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Hopkinton  Ashland  American Youth  Football

It’s For the Kids”


Beginning with the 2012 season, parents from Hopkinton & Ashland came together and joined the All-American Division of American Youth Football (AYF). The All-American Division is a grade-based football program, which means that participants in the same grade and of similar age play together. No weight limits, no "sweating" kids to loose weight and you will not be forced to play with older kids that are not in your grade.

The Hopkinton Ashland AYF program believes that the All-American Division of AYF provides consistency and continuity for the players and teams through the 8th grade and into high school. In making its decision, we reviewed an often-cited reserach study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, (see handout section) which concluded that age is a greater factor in football injuries than weight.

American Youth Football (AYF) understands the importance of supporting young girls in the community through sport and with that they started a sister league to AYF devoted to its cheerleaders. American Youth Cheer, governed on safety, sportsmanship and full participation offers membership to all cheer, dance and step teams associated with an American Youth Football team.

The Hopkinton Ashland Fighin' Irish join several other Tri-Valley and Duel County League organizations such as Holliston, Medway and Dover-Sherborn who all participate in the All-American Division.

Tuesday, August 23
Week 1 & 2 Game Schedule

Week 1 Game Schedule:

5th Grade at Holliston High School Game starts at 10:30 AM

8th Grade at Waltham High School Game starts at 12:00 Noon 

Week 2 Game Schedule:

5th Grade Home vs Vikings Game starts at 1:30 PM

8th Grade Home vs Wayland Westin Game starts at 3:00 PM

Tuesday, August 11
Practice Cancelled Today 8-11-15

Today's practice is cancelled due to weather.


Practice Begins August 10th 5:30 PM

Practice will begin Monday August 10th at 5:30 PM on the grass at the Fruit Street Athletic Fields. The first week of practice is "conditioning only" and for Monday's practice you will need to wear shorts, shirt, cleats & plenty of water or sports drinks. As the week progresses your coach may introduce helmets and shoulder pads to your practice plan, but contact may not begin until each player has undergone 1 week of conditioning. Some important things to remember:

1) Heat is an issue - According to the National Athletic Trainers' Association position statement on Fluid Replacement for Athletes, an athlete should drink approximately 17 to 20 ounces of water or a sports drink two to three hours before exercise and seven to 10 ounces of water or a sports drink about 10 to 20 minutes before exercise to ensure he/she is hydrated before exercising. In order to maintain hydration status during exercise, an athlete should replenish lost fluids by drinking about 8 ounces of water or a sports drink about every 15 minutes. Make sure your athlete has plenty of water or sports drink when they come to practice.

2) Lightning/Thunderstorm - Inevitably a there will be a storm in the late afternoon that will effect practice. If you have been to Fruit Street you know there is a very limited amount of cover and the best protection available is your car. If storms are in the area please either stay at practice or come to practice at the first sign of a storm. In most cases, when lightning is spotted in the area, practice will seldom be resumed, so you will not be wasting a trip.

3) Equipment - On August 6th grades 4-8 may pick up their equipment at the container between 5:30 and 8:00 PM. There is plenty of equipment to go around and those that show up early usually end up waiting because most of the coaches work and can't get to Fruit Street early to help you. The second and third graders will receive their equipment at Monday's practice.

4) Paperwork - Also on August 6th at Fruit Street, you may turn the required paperwork into the registrar Karen Barnes. If you are a first year player you must bring your original and copy of your birth certificate. Karen will certify the copy and you may take the original with you.

5) Parking & Pick Up - Please be very careful when picking up or dropping off, it can get pretty crazy.  

Monday, March 9
2015 Registration Is Now Open

Registration for 2015-16 Football Season Is Now Open.  Sign-up Today To Take Advantage Of The Early Sign-up Discount.

New This Year, Mitey Mite Flag Football For Grades 1 thru 3. 

