Hopatcong Hawks Soccer Club: Travel

Hopatcong Hawks Travel

The travel program constantly challenges players to realize their highest potential through intensive training and competition. The goal of the travel program is to:

  • Enhance the player’s technical and tactical skills through a competitive team environment so they can effectively compete at an advanced level.
  • Foster a winning attitude based on sportsmanship.
  • Have fun and make the experience positive and memorable.
  • Develop a life long love for the game.

Players are selected and placed on teams based on assessments from independent evaluators during “tryouts” and from their coach and trainer evaluations. Tryouts for an upcoming season, which consists of both the Fall and Spring are conducted in mid-May.  Try-outs for U15 Teams and above are held in mid-November (Spring Only).  Any player wanting to be considered for a team must tryout and returning players are not guaranteed a spot on a team. Every player of proper age is permitted to tryout for a travel team.

Selection to a team invokes a commitment on the part of the player to attend all practices and games and to participate in both the fall and spring seasons. Teams are established based on gender at the U-9, U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, and U-14 level (U=Under) and are based upon the player’s age as of August 1st of the given year. For example, a player who does not turn 10 before August 1st, will be U-10, or a player who does not turn 11 before August 1st will be U-11, and so on. Typically, U-9 is for players in 3rd grade: U-10 for 4th grade; and so on. However, sometimes the player’s grade in school does not match to their age as of August 1st and they can be placed in a younger group from their classmates.

A strong commitment is needed from both the players and their parents and this requires a substantial financial and time commitment.