Hopkinton Little League: Spring Ball

League Placement System

The following describes HLL's League Placement (Baseball) System.  Placement is based on a player ranking system.  The method of ranking players is as follows:

A player can achieve a maximum value of 4.00 points, calculated by:
          Tryout Results (up to 1 point) - Scored by Independent Evaluators
          Team Ranking (up to 0.50 points) - Scored by the Team's Coaches from the prior year
          “Little League Age” (up to 0.25 points) - Sliding scale with 12-year olds earning the most
          Age/League Ranking (up to 1 point) - Scored by the League's Head Coaches from the prior year
          League Points (up to 1.25 points) - Sliding scale with prior year's Majors participants earning the most

The above baseball placement system is used for the following leagues: 
Placement in the above leagues does NOT incorporate the school grade of the player.

The only leagues which utilize school grade for player placement are: 
          1st Grade

"Baseball Age" requirements for each of the baseball leagues follows:
          Majors        - 12's and 11's
          Quad-A       - 11's and 10's
          Triple-A      - 10's and 9's
          Double-A    - 9's and 8's
          Single-A      - 8's and 7's (must be in at least 2nd grade)

The only Grade-based leagues are:
          1st Grade

* A player's baseball age is determined by their age on April 30th of the current season in accordance with Little League International regulations.