 Go Irish 

Playoff Schedule

Playoff Schedule:

5th Grade Fightin' Irish Away vs  Millbury Sutton Saturday Oct 25th  5:30 PM Windell Field

6th Grade Fightin' Irish Home vs Lunenberg Sunday Oct 26th 10:30 AM  Fruit Street Fields

7th Grade Fightin' Irish Home vs Littleton Sunday Oct 26th 9:00 AM Fruit Street Fields

8th Grade Fightin' Irish Away vs N. Middlesex Saturday Oct 25th 3:00 PM N Middlesex Reg. High School


Monday, October 13
Week 8 Game Schedule

Week 8 Game Schedule

Division Opponent Home/Away Time

5th Grade Westboro Away 10:30 AM

7th Grade Milford Home 12:30 PM

6th Grade N/Southboro Home 2:00 PM

8th Grade Westboro Away 3:00 PM

4th Grade Clinton Home 3:30 PM 


Monday, October 6
Week 7 Game Schedule - October 12th

Division Date Opponent Home/Away Time

8th 12-Oct Milford Home 9:00 AM

7th 12-Oct Westboro Home 10:30 AM

6th 12-Oct Milford (WHT) Home 12:00 Noon

5th 12-Oct Milford Home 1:30 PM

4th 12-Oct Hudson Home 3:00 PM

Sunday, September 28
Week 6 Game Schedule

Time  Team Opponent Location

9:00 AM 9th Grade Nipmuc(again) Fruit Street

10:30 AM 7th Grade Lunenburg Fruit Street

12 Noon 6th Grade Worcester (BL) Fruit Street

1:30 PM 5th Grade Worcester (SL) Fruit Street

3:00 PM 4th Grade Milford Fruit Street


Week 5 Game Schedule - September 28th

Division Date Opponent Home/Away Time

3/4th 28-Sep N/Southborough Home 12:00 Noon

5th 28-Sep Marlborough Away 10:00 AM

6th 28-Sep Westborough Home 10:30 AM

7th 28-Sep Hudson Away 1:30 PM

8th 28-Sep Shrewsb (Blue) Home 9:00 AM

Week 4 Game Schedule - September 21st

Division Date Opponent Home/Awa Time

3/4th 21-Sep Hudson Away 10:30 AM

5th 21-Sep Nipmuc Away  10:30 AM

6th 21-Sep Tynsboro Away  10:30 AM

7th 21-Sep Charlton/Dudley Away  11:00 AM

8th 21-Sep Nipmuc Away     1:30 PM


See Locations page for directions 

Week 2 Game Schedule - Sunday Sept 7th

Division Date Opponent H/A Time

3rd/4th 9/7 Tynsboro Away 9:00 AM

5th 9/7 Worc (Blue) Away 10:30 AM

6th 9/7 Nipmuc Away 12:00 PM

7th 9/7 Worc (Blue) Away 12:00 PM

8th 9/7 Northboro/Southboro Away 2:30 PM

Thursday, August 21
Week 1 Game Schedule - Saturday August 30th

Division Week Date Day Opponent Home/Away Time

4th 1 8/30/2014 Sat Milford Away 1:30 PM

5th 1 8/30/2014 Sat Hudson Away 10:30 AM

6th 1 8/30/2014 Sat Bye

7th 1 8/30/2014 Sat Northboro/Southboro Away 4:00 PM

8th 1 8/30/2014 Sat Lunenburg Away 7:30 PM

Saturday, August 16
Jamboree Schedule Is Available


4th Grade          1:10 PM                      1A                    2:30 PM               Field 1A

5th Grade          11:40 AM                   2A                    1:00 PM               Field 2

5th Grade            1:40 PM                   3A                    3:00 PM               Field 3

6th Grade          10:40 AM                  3A                   12:00 PM               Field 3

7th Grade           2:40 PM                   3A                    4:00 PM                Field 3

8th Grade           4:40 PM                   3A                    6:00 PM                Field 3  


MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT:  http://jrthawks.com/Jamboree_2014.html

Wednesday, August 13
Wednesday August 13th Practice Is Cancelled

Because of the storm we will not be having practice today. Please check with you coach about potential make-up dates.

Practice Starts August 4th - 5:30 PM Fruit Street Fields

The 2014 football season begins Monday evening August 4th at 5:30 PM at the Fruit Street Fields complex.  The first week of practice is non-contact, conditioning only so wear shorts, t-shirt, cleats and bring plenty of water.  

Thursday, July 10
2014 Jamboree

The 2014 Jamboree will be held August 24th by the Northborough Southbourgh AYF Program at Algonquin High School. Times for our team certification and games have not yet been determined. If you miss Jamboree you may not be allowed to play in the first game.

