuing to participate with a possible concussion. LSA has prepared documents to help us meet the requirements of Louisiana Act 314.  Every parent and player must complete the LSA Informed Consent about Concussions prior to the start of the season.  Managers and coaches are to keep a copy of the LSA concussion Notification Form in their binder to be used at tournaments/practices/games when a possible concussion is suspected.

The appropriate forms can be found listed on LSA's website HERE.

 *Scroll down LSAs news page to Concussion Education.

Wednesday, February 6
Sportsmanship comes first!

From time-to-time, we'll get positive feed back from another team or club about the way Houma Soccer, HTSA or Blackhawk Futbol Club, carries itself at the soccer field.  Many times negative actions of a coach or parent will over shadow the truely positive intent and makeup of youth athletics and our club, so we greatly appreciate when another takes the time to acknowledge the goodness or kind act of a fellow member

HTSA would like to recognize and give props to Coach Ricky Alston and the U13 Black Ladyhawk team for displaying the kind of character and attitude that we strive to carry forth as an association!


Post by laffysoccermom @ www.laprepsoccer.net

"In light of the negative posts about field conditions, player sportsmanship, punches being thrown or not, etc, I wanted to pass along some comments by my young daughter.

She said her favorite team to play is Houma because of their sportsmanship. She said they are nice to us no matter who wins. They play hard but never dirty.

She said the coach looks you I the eyes when we were shaking hands. She also said that when he and the team said good game,they meant it.

She said the parents were never rude and seemed concerned even when one of our players was hurt.

I concur with all her observations. I know this year when we played there, the coach greeted us and told him to let him know if we needed anything. He seemed like a genuine guy.

I just wanted to pass this along on hoping someone affiliated with the club would see this and pass it on. This is not to knock any of our other opponents but Houma has just stood out."