Hopkinton Little League: Coach Info

Saturday, March 28
Safety Meeting
The annual Safety Meeting was held on March 28, 2015 at Elmwood.  The deck can viewed here.

General and League Rules

Click here for rules, roster and director and coach information for your division.

Player Injury Report

 The Head Coach must immediately report any injury to a player, coach or fan to the league president and league safety officer.

League President - Fran DeYoung: fjdeyoung@yahoo.com
Safety Officer - Jim Montalto: j.monta@gmail.com

Click here for the Injury Report.

Medical Release Form

Please give each parent a medical release form for their player. Before practice or games begin, each player must give you a medical release form.

Keep these forms in your medical kit or equipment bag. They should be brought to every game and practice.  Only coaches should have access to this information. 

Click here to download the medical release form.

Final Scores, Pitching Stats.,Umpire Survey, Injury Report


Recording Final Score

Home team reports final score 

  • Please email Keith Cheverie the email address, league name, team name and the full name of the person who will be entering your team's scores (the team admin).
  • If the team admin does not already have an account, a new account will be created within 48 hours and the team admin will be sent an Eteamz username and password.
  • Admin access for your team admin will also be set up within 48 hours (for both a new and old account).
Following the team admin account creation and association with your team:
  • Go to www.hopkintonlittleleague.com
  • Scroll to the bottom left of the page and select "Admin"
  • At the login screen, enter your Eteamz username and password.  If you are an admin for multiple teams you will be asked to choose which team's site to login.
  • You will now be brought to your team's home page.
  • On the left-side folder options, select the "+" option next to the "Schedules" folder to expand the Schedules options. 
  • On the left-side folder options, select "Scores" which is under the "Schedules" folder.
  • You will now be brought to a screen with a list of games your team has played.
  • Find the correct game and select the pencil icon (which is to the right of the listed game) to edit the game.
  • Enter the runs scored for both teams in the Runs boxes.
  • Select "Update Game" at the bottom of the screen.


Pitching Stats. - Reporting Thrown Pitches (each team reports their own)

Majors, Quad A and Triple A are required to report thrown pitches

  • If there is No Game Summary entered (it will say” Pitching”), add a game summary by clicking on the + sign under Game Summaries
  • Enter “Pitching” as the headline
  • Enter your Team name, pitchers names, uniform numbers, and pitches thrown in the game summary box.  For example:
             Red Sox –          Smith 15 – 18 pitches
                                           Jones 11 – 85 pitches
                                           Green 7  – 27 pitches
                                           Rivera 42 – 1 pitch
  • Select Add Game Summary when done.
  • If your opponent has already added their pitching information, Select the pencil icon to edit the “Pitching” game summary.  Add your team’s pitching information to the existing Pitching game summary.
  • Select Update Game Summary when done.
  • Select "Exit Admin" on the bottom of the left-side menu.


2014 Spring Umpire Survey

Coaches, please click click here to complete a brief survey on your game's umpire. 


Other Information

Coaching Duties

The following is a list of what is expected from Coaches:
 Follow the HLL Code of Conduct
 Attend Coach Clinic 
 Attend Safety Meeting
 Pick up team uniforms & equipment
 Following through with code of conduct for players & parents
 Provide a positive and fun environment while coaching
 Fill out and turn in player evaluation forms at the end of the season
 Communicate issues with the League Director / Player Agent

Extra duties for coaches of AA, AAA, AAAA, Major, 10U, 12U Leagues
 Attend draft for your league
 Attend player evalution meeting (usually in June)
 Assign Team Information Officer - home team must enter game scores on website w/in 24 hours of game