Saturday, July 26
First Game - Labor Day Weekend

While the schedule has not been released, the first game is traditionally the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  As details are determined by the league, you will receive notification.

Equipment Handout July 24th

We will be accepting paperwork and distributing the football equipment to all players on July 24th between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM at the Fruit Street Complex.  We will distribute the equipment by team on the following schedule:

8th Grade - 5-5:20 PM

7th Grade - 5:20 to 5:40

6th Grade - 5:40 to 6:00

5th Grade - 6:00 to 6:20

4th Grade - 6:20 to 6:40

2nd & 3rd Grades - 6:40 to 7:00  

Each player will receive a helmet, shoulderpads, practice pants with knee pads.  Players are responsible for providing cleats, white practice jersey, 5 pad integrated girdle and protective cup.  A limited number of Fightin' Irish practice jerseys will be available for sale. 

Tuesday, March 25
2014 Fall Registration Is Now OPEN!!!

Click here for HA Fighting Irish Registration

Monday, June 23
Required Registration Paperwork - July 17th & 18th from 5-7:00 PM - Fruit Street Fields

The new registration system will complete most of the required AYF league paperwork (everything but the report card & birth certificate for 1st year players), so please be sure and input all the registration information (even those not required) so that your forms will have the necessary data. You will need to sign and initial the forms where indicated.

Please go to: http://www.sportssignup.com/Hopkinton-Youth-Football-Online-Registration.start

You will need to sign on and select “Print Forms” next to your child’s name. The following forms are required:

· Participation and ID Card

· Code of Conduct

· Emergency Medical Treatment

· Medical Clearance (doctor signature required)

· Concussion Acknowledgement

· Waiver and Release

· Image Release

· Original Birth Certificate For All 1st year Players

· Report Card w/ Final Grades for the year

We will collect these signed forms on July 17th and 18th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the fruit street field complex. You may also mail completed paperwork to Karl Morningstar, 93 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton MA 01748 if you prefer.  

Friday, March 21
Concussion Awareness Program - March 24th

A concussion awareness program will be held Monday, March 24, from 7 - 8:30 p.m. at the Middle School. A group from Spaulding Rehab in Framingham will discuss concussion awareness, symptoms and treatments. It is a free event and open to everyone. Special thanks HPTA for sponsoring the event.

Fighting Irish
Saturday, March 8
Registration Opening Soon!!!

2014 football & cheer registration will be opening soon.  Stay tuned for more information.

Friday, October 25
All-Star Selections

Congratulations to the Fightin' Irish players selected to the Central Mass All-Star Team:

4th Grade - Ownen MacDonald

5th Grade - Tommy Bernardin and Sean Harding

6th Grade - Tommy Ambrosone and Patrick Barnes

7th Grade - Noah Buentello and Dan Logan

8th Grade - Connor Hebert, Anthony Farina, Brendan Coccio and Patrick Naughton


2013 Playoffs

Playoff games tonight:

 7th Grade vs. Shrewsbury I - Dean Park, 765 Main Street Shrewsbury MA - 7:00 PM

8th Grade vs. Nipmuc - Medway High School - 8:00 PM

Come support the Irish!

Wednesday, October 16
Youth Football and Cheer Night this Friday

This Friday October 18th will be American Youth Football and Cheer night at the Hiller's vs. Dover Sherborn.  Wear your jersey or cheer outfit and get in free.

Wednesday, October 16
Week 9 Home vs Tantasqua

Week 9 Game Times:

Mitey Mites - 9:00 AM

5th Grade - 10:30 AM

6th Grade - 12:00 Noon

7th Grade 1:30 PM - Away vs Leicester Spencer

8th Grade 1:30 PM 

Wednesday, September 11
Week 6 Home vs. Worcester

Week 7 Game Times:

Mitey Mites - 9:00

5th Grade - 10:30

6th Grade - 12:00 Noon

7th Grade - 1:30

8th Grade - 3:00

Wednesday, September 11
Week 5 At Northborough/Southborough

Week 5 Schedule:

Mitey Mites - 9:00

5th Grade - Noon

6th Grade - 1:30

7th Grade - 3:00

8th Grade - 4:30

All games played at Algonquin High School and all teams are to wear their GREEN Jerseys

Wednesday, September 11
Week 4 Games

Week 4 Games are as Follows:

Mitey Mites - Sunday Sept. 15th 9:00 AM - Milford High School

5th Grade - Sunday Sept 15th 1:30 - Milford High School

6th Grade - Saturday Sept 14th 4:00 - Milford High School

7th Grade - Saturday Sept 14th 5:30 - Milford High School

8th Grade - Sunday Sept 15th 3:00 - Worcester Academy Football Field (Gaskill Field)

This Weeks Games vs. Nipmuc

Game Times by team are:

M Mites at 9:00 AM
5th Grade at 10:30 AM
6th Grade at 12 Noon
7th Grade at 1:30 PM
8th Grade at 3:00 PM

Play Like A Champion Today!

