Elite Athlete Sports Academy


ESA Sports is proud to announce the formation of Elite Athlete Sports Academy as a Not-for-Profit organization. The Amateur Athletic Union [AAU] has approved Elite Athlete Sports Academy as a Not-for-Profit affiliate.

Elite Athlete Sports Academy will become the training center open to all AAU players. All managing directors, committee members, coaches are all volunteers.

ESA Sports will be responsible for League / Tournament management and all non-AAU teams while Elite Athlete Sports Academy main concentration is the promotion of amateur sports and the training of AAU players to excel in their respective sports.

Players must be an active member of AAU to participate in our sports program.

The initial members of the Committee Board are follows:

Emil Samuel Aquino ι Executive Chairman / General Manager

Breeman Harrison ι Executive Director / Athletic Director

Steve Jenkins ι Committee Member

Brenda Baliza ι Committee Member

Jodi Shafer ι Committee Member

Kenneth Glenn ι Committee Member

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