Hopatcong Hawks Soccer Club: Recreation

Hawks Recreation Soccer Program - Pre-K thru 8th Grade

All players MUST be 4 years old prior to the season start date in order to participate in any offered season.

Opening Day Ceremony -  Prior to first games of the fall season
Fall Season -          Mid August - November
Indoor Program -   January - March
Spring Season -     April - June
Closing Day Ceremony -  Immediately following final games of Spring season.

Division 1 -   Pre-K / K
Division 2 -  1st / 2nd grade
Division 3 -  3rd / 4th grade
Division 4 -  5th / 6th grade
Division 5 -  7th / 8th grade

Practices are held twice a week (nights to be determined by coaches availability) and games are held on Saturdays. To get the most out of your practices and games, players are encouraged to arrive promptly at designated start times.  

All players for the fall and spring season will receive a Uniform Kit which includes a jersey, shorts and socks to be worn on game day.   The cost of the Uniform Kit are included in the players registrations fees.
Shin guards, proper soccer cleats and socks are MANDATORY SOCCER EQUIPMENT required for every practice and game.  Jeans are not considered proper soccer attire.  Players are required to bring a soccer ball and water/sports drink to every practice and game.   NO CHEWING GUM.
    (Pre-K thru 6th grade - Size 4 Soccer Ball   /   7th / 8th grade - Size 5 Soccer Ball)

All players are required to have soccer flats or athletic sneakers and shin guards.   Players MUST carry the shoes they will be playing in into the building as we do not allow wet or salt/gravel covered sneakers/shoes in the gym.  No player is to bring a ball to the Indoor Session, as they will be provided by the club and are not allowed to be used in the lobby.  Please be sure to send your player with plenty to drink (i.e water/sports drinks).   ABSOLUTELY NO CHEWING GUM OR FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE GYM, this goes for both parents and players.