Raised Helmet Square
August 25th First Game Home vs. Charlton Dudley Rams

Game Times by team are:

M Mites at 9:00 AM
5th Grade at 10:30 AM
6th Grade at 12 Noon
7th Grade at 1:30 PM
8th Grade at 3:00 PM

Monday, August 12
Kick Off Jamboree


Mighty Mites vs Marlboro

  • Warm up - 8:40 AM - Middle School 1B
  • Certification-9:50 AM
  • Game - 10:00 AM - Field Baseball 1 (far)

5th Grade Team vs Shrewsbury Blue

  • Warm up - 10:40 AM - Middle School 1B
  • Certification - 11:50 AM
  • Game - 12:00 Noon - Field Baseball 1 (far) 
6th Grade Team vs N/S
  • Warm up - 2:40 PM - Middle School 1B
  • Certification - 3:50 PM
  • Game - 4:00 PM - Field Baseball 1 (far)
7th Grade Team vs Shrewsbury Gold
  • Warm up - 1:10 PM - Middle School 3A
  • Certification - 2:20 PM
  • Game - 2:30 PM - Football Field 3(Near)
8th Grade Team vs Shrewsbury
  • Warm up - 3:40 PM - Middle School 2B
  • Certification - 4:50 PM
  • Game - 5:00 PM - Football Field 3(Near)

see IMPORTANT addtional information available in the handouts section

Monday, June 17
Equipment & Paperwork

We will be measuring for equipment and uniforms at the Fruit Street Field complex from 6:00 to 7:30 on Monday June 17th. In order to insure that we have adequate equipment on hand to safely outfit your child, it is very important that you attend this event.

We will also be taking order for practice jersey, they are $15 so bring your checkbook if you're interested.

Finally, please bring the league required paperwork, so we can get a jump start on complying with the league. Program certification is mid August this year so we are going to need everyone's cooperation to comply.

Thursday, March 21
Registrations top 130

Over 130 athletes from Hopkinton and Ashland have registered for the upcoming season!!!  With paid registration running well above last years totals it looks like 2013-14 is going to be a banner year for the Fightin' Irish.   Don't wait to sign-up, space is limited.

Tuesday, March 12
Fightin' Irish Football Information Meeting

For those of you who are thinking about registering to play football, are new to the program, or just can't get enough football, we will be holding a information meeting on March 12 at the Hopkinton High School Cafeteria from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Cheerleading questions can also be addressed if you missed the Cheer information night.

Tuesday, March 12
Positive Changes in Youth Sports by Former NBA Player Bob Bigelow

Free presentation on positive changes in youth sports by former NBA player Bob Bigelow Hosted by the HPTA, with financial support from Hopkinton Parks & Recreation, Hopkinton Little League, Hopkinton Basketball Association, Hopkinton Youth Soccer, Hopkinton Fighting Irish and Hopkinton Lacrosse.

Thursday, March 14, 2013, 7 p.m. Hopkins School cafeteria.

One of the foremost youth sports speakers in the country, Bob Bigelow advocates fully meeting the needs of children as the top priority in youth sports programs. He provides new approaches for positive change in youth sports. The former NBA first round draft choice played four years for the Kansas City Kings, Boston Celtics, and San Diego Clippers. He played collegiately at the University of Pennsylvania for Hall of Fame Coach Chuck Daly. He has devoted several thousand hours researching and lecturing about organized youth sports and its effects on children—and adults. Since 1993, he has conducted over 2500 talks and clinics worldwide. He published a book, Just Let the Kids Play, in 2001.

Saturday, February 23
Join The Party at AYC


Friday, February 1
Registration is Now Open!

Register NOW!!!

Monday, September 17
Hopkinton & Ashland American Youth Football