Homewood Heat Basketball Club: FAQ's

Thursday, January 12
Frequently Asked Questions ????

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about  AAU basketball and the Homewood Heat Basketball Club, Inc.  Please feel free to submit additional questions you may have so that we can answer them for the benefit of all players.

Q.  What is AAU Basketball?

A.  AAU is an abbreviation for Amateur Athletic Union.  For our purposes we are only concerned with AAU girls basketball. though the AAU is involved in many boys and girls sports.

Q.  When do Homewood Heat teams play?

A.  Teams for the Homewood Heat are formed after the regular high school or middle school seasons have been completed.  Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) rules prohibit Middle and High School team members from any activity with a team other than their respective Middle School or High school.  Practices begin shortly after tryouts are conducted and teams begin tournament play in middle to late March.

Q.  How long is the committment to the Homewood Heat team?

A.  Homewood Heat teams will be formed during February and March of each year, and generally will run through the end of May.  There are a few possibilities of extending practice and/or play into June, but that would only be done if a majority of players and parents are interested in extending the team's season. 

Q.  How much does it cost to participate?

A.  We make every effort to keep costs to a minimum amount that provides the club with sufficient funds to cover expenses of operating the club (uniforms, tournament fees, etc.supplies, practice equipment, etc.)  Historically our fees have been under $250.  We are still working on our budget for this season, and will post our fee schedule as soon as we are comfortable with the numbers.

Q.  Why should my daughter play basketball in the Spring?

A.  The short answer is because everyone else is.  The longer answer is that girls basketball has become very competitive in many areas of the state, and there is a correlation between successful middle and high school teams and the number of players who play basketball outside the regular school season.  One of the goals of our program is to provide girls an opportunity to essentially provide a "second season" in which they will play very close to the equivalent the number of games in a typical high school basketball season.  Typically, through tournament play, girls can pick-up an additional 15 - 20 games during the Spring season.

Q.  Isn't that too much basketball?  My daughter needs time to explore other sports.

A.  You will have to make a decision about the right amout of basketball for your daughter.  If she has desires to be a very competitive player, we find that the extra time in the gym is essential.  Generally, it is very clear which middle school and high school teams have a number of girls involved in AAU basketball. Those whose players have played more are generally better than those that don't play as much.

Please check this section frequently, as we have just begun compiling questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions.  Thank you for visiting our site.