Homewood Heat Basketball Club: Teams

AAU Grade Divisions

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is a grade based organization with athletes' being grouped by grade with age parameters.  While it is possible for a player to "play down" a grade division, generally the Homewood Heat Basketball Club will roster girls according to their current grade level, since girls generally play at or above their grade level in middle and high school, as opposed to playing "down" a grade level.  The following table will serve as guidance in determining the proper Grade Level for a player to participate.

Division   Grade as of 8/31/2013
     10/1/2012 can be no older than:
2nd Grade   2nd Grade 9 years of age
3rd Grade   3rd Grade 10 years of age
4th Grade
4th Grade 11 years of age
5th Grade * 5th Grade 12 years of age
6th Grade * 6th Grade 13 years of age
7th Grade * 7th Grade 14 years of age
8th Grade * 8th Grade 15 years of age
9th Grade * 9th Grade 16 years of age
10th Grade * 10th Grade 17 years of age
11th Grade * 11th Grade 18 years of age
12th Grade   12th Grade 19 years of age

*  Heat Team Anticipated at this Grade Division

As noted above, we anticipate forming teams at the 4th grade through 10th grade.  Please visit this site frequently for important dates and information concerning tryouts.