Hopkinton Little League: Handouts

Injury Report

The Head Coach must immediately report any injury to a player, coach or fan to the league president and league safety officer.

League President - Fran DeYoung: fjdeyoung@yahoo.com

Safety Officer - Tim Brennan: timkimjack@comcast.net

HLL Payer Injury Report 2014HLL Payer Injury Report 2014

Safety Awareness and CPR Classes


General and League Rules and Info

HLL General Rules 2014HLL General Rules 2014

HLL Pre-K RulesHLL Pre-K Rules

HLL K RulesHLL K Rules

HLL First Grade RulesHLL First Grade Rules

HLL Single A RulesHLL Single A Rules

HLL Double A RulesHLL Double A Rules

HLL Triple A RulesHLL Triple A Rules

HLL Quad A RulesHLL Quad A Rules

HLL Majors RulesHLL Majors Rules

HLL Softball 6U RulesHLL Softball 6U Rules

HLL Softball 8U RulesHLL Softball 8U Rules

HLL Softball 10U RulesHLL Softball 10U Rules

HLL Softball 12U RulesHLL Softball 12U Rules

Pitching Eligibility Form

Pitching Eligibility FormPitching Eligibility Form

Individual Game Pitching Log

Game Pitching LogGame Pitching Log

Umpire Application - Required Forms

HLL 2014 Umpire FormHLL 2014 Umpire Form

2014 W4 Form2014 W4 Form

HLL 2014 Volunteer AppHLL 2014 Volunteer App

HLL Constitution

HLL Constitution 2014HLL Constitution 2014

Volunteer Forms

HLL 2014 Volunteer AppHLL 2014 Volunteer App

Medical Release Form

HLL Medical Release 2014HLL Medical Release 2014

Parade Layout


Board Minutes

HLL Meeting Minutes April 2014HLL Meeting Minutes April 2014

HLL Board Meeting Minutes March 2014HLL Board Meeting Minutes March 2014

HLL Board Meeting Minutes Feb 2014HLL Board Meeting Minutes Feb 2014

HLL Meeting Minutes January 2014HLL Meeting Minutes January 2014

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