Homer Heat Volleyball Club: News

Sunday, May 29
Heat season 2010-11
Thanks to all of our wonderful Heat athletes and families for a great season!!  If you are graduating from HS, we wish you the best!  Come back and coach when you are ready.  To all of the rest of you, we look forward to seeing you next season!!!

Wednesday, September 10
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I bring to tournaments?

A: Boys - Wear maroon t-shirt, black team shorts, black warm-up jersey, sweatpants, and outdoor gym shoes. Bring team bag, volleyball (marked HAC HEAT and your last name in permanent ink), court shoes, gold t-shirt, maroon game jersey, water bottles and healthy snacks. Tournaments are all-day. You may want to bring money to purchase on-site food.

Girls - Wear jersey, black team shorts, maroon team hoodie, your own sweatpants, team socks, and outdoor gym shoes.  Bring team bag, volleyball, court shoes, knee pads, maroon and gold t-shirts, water bottles, and healthy snacks.  Tournaments are all-day.  You may want to bring money to purchase on-site food.

Parents - sport chairs (some facilities have bleachers, some do not), water bottles, a means for some food sustenance, something to read (for when we are not playing, of course), spirit wear (order forms coming soon!), cheering voices, etc.

Boys & Girls, please remember and respect that practice attire includes team t-shirt (gold for the first practice of the week, maroon for the second) and black team shorts. We want to look and act as a team at all times that we are together.


Q: How do I care for my uniform?

A: To best preserve the silk-screening on the two t-shirts and game jersey (and hoodie for girls), please follow these simple washing instructions: 1) Wash inside-out in cold water 2) Hang dry (do not put them in the dryer)