ESA SPORTS: Player Development

Thursday, June 13

ESA Sports Players Development Program is dedicated to helping youth athletes develop and improve their basketball skills. Our coaches will guide and monitor the progress of each athlete and provide weekly feedback.

ESA Sports training philosophy is based on C.P.R.


·         Warm-ups

·         Flexibility

·         Strength training

·         Agility

·         Cardio


·         Drills

·         Mechanics

·         Footwork

·         Mind set

·         Body position


·         Offensive plays

·         Defensive plays

·         Shot selection

·         Court awareness

·         Game management

Coaches will be attending leagues/tournament to evaluate each player and determine necessary training required for improvement.

Training is 2 hours every week for $75 a month or $35 per session. Training is limited to 8 players per session.