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THE HOOSIER OUTLAWS Baseball team was created to provide a higher level of competition for talented and motivated baseball players who are willing to commit a great deal of time to the improvement of their skills in a team focused environment. Teams will work hard to win games, but winning will never become more important than teamwork and good sportsmanship. THE HOOSIER OUTLAWS coaching staff will ask players to work toward excellence, not perfection. Baseball is a fun and challenging game that requires players to develop the ability to overcome mistakes and to look forward to their
next opportunity. Ultimately, the development of skills and team focused play will be the guideline for our program, which we believe will create better baseball players and better people.

UPDATE: We will be traveling to COOPERSTOWN ALLSTAR VILLAGE July 30th to August 6th.  website is www.cooperstownallstarvillage.com  This will be a trip to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, April 12

What a great way to kick off the rust than to play against 3 elite teams from the indianapolis area in 12u baseball.  Our first game was a bit rough for the Outlaws.  the INDY BATS are a fine ballclub and we gave them extra chances with a few errors per inning.  As we tinkered with positions we learned with each inning that we played.  A few positive things did happen in this game though.  Our pitching overall was excellent in this game.  Baseball being a momentum game, when we did make mistakes the BATS took full advantage.  The coaches were pleased with what we saw.  sevral times we could have closed out an inning with 1 or 2 runs given up had it not been for some mechanical difficulties.  Our bats did struggle in this game with only 2 hits.  We learned a lot as a team in this game because our baserunning was confusing.  Players do have to remember to keep their eyes on the pitcher and not get too far off.  (Blake,Chandler) you know what we are talking about! 

    Against the AVON ATTACK our team didn't look good on the scoreboard and it was more of the same from game 1.  Pitching was fine, we have yet to give up enough big hits to make me feel that we are in over our heads.  Once again little mistakes, bobbles, bad throws, dropped balls that are outs make the game longer.  Momentum once again was not on our side.  A lot of strikeouts and I sense frustration from the OUTLAWS.  We do have some work to do when it comes to baserunning and holding runners from our pitchers.  Losing 0 to 12 is not making this fun for the boys.  Positives from this game were evident though.  We did face a stable of good pitchers and did make contact.  The last pitcher we faced threw strikes as we put the ball in play every time.  Ethan Foudray had a nice ball to Center Field that was caught but still really good contact.  We definatly are at a disadvantage on leading off and getting a big jump.  So far for two games, we are not comfortable on the basepaths.  Out of the blue the INDY BATS coach came over and had some really nice words to say to our team though.  He explained that if our kids really love baseball to not get down.  3 years ago they started out where we were, a new team getting into a different kind of baseball.  They were 10 and 40 their first year and now are one of the best teams in the state.  I really appriciated the words he spoke to our team.  I just shows a touch of class to come over and offer encouragement.  It meant a lot to the kids.  


In our final game of the day we faced off against the undefeated premier team INDIANA PROSPECTS.  This is the only team that I had doubts about in the tournament.  They are a year round team with some of the top 12u players across indiana.  knowing they run ruled the INDY BATS who runruled us in our first game, I did not have any hope for much positive to come out of this game.  Coaches discussed amongst ourselves that we hope the kids don't get down for going 0 and 3 and get discouraged. 

Looking across the field, the PROSPECTS look big, fast, polished and well coached.   We continue to move our batting order and field positions to try to find some way to string enought hits together to get baserunners.  our first opportunity came in the first inning.  We had bases loaded but could not bring home a score.  We did have momentum though as the kids were excited to get base runners.  We gave up 1 run early in the first, and again with errors gave up another 2 to make the score 0 to 3.  In the second inning we were able to get another string of hits, walks and started running the bases better.  we got 2 runs before closing out our half of the inning.  We started off the the 2nd inning with a grounder to Lance who made a nice play and long throw to Chandler with a good stretch to get an out on a close play at first.  Grant walked the next batter and with the man stealing 2nd base a super hard liner back to grant for an excellent catch and throw over to 1st for a double play ended the second inning with excitement and cheers from the Outlaws.  In the next inning we were able to score again to tie the game 3 to 3.  The PROSPECTS were able to put one more run up with some good hitting and baserunning by the Prospects.  In our final inning, Blake looked good on the mound but after a hit batter and  a walk take blake out of the game and into left field, Chandler came into pitch.  We got our first pickoff play and and out at 2nd for the first out of the inning.  A hard shot to Left scored 1 and another rounding and going home gave Blake the green light to fire home.  The throw was hard and in plenty of time but off to the left and the Prospects scored.  after a couple of hits Mitchell bruggeman makes an excellent catch in Right Field to get out number 2.  Unfortunatly the game ends on time with the prospects being home we didnt get to finish the next inning. Although we lost the game, it did more for our confidence than the prior 2 games.  We realized the THE HOOSIER OUTLAWS can play with anyone.  Its baseball, anything can happen.  

 Positives for everyone.  Blake Boughman (good bat for tourament, excellent catching, lots of promise at pitcher)  Nate Brackman (good hustle, nice catch at center and third, good pitching when you get relaxed) Grant Alsip (good hustle, excellent at center field, good pitching/fielding on the mound) Lance Ferguson (4 for 4 on putouts at 2nd and short nice fielding and good arm)  Ethan Foudray (good contact at the plate, good blocks at catcher, good listener and good effort in outfield)  Chandler Jacks ( good bat for tourament, nice bunt, good pitching in 3rd game, nice pickoff move good job at first base)  Colin Cole ( good bat for tournament, good job at third base)  Matt Curtis (Excellent pitching, good curve ball, good hitting good job at first base)  Mitchell Bruggeman (good job at 2nd and right field, excellent catch, great job on the mound in game 2)  Jason Schlosser ( Good job at plate, great steal at home for a score good job at 2nd)  



Coach Jacks