Holy Cross Basketball: Welcome

As the 2013-21014 Holy Cross Youth Basketball season comes to an end we want to thank all of our sponsors, commissioners, coaches, and parent volunteers for their time and dedication. Please visit our website in September for upcoming information for the 2014-2015.


Friday/Saturday 2/21/14-2/22/14: 7/8 Tournament  (HOLY CROSS GYM)

                           2/21/14: 6PM-9PM

                           2/22/14: 8AM-noon (semi-finals/finals)

Saturday/Sunday 2/22/14-2/23/14: HS Boys Tournament (ST. Thomas Moore Academy)

                            2/22/14: 12PM-4PM

                            2/23/14: 12PM-4PM (semi-finals/finals)

Saturday 2/22/14: Fathey Hanley Tournament

                            4:20-5:45 Girls           5:45-7PM Boys               7PM-8:15 Coaches/Sponsors

Sunday 2/23/14: 3/4 Full Court Games  12PM-5PM

Saturday/Sunday 3/1/14-3/2/14: 5/6 Tournament     

                             3/1/14: 8 AM-4PM

                             3/2/14: 12PM-3PM (semi-finals/finals)